1. Hopefully this is the last time we have to see Tokarski. I’m not blaming him tonight and I’m sure he’s a great guy but I’ve seen enough this year. We need some help in net next year.

  2. Boston's tight penalty kill destroyed our single-play PP today. We need to figure out how to cycle and create gaps when the cross-ice pass isn't there.

  3. Tough loss. Felt like we hit a wall in this game. Boston’s back check was just unreal tonight and Tokarski looked like a sieve.

  4. I'd rather see Tokarski again than Dell, even; not like we need to keep him rested or anything. Anderson would be preferred, of course, but if he's injured IDK if he'd want to risk it himself.

  5. Missed the calm brought about by the leadership of Okoposo and Anderson that game, for sure. Keep that in mind when fans start calling for a squad the average age of what? 24 or something. A team needs vets that can calm young players with steady play.

  6. the Sabres have won one game a their last fourteen against Boston and lost 4 to 1 in the only game Anderson and Okposo both played in.

  7. They looked like they were coasting a bit and saving energy for tomorrow's finale? Can't say they looked like the team I've watched over the last couple months. Sure Boston is good but our boys jumped out 3-1 in Carolina and Florida. Might just be me but I feel like they were saving a 10-0 beat down for tomorrow to send RJ out on a positive note.

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