1. That was a good game for Power to really get his feet more wet with some grit and fast pace. A few ups and downs for him, and he stuck with the tempo. He didn't look lost at all and stayed observant of the play...

  2. I enjoyed watching the game anyway. Nothing to be embarrassed about. The good teams find ways to exploit our weak areas- the Toronto Maple Leafs are not a good team. Bring on Philly.

  3. I mean in a losing throwaway season Id take having a winning record over the leafs and dropping every other game anytime

  4. It turns out our defense is going to be fucking fire with Dahlin Samuelsson, Power. Add one RHD in FA, and bring Johnson up to play bottom pairing minutes next year.

  5. Blues fan here. Here's hoping you guys get back into the race soon, have liked your team since I was a kid (I'm 62). You got a real good one in Tage Thomas!!.

  6. Meh, the boys played really well but just didn’t finish and got a few bad calls at the end of the 1st that the Blues took advantage of. It would’ve been a tighter game than it ended up being.

  7. A loss is a loss, but nothing for the team to be ashamed about with that one. Need to bury chances and play a bit smarter.

  8. Felt like the difference was the Blues scored on nearly every opportunity they had, our boys didn't. Several breakaways and great chances. Just the way she goes sometimes. The compete level was high though. I'm not too upset

  9. Yeah agreed. But unfortunately in the case of the Sabres they’ve gotten punched and punched and pummeled and then punched again lol.

  10. We barely ever get key saves and that’s the difference in most of these games. Unless we score 4-5 goals we don’t really win games. The effort was good tonight but I’ll be happy to not see certain players next year.

  11. People will hate on either goalie we have right now I think. I am surprised with the choices recently though. I just assume coaches see something that we don’t.

  12. I think it's really cute and honorable that they want to give roster time to guys like Eakin, Fitzgerald, and Butcher so that they can get a chance to swindle some team into a one year contract. But come the fuck on, you mean to tell me there aren't a handful of players in the system who wouldn't benefit from a few games with the pro club??

  13. I think we have one call up left or something like that and while I’d like biro, Murray up and for Johnson to sign those aren’t happening yet. I guess Rochester playoffs are important to the franchise rn and Minnesota has core guys returning

  14. Fitzgerald and Butcher have been quite solid. I know they are great kicking horses, but they’ve probably had the 3rd and 4th best season’s from Sabre blue liners (which isn’t necessarily a good thing).

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