1. The last 5 games the Sabres have played really well against good teams. Its nice to see them play some complete games and battle for 60 minutes for wins.

  2. This was the most complete game the Sabres have played in the last decade. They should have had 4 goals in the 1st period. The Minn goalie stood on his head in this one.

  3. Power, UPL, Quinn, Peterka, Krebs all A tier (if UPL can keep it up) Samuelsson, Johnson NHL ready B tier

  4. yea i mean those happen to every goalie even vets, hell talbot almost had the same fucking thing happen to him after it happened to UPl.

  5. dude... DUDEEEEEEE.. if only he wasnt cuffed to eakin at C, now granted eakin hasn't been a complete shitter like last season kinda but man Vinnie is EVERWHERE he can backcheck, play the walls, breakout, make plays, pass and shoot. prob is his damn linemates can't usually keep up LOL.

  6. His primary assists have been gorgeous lately, he's finding and putting it right on the tape of the open guy going to the net.

  7. I was ripped to shreds with graphs and charts because what I saw in Vinnie prior to this year couldn’t have been accurate. Unfortunately there won’t be a spot on this roster for him next year, but he’s nice to watch night in and night out.

  8. Love seeing the boys come out strong on this road trip after a tough loss streak. UPL is a fucking beast, only kind of sad they played him tonight because it means im probably going to have to watch dell tomorrow in person lol

  9. Why wouldn’t UPL get the back to back? Granato was convinced back-to-backs aren’t that big of a deal. He technically had an easier night last night than he did against the Rangers.

  10. When you look at the roster in Arizona, at least you can say "Hey there's Phil Kessel, and Clayton Keller, and Jakob Chychrun, and Nick Schmaltz". The Sabres are just going to ice a team of broken players.

  11. UPL looking top tier right now, wonder if he can keep it up. Looked great in the shootout, is high blocker his weak spot or something? All three shooters went for it

  12. That first period really carried their numbers and the overall amount of chances they created, but I am very happy to see them finally playing some defensive hockey. I’d rather see the second and third period on a consistent basis then the wide-open, defensive collapses they were regularly having.

  13. Cozens was playing super well with Okposo. I feel like guys just elevate their game on his line. Regardless, very happy with how the kid is doing.

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