1. Is that all it took was moving him to center? He just looks so much more confident but still makes silly plays but I’ll take it

  2. His skating has been so noticeably better this year and he’s making (mostly) smart, confident decisions.

  3. I assume you are joking but Tage would have to make the Hall of Fame practically for us to actually win the trade. At least win us a couple of cups. The devastating impact of that trade over the last 4 years is almost incalculable at this point.

  4. This dude just turned 24 and has been buried under shit coaching and poor development choices. We are finally see what he is capable of and I think he can definitely be a 20 goal, 45 point guy.

  5. For real! Dude is easily our MVP. I was thinking about this earlier...who really won the O'Reilly trade? They CERTAINLY won the trade instantly, but it's very possible we win in the long haul

  6. And that’s always what it was always about. The trade was never about the immediate returns, it was always about the futures.

  7. He can pull off such insane passes with his reach. He does that one where he kinda curls it at the end and it always catches the defender off guard

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