1. In hindsight yes it may be - but you forget that at the time of airing Peppermint was a veeeeeery distant 4th before the LSFTC switch up happened.

  2. Top 4 consisting of Alaska, Detox, Jinkx and Roxxxy Andrews if all made to the finale during Season 5! This will be IT! But yeah ur version of UKS2 top 4 will be one of the strongest for sure.

  3. Ellie also gave a really good acting performance. Like an actual actor would give. They way they have them to "overact" is so cringey and makes the acting challenges so damn unfunny. Like why not have the acting be good? Because their shitty scripts demand shitty acting?

  4. I liked her too and thought she was one of the most underrated queens. She can turn a look, has a distinct POV, and has a lot of admirable grit and determination. I disagree with OP and think Ellie deserved her spot.

  5. Agreed. Interesting how people so quickly forgot how much praise they'd been heaping on Ellie all series for all the things she could do already at such a young age, the second the finale came around. I was here reading the subs, people were crazy about Ellie, now most people pretend that was never the case.

  6. I've never understood the controversy there. Your position in a roast doesn't make you any more or less funny. If someone was going to do poorly, they were going to do poorly no matter what position they were in.

  7. When you rub your glasses a little you’ll have to understand Adore really got carried hard by production in the first few eps. Darienne really was the weakest of the four save for being an incredible lip syncer and well that’s about it imo

  8. Lol not even close, people only say this because they loved S6. Bianca was so far ahead of the other 3 (and the rest of the cast except maybe Dela) it wasn’t even a question who would win. Adore got carried and protected by production because they knew she’d be a fan fave. I love Courtney but she really coasted throughout the season save for the episodes she won. Darienne, again I love her, but she struggled a lot outside of being an amazing lipsyncer.

  9. Season 9 is still the strongest top 4 for me personally. However, it would’ve definitely been a standout finale. Bimini and Lawrence alone are heavy hitters! Ellie wasn’t my fave. Extremely forgettable imo.

  10. I agree it would have been an amazing top four with A’Whora but really Ellie should have just been eliminated and then it would be one of the strongest top 3 ever

  11. I really don’t know if A’Whora would have convincingly beaten Ellie in a lip sync given the big doll pulled out a 6’4 flip and so much camp under pressure

  12. Also I’m biased because Ellie is my hometown queen and a fellow working class lass but the narrative of someone managing to have a thoroughly decent run after being made homeless during the break was super appealing to me.

  13. Right? I can’t believe these people. We always complain of producer’s tomfoolery and now they’re out here basically saying: oh damn, if only they had fucked Ellie over (when she clearly was safe for the stand-up challenge) we could’ve had what? A girl group that had already happened? A’whora for an extra episode and a finale she had no way if winning either? A reward for Lawrence and A’whora’s nasty behavior towards Ellie for playing her cards strategically?

  14. I rewatched the comedy challenge and Ellie was genuinely funny. It was absurdism but it was funny. The only way you could have this be the top 4 without major riggory would be to have a non-elimination on comedy week, then do a 5 person acting challenge and send Ellie home.

  15. She kept being given chances when she shouldn't have, Ru had a soft spot for her. She didn't have as much character as the other girls. I noticed that she spoke a lot more like the US drag queens, as opposed to having her own ID. She's still very young.

  16. Production are idiots. Ellie is lovely, she totally earned 5th place, but A’Whora was stronger, and the A’Whora vs Tayce “You don’t have to say you love me” lip sync was the PERFECT double save

  17. Me too quite frankly. I forget Ellie was there. It feels more accurate to me. Ellie is good too but… i just wasnt ready for her yet. Plus she didnt win any challenges and didnt deserve to. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  18. Me too. People complain about skinny fashion bitchy queens dominating the seasons in recent years and how other, older or less 'cool' types of drag don't get the respect they deserve...but A'Whora is just another skinny looks queen while the whole sub was celebrating that whole series about how talented Ellie was for someone so young. Funny how everyone forgets what the general and favourable opinion was of Ellie at the time.

  19. Season 9 would still have it beat imo but I agree A'Whora, Tayce, Bimini and Lawrence were the obvious top 4 in terms of performance / charisma / star quality (with Tia in the fan-fav fifth place spot).

  20. I'm sorry but if you wanna talk about "Top 4 potential", it's Tayce you have to switch for Awhora. She lipsynced 4 times, I wouldn't include that in the "strongest Top 4 ever".

  21. And somehow gave insane lipsync every single time. She’s one of the people where I never said “oh no matter how well she does, she’s going home” never thought that with Tayce. And at least 2 instances she shouldn’t have been in that position

  22. I think people are choosing to ignore Tayce's 4 Bottom 2 placements (granted not all deserved), if you're looking at track record it's her, A'whora should replace not Ellie

  23. Personally I thought Awhora was pretty mean. I didn’t even know people liked her until coming on this sub. Ellie was genuine and endearing.

  24. I’m sorry, but in my head the United Kingdoll’s are the top 4 of that season, and that’s basically how they’re treated😭genuinely made no sense to eliminate A’Whora a frontrunner and save Ellie the next week with no wins.

  25. I legit think about this constantly. Like UK4 having Dakota go home before a double shantay was annoying . But it wasn’t worse than fucking Awhora vs Tayce when Awhora shouldn’t have even been in the bottom and then next episode Ellie getting double save. It hurts so bad because Awhora was a stronger competitor but also the storyline of an Awhora and Tayce double shantay? It’s the storyline the producers wish Angeria v Willow was

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