1. My absolute favourite was at the reunion with her stickers "they're scented... (waits for Ru to sniff)... They smell like sticker"

  2. That was great. She's one of the tiny few who can take Ru on and isn't afraid to. Remember they had a mutual friend who was seriously ill and Ru never visited? When they ran into each other, William cursed Ru out. Like Raja, she doesn't give a f*** what people think and that's the best place to be.

  3. I still use this line. I roller skate and I am always getting new stickers for my helmet. So I will use this joke whenever I can 😂😂😂

  4. WOW knows good-goddamn-well if/when they get Willam on All-Stars they'll have one of the most memorable seasons.

  5. My understanding is WOW has actually tried to make nice and has invited him for more recent all stars seasons, but he’s declined. God know he has the wardrobe and wigs to slay like the fucking Red Wedding.

  6. I didn't remember either. Her drag character on Nip/Tuck was inexperienced and the makeup department would have done her. Maybe she hadn't done her own makeup much yet?

  7. The pride boat challenge is one of my favorite episodes ever. Willam is so funny in it. So many iconic one liners.

  8. There is nothing I want more than Willam on Allstars. It would be a huge gag and she makes great TV. I know it won’t happen but a girl can dream.

  9. Can you imagine? Willam getting all the girls to riot and take whatever time they wanted for makeup and preparation, since "they can't do it without us". Willam shutting Michelle up every chance she'd get. Willam demanding shoes for the Pit Crew and threatening to file a OSHA complaint.

  10. I always loved the one that was like “My look says ‘God, I want to go Miami but I can only afford Ft. Lauderdale’” (i think for the S4 wet t-shirt contest)

  11. Not a line, but when she explained what “nurse” meant Kenya, then it cut to her walking around Jiggly and shaded her. 😂

  12. Literally all of them. She did not miss a single frame of season 4. Nurse, I have good bones, swiffered the floor with his taint, my boat is pretty, that’s cool you have ideas but we’re gonna use mine, the head tilts, all of it. I love him so so so so much, his drag, his humor. Willam da God. When she won the reunion!? I mean cmon now biiiiiiiitch. That first season of the Beatdown is still hysterical.

  13. Not included here, but a line I never forget and think about quite often is “don’t show me the tools of your destruction” (or something along the line).

  14. That's great. Please feel free to add anything you think of. It was meant to be that way. I hope it wasn't unclear.

  15. I think it’s one of the old ones where she makes fun of bunny, IIRC. It might actually be the one with “I don’t like you, and I’m allowed to not like you”, but I could be wrong.

  16. I love her interview with Joseph Shepherd, especially when she said that while she's managed to build a brand for herself, she recognises that Drag Race and RuPaul helped made that happen.

  17. "Is the carpet comfortable" and "Your tone seems very pointed right now" are the best comebacks in herstory

  18. Fun fact: I got her book back in 2017 and had it laying out in my apartment. I started a dating a new guy recently pretty seriously so he started coming over more, saw the book one day and was browsing through it. The guy’s name is Willem. And I ended up marrying him lol

  19. She has some magical finesse for saying sexual things in an almost lighthearted way. What is this witchery? ✨️

  20. Never realized this but William really had the most iconic run on drag race. Came up, promoted her acting career, throw up all over the stage and got disqualified. Insane lol

  21. I had a nervous breakdown back in 2015 and at an IOP group discussion I said “emotions are for ugly people” thinking the joke would land. I’ve never forgotten the reaction and I will never do group therapy again because of it.

  22. I'm so sorry. How are you feeling now? I blurt out things when I'm nervous, so I totally understand. One-on-one is better for me too. If I'm around people I don't know well or who seem sensitive, I'm sparce but authentic with my words. Less seems to work. Everyone has a way that works for themselves though. xo

  23. Not a quote but she fingered my hole in 2013. She was my favorite before and will always be my favorite.

  24. I know she doesn’t need it but I’m just always thinking on how cool it would be to see her back for All Stars cause honestly we all know she would win

  25. William was so ICONIC in her season! You couldn’t help but to like her even when her attitude or demeanor said otherwise.

  26. URGENT REQUEST NURSE NEEDED ASAP for WILLAM🚨⛑️🚨⛑️ Sadly, I was reminded when Willam played a pre-op trans character on Nip/Tuck, he was forcibly castrated by his boyfriend who was threatened by his ex girlfriend's Nazi father. He still needs help to heal. Donate by credit card 💳

  27. She was originally supposed to be on AS1 when Phi Phi was scheduled to be on it. I wouldn't be surprised if production intended them to be on the same team just for the chemistry.

  28. Was never a fan of hers. Also lost a lot of respect for her when she showed up wasted as a guest judge on Dragula and told one of the contestants that they should quit drag.

  29. I was such a fan of Sharon till I found out what they’ve. Wilam should’ve won season 4 or Chad. And as for Tyra I feel so bad what the community made her out to be and she went crazy. Idk I wish they’ll be included in a winners season but not likely gonna happen.

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