1. Out of the ones we saw I liked her photoshoot picture the best (though I also can’t believe they didn’t choose something more dynamic for Peppa lol)

  2. I'm not usually the one to jump on pronouns, but Le Fil only uses he and they regardless of drag, and honestly I find that fascinating. It's an excellent way to really solidify their gender bending approach to drag, as well as making a statement about how masculinity can present.

  3. Their drag name is kind of quirky too. "la fille" translates to "the girl" in French, but "le fil" seems to be a masculine form of the word? Or it can also mean a thread or wire. I wonder which it is.

  4. She looked so fierce..omg those inches. Loved them all. Her voice during her entrance was an interesting juxtaposition from her uber femme look. I really like her.

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