1. I thought more like a very Jewish drag queen, with Laser being like "Leizer" in YidLife Crisis. Sample video:

  2. I believe this is from YouTube’s auto-generated captions from a fashion photo review episode, not captions from the RPDR UK episode itself (though would still be great for WOW to add captions to their YouTube content to avoid these big mistakes too)

  3. I'm an ex-translator, and translators are generally super underpaid. (And transcription work, which is what this would be, is even more so. ) WoW can definitely afford proper translations, so my best guesses as to why they don't are a) they want to avoid spoilers getting out that way, or much more likely b) it's their usual brand of incompetence and not giving a shit

  4. wow is so proud that you can watch worldwide, but how?? in this case the subtitles are in english, imagine the translation 😭

  5. Seriously though, half the time that I was watching the premier of Drag Race Philippines the captions said, "foreign language". Lmfao duh, I knew it was a foreign language, that's why I put the captions on for English! That was on the Wow app too!

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