1. They are literally all friends. Alaska is even the executive producer of Jinkx's podcast. People are wild.

  2. On their episode of What’s the T Jinx also said the edit made it look like Roxxxy was always coming after her but if it was accurate there would have been more coming from Coco.

  3. Season 5 had such a weird edit. I was watching it recently after a very long time and I realised how Alyssa could have come off as a villain very easily if it wasn’t for her goofy antics.

  4. Tbh I never got the sense that Alaska bullied Jinkx much during Season 5, it more came from Roxxxy and Detox, and Coco at times (based purely on the edit).

  5. In the Jinkx vs Detox lipsync you can tell that Alaska and Jinkx are friends when Alaska is doing her confessional

  6. Jesus christ, it's just shocking how people think drag queens are just characters and not HUMAN BEINGS. I mean, just grow the fuck up.

  7. I think people do rewatches and/or watch for the first time. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are some new S5 viewers / people rewatching after Jinkx killing it on AS7.

  8. It always shocks me how people still drag Jaremi/Phi Phi because they just watched S4. Like really, you think Phi Phi is a bad person for yelling at Sharon? Wait until you hear what your precious cinnamon roll has been up to since the show ended... yikes.

  9. Not only is Roxxxy incredibly booked but Detox and Alaska are still some of the most well-known prolific ru girls that do a broad range of work.

  10. TikTok is particularly vile with this. Kids 14-16 years old (or even younger) posting clips from a season that filmed a decade ago, posting all this hateful shit about Roxxxy like she is still putting Jinkx in her burn book 10 years later.

  11. I'm sure they're feeling proud and happy that the queen who beat them is thriving in an all winners season. You have to be so small to tweet this let alone tag Roxxxy.

  12. I absolutely ADORE Roxxxy's fashion creations! That candy dress was so courture and really flattered her. I thought the judges were too hard on it.

  13. I mean, I loved the S5 story of Jinkx the little underdog taking on the mean girls. Alaska also knew what the people wanted and sold the stank face when Jinkx won. But I always assumed it was just an edit and Alaska recognizing that the fans wanted her to be mad and sold it. But how many years has it been? Roxxy even says on AS2 she wants to show she’s more than just a bully and her redemption arc was fantastic. Why are people more mad than the parties involved.

  14. While I would 100% watch a Mean Girls recast with these queens, I thought it was pretty well known that they buried the hatchet ages ago. Even on the season 5 finale Roxxxy seemed to have warmed up to Jinkx. Competition can just bring out the worst in people and production is sure to jump on the opportunity to make things worse for that Emmy.

  15. Rewatching season 5 and no matter what Roxxy & Detox felt, it’s clear Alaska was always nice to Jinkx and picked up super early on she (Jinkx) was thee contender for that season.

  16. The weird, parasocial relationships people build with the queens that they think they know everything about really never ceases to shock me.

  17. I don’t know too much about Roxxxy and Detox’s relationship with Jinkx, but Alaska and Jinkx are literally friends, they got close while filming season 5 😂😂

  18. Girl apparently Ru edging Shangela isn’t the only thing that’s eleven years old, some people just can’t move on. Our Jinkxie is doing fine, she loves Alaska and Detox and she’s on good terms with Roxxie. Wild to think Jinkx would want you to stan her because of things she’s put to bed for years and years and not just recognize the insanity of her talent in the now.

  19. It’s so crazy that people will see drama on the show and A.) Assume that it went exactly as it was shown on screen and B.) That nothing’s changed in the year since it’s been filmed (or in this case almost 10 years)

  20. No! No one is obsessed or even cares. Kink winning the current season is the only reason people look her up but once the season is over people will move on to what’s next

  21. Didn't the mean girls storyline come to an end after season 5 and then on all stars 2 got a minor revival but with Katya playing Jinkx in the reboot and then with Jinkx and Alaska both being crowned we ended it? Cause ngl this is the one of the least mean-spirited seasons and we don't need the toxicity everyone is having a good time with some minor shade for flavor

  22. So until Roxxxy had her redemption I enjoyed her drama but not her. But wow. When she came back it was like a different person. And if felt so genuine the change in personality. She became one of my favorites after that.

  23. This is so wild. Even if they weren't friends now or booked or whatever, it still has been 10 years. Who holds an intense grudge like that on someone you disliked at a competition? Surely this feeling is reserved for criminals and abusers, not your TV reality show rival.

  24. Those fans are unhinged. I'm not gonna name them because I'll be accused of something I'm not but they're real batshit crazy

  25. The hate Roxxxy still recieves for how she was edited on Season 5 is ridiculous. Go to any S5 clip on Youtube and 9 times out of 10 the highest voted comment will be someone shitting on Roxxxy. It blows my mind how stupid this fandom is, like it never once occurs to them how S5 was filmed a decade ago and how people can't grow and change in that period of time.

  26. That tweet was so unnecessary because Im sure they have watched AS2 & how much of a sweetheart Roxxxy was on there.

  27. how old is this tweet? The official Flamingo and Voss websites say nothing about Roxxxy headlining or even appearing... o_0

  28. I really don’t understand how someone can watch AS2 and still not like Roxxxy. Jinx is by far my favorite queen ever, and I hated Roxxxy after S5, but AS2 10000% redeemed her for me. I feel like any one that talks bad about Roxxxy is just telling on themselves for not watching all stars and living in the past.

  29. Season 5 ended with Roxxxy and the other girls being salty AF, so treating roxxxy as someone who mistreated Jinkx on their season is still valid

  30. No, its not. We weren't there and we know nothing about what happened except some heavily produced tv moments. Their relationship is none of our fucking business, back the fuck off from it.

  31. People exist outside of reality competitions, you know? It's not a matter of "not keeping up" with their lives after the show.

  32. that’s what’s really annoying abt new viewers. rolaskatox was ten years ago and treat it like it just happened

  33. Roxxxy apologized at the end of the season, lol. I used to be pissed at her for acting so cruel to Jynx. Now I realize it's over and they made up, and I feel really bad for Roxxxy because people are going to be hating on her forever.

  34. Ever since as7 started airing I’ve been trying to defend Roxxxy and explain to other “fans” on Facebook or in the YouTube comments section that a highly edited portrayal of her on a tv show from 10 years ago isn’t true to her character. Idk why the average drag fan can’t grasp the fact that this is a reality tv show, aka not true to real life. My best friend met Roxxxy a few years back and said that she was the sweetest queen she’s ever met. I’ve never heard a fan have a single bad experience at Roxxxy’s gigs or meet and greets. She’s also an incredibly talented seamstress and lipsyncer and doesn’t get enough credit for that.

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