1. As a longtime fan, I found 7 to be a breath of fresh air. Even though it was first person it felt more like RE than 5 and 6 did with the puzzles, layout, and scares. I enjoy 5 and 6 for what they were but the over the top action was getting a bit much. Personally, I've found most people loved 7 as much as the older ones.

  2. I'm not a longtime fan but I played the whole franchise and I don't like 6 but I do like 5 and I have to admit they had too much action. With RE 7 first person camera they could focus more on making you feel like the character. Making it more horrifying

  3. My guess would have to be because it was very loosely connected to the other games, and first person I guess? Maybe Ethan being a blank slate as well.

  4. I've never understood this myself. The focus on a lower number of enemies, environmental story telling, item management, and puzzles made it almost feel like a reimagining of the original Resident Evil through the eyes of a relatively normal man.

  5. I'm guessing because you don't play as Chris, Jill, Leon or Claire. And that it's in First Person and not fixed cameras with no Zombies.

  6. Ye exactly, but I would consider RE8 more blended in with the series as it features Chris, and has the Mansion/Castle atmosphere that pretty much all mainline games except 7 have had

  7. well this game is really nothing like re4 other than in superficial ways. Sayings it's not a resident evil game is stupid though. It is an RE game, just a bad one

  8. Idk what they’re talking about, 7s what got me back into resident evil hard. I like the earlier ones, 1-cv, I wasn’t ever into 4 and 5, and 6 just seems like a spin off, it’d be better not having resident evil on the cover.

  9. For me, it's the storyline. 8 kind of brought it back a bit, but if Chris had not shown up at the end of 7, it could have been its own standalone game that had nothing to do with the series.

  10. I'm an OG and they don't know shit. If they would play it they would see how much like RE1-3 RE7 is and eat crow, but they never will because they're usually people who take that attitude with anything new. Gotta stay in their safe space of complaining about everything and never actually playing games.

  11. Haven't played RE8 yet but I understand why some would feel that way about RE7. It's a good game but just didn't feel connected to the rest of the series. In that regard, RE7/RE8 feel like standalones who could have been marketed under a different name. Some have been invested in RE characters for years and would probably prefer games that further their story.

  12. because ppl who played the first RE as 18 year olds are now old, and old ppl dont like new things. they just want everything to stay the same. its that easy. dont listen to them

  13. I would assume probably due to a mixture of it being the first game in the series in first person and it having a protagonist who had never appeared before.

  14. Before i say this, i love RE7, it is an amazing game and one of the best in the series. But to me, really, if it had been called anything but "resident evil", i wouldn't have noticed it was an RE game. Sure, there was a few references to the original thrown in, a few notes here and there and then Chris who doesn't look like Chris and Umbrella. It could have been called " Southern Mold "or something and i wouldn't have noticed a difference. I don't know if this makes sense. But maybe also it felt disconnected to the original story. No OG characters to play outside a DLC. No zombos.

  15. The game was a SOFT REBOOT why people don't get this? It was made to be a fresh new start for the franchise. You may have said that it doesn't look like RE but I'm sure if this game wasn't called RE it would have been called the first person RE because of the mansion thematic the horror and the strange puzzles. I understand you don't like first person but lemme say something that I think no one has said before, tha camera has already changed in the sereis once, in RE 4. It's completely ok for you to don't like but (you didn't say this ok) saying the camera is shit and complaining that the game is now cod because it's first person is completely dumb. They changed the camera because it was a reboot. To give a fresh new start to the series. Changing the camera and pointing in a new direction the same way RE 4 did.

  16. I think people who say re7 isn't re are younger types who's experiences are made up more of 4 - 6. Only the ogs recognize the serious re elements in these games.

  17. Ethan is not much residentevil-esque for me. Don't get me wrong, most re characters are ridiculous. But Ethan it's too meeeh. But yeah, the mechanics and systems from Re are there.. That comes from the engine though.. I love the game, but it's a departure from most of the main games they've done before for sure.

  18. Ethan is basically designed to be so bland that people project themselves on to him, but if you don't like I didn't, he's essentially a silent protagonist.

  19. People just have different tastes. I enjoyed every single RE up through 6, even ones that get a lot of hate like ORC and the rail shooters. But I hated 7. I had to force myself to finish it and never went back to play it again after that one and only playthrough. I think a large part of that is simply because it had no connection to the other games or main story in any way, other than a shoehorned, badly redesigned Chris at the end. It felt like a generic horror game with the "RE" name slapped on for brand recognition.

  20. Felt the exact same way. I enjoyed the puzzles and exploring but the story was a bit eh. Didn't feel like re and the reveal the rednecks aren't like this normally was done way too late to have the desired affect.

  21. In terms and puzzles and gameplay, resident evil. New character, couldnt care less. Hill billies and mould monsters are the part where it's not resident evil to me. Mould didn't feel like the bow's of resident evil in some way for me. And

  22. I completely understand why people dont see RE7 and RE8 as Resident Evil. What I dont understand is how people can think RE7 and RE8 are Resident evil besides sharing the name and some loose references to RE lore. Its quite mind boggling.

  23. So you only judge how much a game feels like resident evil based on how much it ties to the original story?

  24. I'm what would be considered an "OG" fan, started playing the franchise before RE2 came out and without a doubt it's a RE game. Technically there is only one enemy but that enemy is a certified B.O.W. It deserves a lot of respect for saving the franchise honestly.

  25. I thought about this throughout my first playthrough of re7, I'm like ummmm... is this re7 or I got a different game? Different gameplay new characters. I understood afterwards that they were introducing new characters plot since they can't just milk the old content. I loved it, and looking forward to what the next thing is going to be.

  26. Can’t speak for others but IMO it’s a ripoff of silent hill/outlast. Even though there’s a scientific explanation for the mold, it still feels supernatural. Others reasons because it doesn’t have a lot of connections to other games besides from some Easter eggs. Take away Chris it feels like a complete different game/series. And some people didn’t like first person and the characters

  27. RE7 for the first half of the game is only jumpscares and the second half is boring with all the same enemies. also i hate hate hate Ethan but thats me...

  28. I honestly don’t freaking know they are in my mind undoubtedly resident evil. You replace the molded with zombies in resident evil 7 and you basically have resident evil 1 or 2 and then RE8 has the best aspects of almost every game. The castle and factory resembling the police station/mansion. The pure fear of the baby and mold of re7. The upgrade system and village setting of 4 and the chasing characters from 2,3 and 7. I love both and are way more resident evil then something like 6

  29. i mean it's basically RE following the Outlast/Amnesia/Alien:Isolation trend. This is what survivor horror means since the 2010s.

  30. Outlast, amnesia and alien isolation don't have much in common besides being in first person view and being part of the survival horror genere beyond those 2 things you'd have a pretty hard time mistaking outlast for re7 and vice versa.

  31. I really liked 7. I can see why people wouldn’t consider it a Resident Evil game but after 4,5 and 6 it was great to go back to its roots and creep around a manor solving puzzles. As much as I enjoyed 8 it just felt too much like RE4 which isn’t my thing.

  32. The characters who started in there own resident even games aren’t in this one (accept for Chris for some reason). People want to see the stars back on a new adventure and wanna get to play on that new adventure. They also go by 2 names (Resident Evil 7 (RE7) and Biohazard 7).

  33. The only thing I can think of that people say is because Re7 and Re8 lacked zombies which is a big part of Resident Evil but what's EVEN more confusing is that Re4 and Re5 also lacked zombies but people still know them as Resident Evil but even tho Re7 and Re8 literally did a similar thing but people are now complaining about it by not calling them Resident Evil because they don't have zombies even tho Capcom did that in Re4 and 5?!

  34. If it has Resident Evil or Biohazard in the title and is an official release then it's a Resident Evil game to me. Therefore even games like Umbrella Chronicles, Darkside Chronicles, Survivor, Operation Raccoon City, and Resistance are RE games.

  35. I started playing from the very beginning and I really enjoy all of them. I adapted with all of the games. That said, nothing really beats third person fixed camera. I love that unsettling feeling and being scared to round a corner. Remake 2 and 3 were fucking awesome and 7/8 were incredible games and Capcom did a complete 360 and brought Resident Evil back. Not gonna lie Re6 made me question the future of RE games but they did amazing things after 6

  36. Main reason is no ties to Raccoon City or the characters involved with the Raccoon city incident. Having Chris shoehorned in at the end and looking different rubbed some fans the wrong way. I don't agree with this but I understand.

  37. This is just a theory, but that kitchen demo was not supposed to be Resident Evil. I think the project was very impressive, but the developers knew it wasn't going to catch any attention upon release. That being said, they had to rebrand it as a Resident Evil title, which explains why it is so radically different. It also explains why there are very little references to the older games and why Chris Redfield looks so different.

  38. Dude that statement is so wrong it hurts. Kitchen was always intended to be resident evil. They even hid the number seven in the title (it's in the t). Plus the amount of time it took to develop the game (4 years) makes it highly unlikely the demo actually wasn't originally re as that would imply that character design wasn't nearing the end.

  39. RE7 is the closest in the series to the classic style.. it’s the fans who relate to 4,5,6 that say it’s “not RE”

  40. Exactly, the hate I see leaves me scratching my head because it's back to true to form RE, more survival horror, puzzles, anxiety, not the nonsense 6 was. And I bet if 7 continued like 6? people would still bitch about it lol. That's fandoms for ya, hard to please.

  41. 7 is amazing and a classic re game. 8 i can understand why people dont like but its okay. Nothing more tho and imo a borderline bad resident evil game

  42. As someone who started with 4 (it’s still my favorite based on bias and facts individually) I think 7 was a fun awesome survival horror game but didn’t feel like resident evil, other than save rooms and the title screen where I see the franchise name. Like, I know saying they should have made a new IP for it gets tossed around a lot but I think they should have. There were plenty of character and lore to dig into imo between 1 and 5, I wish 6 didn’t happen because it’s plot sends everything to hell and kind of seems like the movies where the whole world is fucked so what’s the point anyway?

  43. The game is RE. If the game was release by a other name everyone would say that is RE in first person. The game is a survival horror, has the classic safe rooms, resource managing, the weapons are the classic RE weapons and you get the weapons in the classic order. The shotgun puzzle is the most RE thing I've ever seen. Seems like no one remembers thus but the game was a soft reboot. Like a new RE 1. It was made to have the same mechanics of the other games but telling a total new story.

  44. For me, RE 7 terrified me especially after the fight with Jack Baker. I thought his wife was gonna walk around the big house like he did

  45. Never heard any of my friends say that. Sure the game is first person but the gameplay is true to the series

  46. Same way fans of the original trilogy don't consider RE4 a real resident evil game. The series changes every decade or so some fans are always left behind.

  47. Resident Evil started as a boat simulator with zombie and police skins. Some are just used to waiting politely for the door to open than busting it down.

  48. From what I've seen, it's mostly the camera perspective, and it's mostly from people who haven't actually played 7.

  49. No need to change my mind, as I got over it years ago at this point. But when 7 first came out I was against it for one (very silly) reason:

  50. There's just that group of people that want the OG RE1-3 over and over again. Not that I'd hate if they made an RE game in that style again but it just comes down to people being purists and gatekeepers.

  51. Because they started with the ots games. They’re just feeling what classic fans felt… they’re both wrong btw. Also horny posters and shippers can’t grasp a game without Leon and Ada and so on. Other strange things is being able to see and “stare” at your character. Just headmeat problems are the reason anyone would say “RE7 isn’t RE”. They also never played the original trilogy

  52. I used to think like that but I was dumb. I used to say "FIRST PERSON AWWWW HELL NO RE AINT NO DAMN FIRST PERSON GAME". I mean I unfairly shit on it. Then I played it. Holy shit GREAT game and EXCELLENT RE game. 100% recommend it.

  53. RE7 is definitely a RE game, but I understand why people feel its different. Other than the obvious first-person view, the story feels "detached" from the previous ones, with the only returning character being Chris, who doesn't even look or sound like him.

  54. At first I was like wtf no other characters this ain’t resident evil 😑 till I played it and got into it, creepy as fuck and Chris at the end sealed the deal, I changed my views on it 🤘🏻

  55. i never really heard that. most everyone i seen loved 7. 8 could have used some more exploration and puzzle solving though. it went right back to the linearity, and none of the puzzles require any thought at all.

  56. Because they are cringe. Some old minded cringes are still waiting for fixed angel camera to return and they can't accept that fact there are people who are trying to survive in this world except known heros. We are living in 2022, deal with it... ( Saying all of these with i'm huge fan of Re games since Re1 since my childhood.. )

  57. What you will come to realise is that it’s all Resident Evil. Dont be one of those dickheads that try to say what resident evil is and is not. It’s always evolved and shouldn’t be restricted. Think of it in groups of three: the first three games are survival horror, the next three games are action horror, and 7/8 (probably 9) are more a modern horror.

  58. Because ir feels like a reboot I guess, to me it felt completely different from past entries both in story and gameplay.

  59. Not so much RE7, but RE8 is on another planet story-wise. It's more over the top anime-like fantasy than "biohazard", bio-weapons and viruses etc. Like what the fuck kind of monsters/mutants/infected are the sisters and that doll section, it's kinda scary but it ain't Resident Evil goddamnit. It's so much more absurd than anything ever before in Resident Evil, and I love Resident Evil 4 so my standard for absurd is HIGH, mind you. The thing is, the monsers and enemies in RE4 are still very believable considering the background story, but the castles and volcanoes and shit take it over the top. In a good way, though. In RE8, it just felt stupid. Like Castlevania with guns but your character is bitch-made.

  60. I loved the games, but i will admit i’m not too keen on the first person view. Still sh*t my pants though 😂😂

  61. I'm not disagreeing here but I think it needs to be said that if you have only played the remakes, RE7 doesn't seem like that much of a departure gameplay wise.

  62. Re7 and 8 still have the same gameplay loop as the older games pretty much. The first person perspective is just a big shift.

  63. I love them both. I see this as a Star Wars situation, the prequels to the series were made after the originals. I recently completed re8, and I love them both. I cried like a baby b*tch when I finished it because of that ending.

  64. Fps, New engine, New protagonist, Smaller setting than 3 games before, felt like a new game, and nO ZomBIeS.

  65. Let me preface this by saying that I think 7 and 8 were great. The reason they don't really feel like "Classic" Resident Evil to me is because I think they took too much inspiration from popular indie horror games, specifically outlast

  66. Honestly, I don’t understand how people can simply dismiss re5 and re6 (re6 is honestly just and action game and I’d understand the dismissal) for their action, and then turn around and glorify re4. Honestly to me re5 seemed just like re4, but less cheesier, which is better tbh.

  67. 7 felt like a chore more than anything. The real threat was Jack and it was fun "running" away if can call it that, through out the half of the game. The enemy goo things were annoying and just didn't fit in the game. Also where's the music?

  68. I think Resident Evil 7 still gives me Resident Evil vibes, as it involves a experimental pathogen made by a rogue organization, causing people to become insane and fear mongered. The game also has puzzles that you need to solve, like the three dog heads needed to get through a door, the statuettes, and other puzzles that are required to complete the game. This game requires a lot of crafting and conserving of supplies, including First Aid, Psychostimulants and most importantly, ammo. You also need to be more aware of your surrondings, as if you don't, you will miss out on important supplies, or items that are needed to move past an objective. These features are HIGHLY implemented on every resident evil game, so this is why I think RE7 is RE.

  69. I’m actually playing 7 for the first time now after replaying 6 and I can’t emphasize enough how refreshing 7 feels in comparison.

  70. The same reason they say 4 isn’t Resident Evil: different camera. Tbh that seems to be the most consistent point. Everything else about 7 scream RE to me EXCEPT the first person view. If it were fixed cameras, this criticism most likely wouldn’t exist.

  71. Long time fan of resident evil, but 8 is more of just a way to sell this new idea while holding the old title of “resident evil”

  72. I've been an RE fan since the original Resident Evil 2. I played 7 and 8 and really enjoyed them; however I don't think they should have been RE games. I feel they should be their own separate game series titled Village 1 & 2. The games just don't feel like they fit in the Resident Evil universe with Leon and even Chris when he's in the games... but I get why they had to create Ethan because any game involving Chris, Leon, Claire, or Jill wouldn't be scary anymore. Those characters have proven to be too badass in previous games that it's hard to imagine those characters being afraid of anything.

  73. The premise is of a viral outbreak with undead zombies. The goal of Umbrella is to produce a semi sentient bio-weapon that is strong, regenerative, and can take orders. There are plot lines involving corporate espionage to acquire said bio weapon secrets via betrayal and assault. For 8, I feel most of this is done away.

  74. Who says that? It’s got Chris but the story is a big departure from the previous games and is in first person mode. The game still uses classic RE level design and items.

  75. Because every fandom has it's gatekeepers. Some think if it isn't "fixed camera 2.5D perspective from the late 90's", then it just ain't Resident Evil.

  76. It’s a strawman to cover for the fact that RE8 is shit. If you complain about RE8 you’re just a purist that must hate RE7 too (not true)

  77. It feels like a fan-made game. Like it was made by someone who played Resident Evil and more modern horror titles like Outlast or Amnesia and thought the two should be combined.

  78. When people say these types of things it isn't fueled by any sort of legit criteria. All it amounts to is them saying that it's not like the first RE game they played, which is fueled by nostalgia. If they took a crash bandicoot game and said it was RE people would have an argument. But saying that RE2 is more RE than RE7 is just silly. Somebody can like RE2 more, that's totally fine. But saying anything beyond that isn't really true.

  79. Maybe it's only has a little connection to previous games until Chris and Blue umbrella logo at the end of the game came out. We even didn't know it was Chris if he doesn't tell us his name. Or maybe because it's in first person mode or because the protagonist is new and doesn't have any connections to the previous characters in this franchise. I don't know what exactly, as far as I know the game is good and people praise it as new Resident Evil game, it's give the franchise "fresh breath" and back to survival horror genre. The people who said RE7 not RE probably they are purists and hardcore fans. But I wish they bring back Zombies to the series tho. I kinda sick with brainwashed villagers, mold monsters or werewolves.

  80. Well the developers who own the rights bro resident evil made the game, and it’s called resident evil, so it is resident evil. People that say this love the originals the most (I’m one of them) and they can’t stand it when a newer game isn’t related to the original style and mechanics (I’m not one of those) it’s like when you love a show and the new season is a lot different from the first and it upsets you. Closest thing I can think of

  81. It's the minority of people that believe this. Pay them no mind. They're brilliant games and welcome additions to the series.

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