1. Murphy came into my life at a very low point in my life. My first dog I’d ever raised myself had passed away unexpectedly at ago 6, and I was completely lost. Murph was everything my first dog was not, but he was everything I needed to get up and start living again. We have been on so many adventures together- seen so many places and he’s seen so many versions of me. He’s been with me on my journeys to better myself in so many different ways, and he’s become the best travel buddy & copilot (which was a skill we had to learn, as he’d never been in a car before I got him so he got car sick… a lot… like a lot a lot). He is the sweetest boy to every person, dog, cat, or even raccoon (yes- he’s come nose to nose with a coon without incident) he comes into contact with. I’m so very grateful to have had him almost 8 years, as I am without question a better being with him by my side. I make sure to tell him everyday that he is my very best friend.

  2. Murphy looks like the perfect name. I’m glad you two crossed paths. They truly can do more for us than they’ll ever know

  3. Murphy is a big gorgeous boy🥰So very happy you have each other. I have lost a few of my beloved rescues. I totally understand the pain and emptiness they leave behind. I have grieved and rescued again. Each one more different than the last. We don't know how long we have with them. All we can do is love them everyday. They teach us so much and ask for very little . Glad you and Murphy have each other😊

  4. I find it very interesting that so many persons find a Dog at very low points in their lives. The reciprocal love, companionship, and just plain JOY brought into each of their lives is truly a wondrous thing. Thank you for sharing your “lifesavers” with us.

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