1. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If spirituality helps a person overcome addiction, I'm all for it, but make sure it's a spirituality that doesn't give them another emotional crutch. It's cruel to make them think they can't overcome addiction without the religion. They should be encouraged to take up a spirituality that can be temporary if wanted.

  2. She's missing Matt 6:5 - “When you pray, don’t be like the hypocrites who love to pray publicly on street corners and in the synagogues where everyone can see them. I tell you the truth, that is all the reward they will ever get."

  3. I mean trying to take your life twice clearly you aren't trying hard enough so sounds more like attention grabbing in this case then actually attempting to end one's self

  4. Yeah, I am more annoyed that nobody told her to shut the fuck up. I wonder if they edited those out in order to make it seem like a 100% positive experience. Where the fuck is security when people are causing a scene like this?

  5. Right? Then she'll spout off about freedoms. "Yes, and I'm exercising those same freedoms to follow you around and make as much counter noise as I want."

  6. They get off on that. Their persecution complex needs people to tell them to shut the fuck up when they're doing this bullshit.

  7. I can only imagine how people would react if this as a muslim or any religious person other than a christian preaching.

  8. I would stand up and start reading from the Satanic Bible at the top of my lungs till she stopped. You wanna get into a religious rap battle girl, I'm at the airport and I've got nothing but time let's go.

  9. I couldn’t listen for more than a few seconds. This shit converts absolutely no one. Even when I was a believer I couldn’t understand how people thought this was effective.

  10. Still counts as a win to the preaching fruitcake either way. If you're buying, she gets brownie points for reeling you in, if you're not, she gets brownie points for speaking "truth" while facing the heathen enemy. Extra brownie points if anyone shouts abuse at her.

  11. Exactly. Man, my entire life I've never had anyone from a religion that wasn't Christianity pull stunts like this. Can they just calm the fuck down and let people make their own decisions on what religion is best for them?

  12. Umm but she's doing this in a country where there's a larger Christian population than Muslim. If she were to do this exact thing in any airport in any Muslim country, "she'd be escorted quite roughly from the airport".

  13. We were taught to do stuff like this in my evangelical church. She’d be getting lots of points for doing this in public. She even did the altar call at the end.

  14. I'm about to fly for the first time and this is what I am anxious about. Have y'all seen the one where they sing ON THE PLANE?! I've saved for over a year for this trip and I do not want to be yelled, sang, or preached at. About anything. Please let my flight be filled with just regular human people.

  15. I've been on a number of flights, puddle jumps and extremely long hauls, and never had anything more than crying babies, diverts, delays, and a few medical emergencies on board so you'll probably won't need to worry about some rando proselytizing at you. But if they do, tell them to read Matthew 6:5 and stfu. And if it's a women, like in the video, you can even drop a 1 Timothy 2:11–12.

  16. Honestly you'll probably be fine unless you're flying into one of the 'flyover states.' Most travelers are pretty well behaved and just want to get to where they're going. People usually don't voluntarily want to fuck around with US Marshals.

  17. If you haven't taken off yet and have the means to go to a Best Buy: Bose over the ear noise cancelling headphones are life savers and absolutely worth every single dollar.

  18. You're only seeing this video and others because they stand out from the norm. Most flights are exactly as you expect with the worst problem being loud crying children. Avoid Spirit Airlines and you'll have nothing to worry about.

  19. You’ll be fine! I’ve flown a bunch and never been on a flight where there’s crazy people. Delays, crying babies, yes, but the other people were just normal and sometimes friendly but most of the time just doing their own thing and ignoring everyone else

  20. I’m a flight attendant and I’ve never seen anything like this in person. And I’ve works 100s-1000s of flights since I started. You will be good.

  21. Used to be one of these at my college every day. He could have been working somewhere helping people but his narcissistic ego needed attention. You don’t see them as much as you used to in the 90’s. This is so gross to me. Religious vomit.

  22. Uh uh……we are a captive (and unhappy) audience at an airport as it is, I refuse to suffer through this bullshit too. Don’t make the bad even worse.

  23. If this was some kook yelling about Allah in an airport, you'd better believe they'd be detained and questioned.

  24. I cringe that I used to be this person too. I didn’t evangelize in this way, and I was never brave enough to be this vocal, but I would have been so impressed with her were I still a Christian. Now, my eye twitches at stuff like this, at how these people did NOT subject themselves to this

  25. God is like an infinitely big bowl of omnipotent jello. Jesus is a human sized scoop of that jello sent to Earth. They are both the same jello, just temporarily removed, born, crucified, then mixed back into the original bowl.

  26. Jesus is god, as much as he's his son. It's like alabama basicly. He's a son, brother, father and my cousin. haha

  27. The trinity is an ungraspable mystery that is essential to Christians. In God’s trinity he is one; in his oneness he is three. There are a whole list of heresies related to believing the wrong things about how that works. They aren’t different personalities or expressions of the same god, and they aren’t totally separate gods in the way that a typical pantheon works. A lot of German theologians have written literal tomes on the trinity.

  28. If you're interested you should read about Arianism during the Roman Empire. "Arianism holds that the Son is distinct from the Father and therefore subordinate to him". Islam holds the same belief that Jesus was not fully God and fully human. In other words, he was just a messenger of God.

  29. Man if I've been waiting in the godamn airport for who knows how long and somebody starts praising Jesus I'm gonna lose my shit, ain't no way I'm dealing with that after my dad forcing me to get to the airport three hours early and paying twenty dollars for a bottle of water

  30. This is why I travel with industrial strength noise-cancelling headphones. How incredibly obnoxious, self-righteous and selfish can a person get?!?

  31. Just imagine for a single second a Muslim doing this in an airport and how long before he'd be escorted to a private office for a chat. Screw these public displays of narcissism. This isn't a video game and you're not the main character.

  32. Why dies Christianity feel so much like a predatory MLM? The more souls you bring to God, the higher your place in Heaven? Isn’t that what they say Satan does, like try to pull people to “his” way of thinking?

  33. It was refreshing to see so many people in that Twitter thread, many calling themselves Christians, shitting on this crazy women. I’ve been in a situation like this irl, they don’t like it when you start saying hail Satan and talk about eating babies.

  34. Bc she won't listen. That's not a person you can just "stand up to" and make them do whatever you say. Unless Jesus himself actually tells her to sit down and be quiet, she will always be loud and offensive.

  35. Could you imagine the uproar christians would have at that - someone walking around the airport giving her same schpeel but for allah. I feel like that person would be escorted or arrested immediately.

  36. I worked with a mentally Ill man who did this. He was DD as well but would tell people he was a pastor and do things like cut in front of line and when someone said something about it he would go off on one of these tangent. That sucked but what sucked even more was when he would fight against me (it was my job to ensure he went to doctors and therapy appts) about something, storm off and find someone else religious (in the bank, in the parking lot, whoever we were) and then convince that person he was sent to them for something they were struggling with. They would get each other worked up and start reciting verses and then he would come back to me and say that was proof that he was gods hand and that meant he was right (about our argument) because god was never wrong. I’ve always been agnostic but it always bothered me how easily this obviously mentally insane man could gather the support of Non insane people by babbling about religion and how hard they made my job with each “hallelujah” they yelled at each other.

  37. These proselytizers always love a captive audience. They seem to do this on planes, airports, trains, etc. otherwise everyone would just leave.

  38. Honest question: if you approached the airline employees and said that is erratic behavior and you'd be uncomfortable flying with her, would they a) ignore you, b) not allow her to fly, or c) not allow you to fly? Or, d) something else?

  39. If they really gave a shit they wouldn’t have someone following them around with a camera. Just join the crazy dude outside of every concert at the Pepsi Center instead.

  40. Without the music it's just a crazy woman in an airport on a rant. They also cut the end when airport security would have dragged her away while she spoke in tongues and pissed on herself.

  41. You know those chain email? The ones that say, 'I was saved and you can be too. Just forward this to 20 (or 100) people.

  42. What's up with Christian fanatics not understanding the Holy Trinity? Where did it get lost that Jesus is the son of God and not God?

  43. i would have to start twerking violently in her personal space, since she is so self righteously invading everyone else's.

  44. This is a perfect example of the systemic persecution of christians in the US that stops them from screeching their magical claims our in public.

  45. A joy a joy of shitting on people that are not like you! A joy of being able to condemn people who disagree with you.

  46. In cases like this, shout at these people to stop masturbating in public places. We don't want to hear their masturbation sounds.

  47. Imagine an atheist standing up and loudly proclaiming their beliefs for all to hear in an airport terminal where people don't exactly have the option to leave or to ignore the speaker.

  48. I would have. So annoying. People like her are so presumptuous and arrogant. I don’t know why they feel the need to interrupt everyone’s day so rudely and try to recruit people to their favorite book club.

  49. I will say yes to Jesus when he comes down from heaven, makes everyone aware of his presence, reveals every corrupt person in a position of power and tells everyone how to create a more free society without wage theft, bloodshed and exploitation. Till then Jesus can keep being an omnipotent being that doesn't give a fuck about his human pet project.

  50. She really decided an airport is the best place for this, not like preaching in random places isnt annoying but really, a airport? I doubt anyone gave a fuck, they’re just getting ready for their flight.

  51. I gave my life to Jesus in 2009 and went all in! I never experienced a joy that was not dependent on circumstance. I never felt the presence of the holy spirit. When I gave my problems to him, he didn’t take them. I still had to deal with them. In 2017, I walked away from Christianity and later belief in any supernatural deity. My life is now infinitely better.

  52. I would be fricking angry if she approached me personally with her asinine display of xtian theater.

  53. I wonder how she would feel if I started preaching about how Satan saved me from the false god of Xtianity. How He showed me the tricks of the tyrant and released me from my golden chains. How she too can be given the key if she only accepted the truth! The only.power in the world is within ourselves. Hail Satan! Hail Theyself!

  54. I have been a Christian for many years and come from a Christian family, and the kind of mindset that is cultivated within these communities is EXTREMELY dangerous.

  55. U know that clip of Dave chappelle show when they go around with a guitar guy, to see how different races reacted to certain music??? There’s a part where they go into a black barbershop and start riffin on said guitar, and one of the black dudes is staring at them with a dirty look and yells really loud,, “AHHH YOOO!!!, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!” We needed him here badly.

  56. While I agree with “not God”, traditional xtian doctrine has the Holy Trinity, which is a belief that he is God. They don’t call it a “mystery” for nothing lolz

  57. The idiot doesn't cut her wrists vertically and Jesus saves her? Lol. Next time, do it right, lady. You know, third time is the charm.

  58. someone being suicidal doesnt mean they have to "cut her wrists vertically". Not every suicidal person wants to do self harm.

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