1. You are not going to get your money back without a heart to heart talk. I hope you have the loan documentation because you may lose bf and need to sue.

  2. We have definitely had many heart to hearts… I definitely need to put my foot down in this next one I have and suggest him asking his parents as a solution. I really don’t want to have to sue him…everyone tells me that.

  3. You need to stop loaning him money. No more, put your foot down. Tell him to go to work. He may need to get a regular 8, 10, 12, 16 hr job like the rest of us. Time to put his big boy panties on and record what you've given him and why. He's going to turn it on your and tell you it's been a gift because you've been dating. So it doesn't count. He'll say that since you make more money you should be taking care of things. Be prepared to have a nasty conversation because men like this don't like this.

  4. He's clearly demonstrated that he has no intention of working more and paying you back. It also seems like you've had many come to Jesus talks. The final one should be "I have loaned you $8000 over the last year as you promised me you would pay me back. You have not, even when I have asked you multiple times and explained to you why I need to be paid back. What is your intention on returning the loans I have provided you? What steps will you take to ensure this money is paid back?" And then follow through. If he says he will pay be such date and he doesn't, there needs to be consequences, such as coming to the realization that you are just a mommy and cash purse to him and that he will not pay you back. Break up.

  5. I actually had a friend who had to sue her ex, though for her it was “only” about $1500. But she won. But that guy turned out to be a huge scumbag in lots of ways so by the time it came down to a law suit I don’t think she minded

  6. Hate to say it, he isn't going to pay you back. STOP LOANING HIM MONEY. Or if you really feel you have to, tell him you will loan him money if he signs a loan agreement and then get one drafted by a lawyer complete with the amount of time to pay it back, the loan amount, the interest rate to be included in the repayments, and penalties should he not pay for X amount of days (usually 30 days), and ask him for collateral. He will not be able to use anything he does not fully own such as a car he is still paying on or something of high value that he has a current loan/payment plan on. But you have to STOP enabling a broke little bitch. It's disgusting to me that a grown ass man with a whole ass girl friend he is mooching off.

  7. Sad to say but people like this you’ll never see a dime. if I told you how much I’ve loaned an ex and he thought leaving used shit and a tv i bought him was enough repayment ugh 😣. Unfortunately take the loss and learn the lesson. You’ll never make this mistake again.

  8. Don’t lend him anything else. At all. He needs a fire lit under him to find work. If he keeps having you as a safety net (or let’s be honest, a bit of a doormat when it comes to money), he’s not going to be motivated to be self reliant. This means you will never see your money again. He literally has no where to pull from. It’s not his parents problem, it’s between you two. If you are feeling it’s time to get others involve, it means it’s actually time to get lawyers involved.

  9. Based on my experience my bf currently owe me 1k 600$ from this month and $400 from lastyear but he borrowed 1 grand lastyear and left $400 now but he keeps asking me for extra let say $50 for his groceries etc. he has a proper job atm but i loan him money last year as he moved out from his parents how. If i were you just talk to him properly if you guys really love each other, what i do is i spoke to my bf and i told him to just pay me the $600 this coming pay day and he can pay me the $400 nextmonth. Just conversate with him and give him solutions like ask him to pay bits by bits cos 8k is a lot.

  10. Yea I already tried this. He paid me back prob about $900 but has asked for more money even after that. I think I’m gonna have to have him sign a financial agreement so he knows I’m really serious. I feel like he had the past year to fix it and I can’t deal with this when I’m across the country struggling myself :(

  11. You can always sue him iif he doesn't want to take it to court, he'll be forced to give you the money then and on top of it he'll have to give you more money that'll be sweet for you 😁 you'll be rich out of your mind

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