1. Getting drunk is an excuse. It's a shitty one too. Doubling down and saying you shouldn't expect him not to drink is also a shitty excuse.

  2. No. You need to be firm about your boundaries. You take him back and in his mind he’s going to say “she forgave me already once” and keep pushing your boundaries. You need to put space between you and him and make him realize what he did was shitty. Also, being drunk is NO excuse for what he did. If that’s a boundary you had set for yourself and the relationship he shouldn’t have broken it - drunk or not.

  3. He did tell me, he didn't thought about me when he did it. I thought it was only a kiss, maybe we can work it out. So, I compromised with him and said that he can still go out and party, just don't get drunk again. But, I guess, it's something, he said is impossible to do because he's a guy in his 20s.

  4. He chose to drink. End of story. If he wants you he stops drinking. If he won’t then he most likely has an alcohol addiction which he will continue to choose over you

  5. He kissed a girl twice claiming he was drunk. He lied to you about that everything went well on the trip. Now he promises you it will never happen again? I'm sorry, OP but you can't trust him and being drunk is no excuse for kissing other girls.

  6. He is probably confessing a kiss when he really fucked her. To make himself feel better…he’s confessing to a kiss…there is really no concern for you. Like this random girl on vacation? Really? Not even emotional cheating led to that. That’s fucked and you deserve better.

  7. I did ask him if they did more than kissing. And that's when he said that he kissed her twice and not once. He told me not to worry and he won't do it again. He said it was just some random girl on vacation that he kissed.

  8. I really don't like cheaters. That being said here's what I'd do. Hook up with another dude, like from an app, who he doesn't know. Tell your ex you did. No details, no this isn't equal bullshit. Then ask if he still wants to get back together.

  9. Honestly, when we first started dating. I told him about how I hate cheaters. My dad was a cheater. I told him how my parent's marriage ended. My dad was drunk and had an affair with another woman. My bf knew that. Yet, he still did it. I forgave him because it was just a kiss right. Idk at this point, I'm feeling so crappy and stupid about myself.

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