1. Honestly I’ve been having major issues since Monday as well. Power went out Monday morning again in wascana view and I’ve been having trouble even loading webpages sometimes. My computer is on a ups so it was fine but yeah very much having Sasktel issues haven’t had a chance to call in yet though.

  2. The amount of kids at home in the eastend for Easter break plus not enough bandwidth to handle the high volume of traffic. Same with cell service. SaskTel doesn’t have the capacity for this area.

  3. Been having the exact same issue in Regina, I have infinet 900 plan and its abysmal. Had 4 IT's out to my apartment and they just keep saying the speed tests are fine and they dont know what to do :)

  4. You just said it yourself, got Sasktel to change their equipment, so you know it’s your own equipment. Troubleshoot your laptop/tower/ or whatever thing you use, it’s you not them

  5. That's the kicker and what has me stumped, it's every device in my house. My phone, my computer, my laptop, both of my roommates devices... they're all experiencing the same issue. If it was isolated to one device it would make a bit more sense, but that's unfortunately not the case.

  6. I don’t have SaskTel but I’ve noticed that on occasion I’ll have a 5Ghz Wi-Fi capable device only connecting as a 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi. If I restart me device and the modem from Access then everything gets reset fine.

  7. All my wi-fi devices that matter are connected to the 5Ghz band (stuff like my thermostat and smart bulbs are connected to 2.4Ghz, but I don't believe these are the issue as I've tested everything with my wi-fi totally disabled and it still happened)

  8. No be to technical but your average Business and all the home internet is not a guaranteed thing. Some have priority over others like dedicated internet and even that is not a guaranteed thing.

  9. speed tests are the last point before it leaves sasktel's network and hit the WEB that no ISP has any control of.

  10. I've streamed on Twitch/Youtube many times in the past, and Twitch has always worked with the 8Mbps bitrate that I have always used just fine up until this past Monday. Youtube I've used less, but I've streamed there with 10Mbps before and it was fine, but now I can't go above 4Mbps on any website, whether it's streaming on Twitch/Youtube or uploading files to Google Drive.

  11. I would like to share that I had Sasktel infinite 300 for 5 years. Moved recently and switched to Access 175. My download and upload speeds are WAY faster with Access (even at the lower speed plan) and better customer so far.

  12. calling BS on that. Access puts on there site 175 down and only 10 up. Sasktel's slowest internet plan at 20 down is 10 up. 300 is 150 up

  13. I have no issues, both upload and download speeds are usually as advertised. My ping is also always low which is why I prefer fiber over cable. Light travels faster.

  14. "ping" measures latency, which does give you some insight into your network performance, but that's all it does.

  15. I have the same issue, and also since Monday. Speed tests show everything is fine, but if I try to stream i get mad packet loss and dropped frames due to bad connection. I can't really figure out the issue. If I do, I'll remember to post back.

  16. Have you called Sasktel? They might not be able to help immediately but if they're aware that multiple people are experiencing similar issues it might cause them to look into it a bit more.

  17. BTW have you tried speed test with other servers? its not ideal but should give you some idea, did one to telus mobility and got ok speeds. on a older laptop so I maxed it out wifi wise

  18. That sounds like one of the IP transits is having issues or is saturated. A VPN will use a different route, bypassing the bad transit.

  19. If you use a VPN and get faster speeds then Sasktel is throttling the system. This all started 2 months ago has no issues streaming till around 2 months ago then forced to use a VPN to bypass there shit throttling they are doing. The equipment it fine It's sasktel Directly who is doing it.

  20. I know I am late to the party, but I have felt sasktel Infinet has been a shit show from the beginning. I would get periodic shit speeds and just general wtf'ery ever since switching from Access. It was not until I removed their shitty hardware did I actually get the speeds I was expecting. I feel like they are doing some shaping/QOS on their hardware.. but won;t admit do it.

  21. Actually just borrowed my brother's router since he has a Linksys one he uses as a bridge and set it up in my place with the VLAN and all that jazz, and no dice. Still getting bad upload speeds.

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