1. Why are feral hog populations so hard to contain? Because the population are big and all they do is keep making 100 of feral hogs and I they do is make their mark everywhere they at and they are trying to stop them but they cannot because There are about 2 million of these hogs and ordinary hunting and these feral hogs are very dangerous and these type of animals are only in the southern.

  2. Lol I didn't like how they stopped giving a shit in the fourth but I did like the idea of them being on the field for the whole game and some of those moments were pretty funny

  3. Gonna be weird watching the Warmachine highlights with it ending with 12 minutes left in the 3rd quarter 😅

  4. Gave up 21 and still won by two touchdowns. That a throttling. We lost to Liberty a couple of games ago. People need to live in real world. This was a great game by Arkansas.

  5. I know we’re gonna win, but it’s pissing me off that they’ve gotten 21 unanswered and we aren’t even trying on offense it seems.

  6. I get saving the offensive personnel for the next game but them letting up so much has nearly let Ole Miss back into the game.

  7. God, I wish we would’ve ran up the score. This is gonna look closer than it really should’ve been. I wanted a 50 burger on em.

  8. Did they call unsportsmanlike on our dumbass corner, but they didn’t throw their player out for throwing a punch at our QB?

  9. The announcers were telling us their opinions and what not, while there was some football game going on in the background

  10. My first (and only) game of the year was Liberty. I was also in attendance for the games against Toledo and ULM. At this point I'm convinced I'm just cursed.

  11. It's a nice change. It's a lot harder for them to be down there talking s*** the players right next to you. Unlike in the press box.

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