1. I had a lady like this at my first job. My boss was like, “she’s really nice (which she is), and she’s a big boss. Take your time cleaning it.”

  2. We had this woman in IT we referred to as the Cheeto lady. She used one of the older white Microsoft ergonomic keyboards. Whatever image you have in your head is exactly what it looked like too.

  3. The speakers are really really bad but are you telling me that part around enter and the dontknowwhatthatbuttonis button is okay? I'm mad I cant clean off all the dust from my kb because I'd have to take off the buttons everytime (hi profile), can't imagine touching this shit.

  4. If you don’t clean your crap at least once a week, you are too irresponsible to have electronics or a computer.

  5. these dust will go into the fans directly and clog them more... if you don't clean them often as they are all connected from keyboard to the air vent... and air is sucking down these dust build up from the fan...

  6. Yeh I was checking temps before and it was 95-100c when playing rocket league. Undervolted and it’s better but I plan on taking it apart again and attempting to clean fans

  7. Literally, throw that computer away and buy a new one. There is no salvaging that without a pressure washer.

  8. First jack up the vehicle… On a serious note, Vacuum as much dust off, using a tooth pick and some isopropyl alcohol as high % you can’t get using a toothpick and cotton swabs clean the keys and any mesh you can without pushing the stuff into the laptop or speakers.

  9. I would say get dry clean rag with or clean old cotton t-shirt. Some water not much though and go over and over This is the safest way to clean ur laptop without damaging plastic Same for the screen apply some screen cleaner on something soft and clean it. After u r done get some Vaseline on new rage just a little so it want get grossly and give ur laptop a shiny finish 👍👌

  10. Grab some tweezers and pluck the caps off. That way you can really clean it. Then use a steal scrubby to scrape off that white stuff?

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