1. My favorite moments are whenever Danny tries to secretly save the game with a useful title and Ross slaps him and steals the keyboard to write whatever incredibly vague title that is more often than not entirely unrelated to what they last did.

  2. Holy shit this is so true. I don't care much for Danny now but boy when he's playing the game he's simultaneously so amusing and professional

  3. Steam Train was probably the best thing that came out of the grump-verse. Danny and Ross had great chemistry. The skyrim playthrough with Ross trying to speed-run it and failing horribly as Danny teased him has got to be my favorite.

  4. Ross and Dan as well as Ross and Barry episodes are my favorites. If gamegrumps was just them alternating between games that they love I would be ok with that. Undertale and Leisure suit Larry really are my favorites.

  5. Funnily enough I was just watching that a few weeks ago. Super chill play through. Wish there were more like that.

  6. I really enjoyed the 3 team Steam oc Civilization and that included Arin. Dan talking in the old Jewish voice about your cousin built note dame and them talking shit to Augustus Cesar had me dying

  7. I think I initially skipped that one (bc leisure suit larry just isnt my cup of tea) but it seems fun, considering the comments on here. Might have to watch it after all.

  8. I decided to watch the original 2 LSL series after seeing this post and was immediately hit with a wave of nostalgia. I miss the Dan and Ross chemistry, and just seeing Dan actually enjoy what they do, It's a night and day difference to anything they've (he and arin) put out in years

  9. Im actually not really that big of a fan of Ross, never really found him funny. But this playthrough is great, both are on fire throughout.

  10. So I have Covid and I’m bored I have never really watched stream train but I am enjoying this as background noise

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