1. Hello, all you beautiful people. Here's a video I created of some gentle rain falling on a coniferous tree... I'd love your feedback on my channel, if any :)

  2. Captured this video of me driving in heavy rain the other day. It's looped, but can you tell where I looped? That's the challenge.

  3. I created a YouTube channel for all types of ambient noises, but I made the first one rain just for this sub ❤️ It would mean so, so much if you guys checked it out or subscribed. I'm also taking requests! Happy listening :)

  4. The animations are beautiful. But the sounds themselves are also high quality. I think I have found my new favorite rain sounds app, thanks! :)

  5. My first project: Relaxing Rain and Thunder Sounds, Fall Asleep Fast, Meditate, Relaxation Sounds: (With birds sounds) 15 minuets

  6. Hey! Ignore the profile picture, silly me, anyways I just uploaded a five hour video of rain sounds with thunder. It would mean a lot if you could check it out and possibly subscribe, it’s free you know ;)

  7. Hello again, beautiful people. Here’s another video I created today. Hope you enjoy this beautiful video of lightning, juxtaposed with sounds of rain and thunder.

  8. I built a HiFi binaural microphone to record nature sounds. Have some nice rain clips uploaded to youtube. Heres a thunder compilation i made.

  9. Check out our new rain and thunder sounds sleep video! Black screen with no ads white noise for 3 hours:

  10. Hello guys. This is the focus network specializing in ambiant rain sounds.. Every vid on our channel is recorded and mixed in 4k surround. Fully immersive atmospheres will help u focus or drift away ... Stop by abd focus with us.

  11. Hey! Since childhood I was fascinated in recording sounds ( I used to go with an old dictaphone for cassettes in forests or abandoned places, - Strange Things times ;) ), now I am involved in film production and I missed that magic and childhood fun so I started making such clips. I started 2 weeks ago but I have a lot of footage. I kindly invite you, as for now hardly anyone sees my works :)

  12. Hey, I started making rain videos a little while ago and thought I'd see if any one here is interested. Hopefully this is the right spot to post this. Anyways this one is my favorite so far

  13. I live in NYC and every time I try to record a clean rain sound, it always gets interrupted by traffic or people shouting. I stayed in a cabin this weekend and managed to capture a really great (IMO) gentle rain sound accompanied by crickets and katydids!

  14. I made a channel for nature sounds(mostly rain). It’s new but I’m adding content daily. Mostly still image and low-fi visuals so far.

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