1. Mine holds it when it’s raining, or when he knows someone just got to the house that he wants to see (my fiancé and I or a friend). I don’t always know the reason for his choices but sometimes the best answer can come from asking myself “what’s changed?” and deducing from there lol.

  2. My 9mo also doesn’t pee as often I would if I were him. It’s super weird. It hasn’t led to any accidents (knock on wood), just more annoying fruitless trips outside 🙄 so weird

  3. Maybe she holding it in for her walk? My friends puppy does this, he’ll have his morning pee in the backyard but after breakfast/lunch he’ll save it for his walk

  4. Yep our almost 9 mth old has been doing this. Refuses to go into the same potty spot he's been using for 7 mths in our own backyard. He now only wants to go on walks and will just hold it and be annoying until we take him on a walk. So frustrating.

  5. My boy is 6 months old. He pees just fine, but poop is a different story. I have cried actual tears begging this dog to poop.

  6. Oh, I hope not. She was spayed last week so still in recovery but she is doing a lot better now. She finally peed when I took her out on a walk. No idea why she was holding it in for so long.

  7. Do you go right back in after she goes? She could be holding it because she wants to play outside and knows as soon as she does her business the outdoor fun stops.

  8. My puppy will refuse to go before breakfast. We can stand out there all morning and he won't pee or poop until he eats, and then he immediately goes out and does both.

  9. Yep! So, my Rottie was trained on mats indoors for a few reasons. One being we live at a student property complex that my fiancé manages and hardly any of the students pick up after their dog. We have a high parvo problem and my vet recommended keeping her inside until a full week after she was fully vaccinated at 16 weeks.

  10. I dread rainy days because mine refuses to go outside in her normal spot (fenced in backyard) to potty and has accidents inside. There's another patch of grass on the side of my house that I take her on those days, but it's not fenced in.

  11. My boy only likes to do his business in his yard lol. We can go for a long walk or day trip somewhere and he'll hold it until we get home.

  12. This is gross but my seven month old HATES pooping because he sometimes get dingleberries from eating my hair i guess lol. So he holds his poop as long as possible because he hates to poop so much lol

  13. Yep! I had to go back to reinforcing potty outside with treats and playing just to get him to go quicker when we went out. I also started limiting his range until he goes (on a leash in the backyard - leash comes off after he goes). He will go on a walk but not always in the yard - so I give treats for backyard potties but not walk ones. He’s been going quicker since I’ve gone back to reinforcing with treats and “go potty” cue

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