1. There was a dude in ybor city that used to lick the soles of shoes of prefest attendees. I'd imagine he's still around but I haven't had occasion to run into him. Bless his heart.

  2. I don't understand why this is so controversial. I don't claim to be a Real Punk but even I understand that punk had always been unapologetically left wing.

  3. Yeah, well the fascists are too busy fucking their siblings, taking horse pills, crying "Notice me, Sempai" to Jeff Bezos and throwing a temper tantrums because democracy does not give participation trophies to develop their own thing, so they just steal from the rest of us.

  4. It's controversial because some people use critical thinking to see the world and most of them don't. The latter would dropkick a cop giving CPR to a toddler as soon as they would dropkick a cop beating a protester, and the rest of us can see the difference.

  5. Doesn't Anarchy literally translate to " without Archons " or " no Archons " ? Rhetorical question. Anarchy doesn't exist with any form of authority. Excluding the only legitimate authority between parent and child of course.

  6. You can be pro capitalism and left wing you know. Capitalism isn't the enemy. It just needs to be better regulated and it's fruits more evenly distributed.

  7. Punk at its roots embraced hedonism, nihilism, an anti-authority stance, and shock value more than left wing politics. See The Stooges. These are honestly just as central to the genre's thematics as left wing politics, if not moreso.

  8. Respecting a system like the police force is inherently not punk lmao. That's the one gatekeep I will get behind. Even The Clash did "Police On My Back" (one of my favs personally) and they are like quintessential. Punk and pro police are oxymoronic.

  9. Landlords too, they are literally the reason there are so many homeless because they are hoarding homes. There are more empty homes waiting to be sold than homeless.

  10. No one does, this just gets posted daily for free karma bc it makes the front page every time. The demand for cop-loving and landlord-loving punk far outweighs the supply.

  11. "My sisters friends aunts landlord is actually disabled from a hiking accident and a lesbian. The attitude that all landlords are greedy is toxic."

  12. It's not the lack of need that makes landlords bad, it's the exploitation of others to fulfill those needs. If anything it's worse to blame someone's disability for their cruel deeds, which implies being disabled makes you unable to do productive work and instead only theft, I'm a disabled trans lesbian chef, I have a job, I play music, I perform comedy. These things are harder because I'm disabled, but they're fulfilling, I'm sure l there's people that have harder difficulties than me, and couldn't do these things, but every human being has something of value to offer the world, there's no excuse to take from nonconsenting innocents. And besides, the far left philosophy would obviously prefer to just take care of the needs of those who are unable of fending for themselves so even if this was somehow true that she could only live by being a landlady we still have obvious and understandable reasons to advocate for an alternative anyway.

  13. PSA: A conversation that starts off with generic schoolyard insults like "poser little bitch" probably won't get any more insightful or nuanced later, so budget your time accordingly.

  14. Daaaaaang that is actually a really compelling way to frame this. I like it a lot especially the phrase "budget time accordingly"

  15. Knew a homie that used to pull off chunks off of the bottoms of Doc Martins boots and smoke them...I guess what I am asking is do Boot smoking punks also have to fuck off?

  16. The entire sub is people yelling back and forth at each other about what is and isn’t punk, we get a new definition every day.

  17. It's not ok to lick: facist boots, landlord boots, or cops boots. Any other boot licking must be done with consent of the other party. Hope that helps :)

  18. Shit. With the greatest respect, overtly waiting for an opportunity to remind others what they are passionate about is somehow annoying to you, isn't cool..?

  19. Its not lately, its always had a right-wing lunatic fringe saying "No... capitalism and cops are fine, you're all just deluded children."

  20. I took a quick look at your post history and see that you contacted the police to help get your stolen motorcycle back. So fuck the police unless you’re in trouble?

  21. Landlords own a building that you live in, you don’t have to love them, but you live in their building, gotta pay rent. Police fucking suck, but not all of them are horrible people. Capitalism definitely has its flaws and it can and is being abused, just like every other societal system though.

  22. Punk is just fast and distorted garage music, it's not inherently left or right wing. Look at all the original punk bands like Stooges, NY Dolls, Dictators and the Ramones they were saying about fast cars and banging girls. There was no political ideology behind it. Just disaffected and bored youth wanting to get high and laid.

  23. Literally have to in order to file a claim. You sound incredibly childish, participating in capitalism or utilizing the police when I have no choice is not the gotcha you think it is.

  24. My old landlord legit offered me a job cleaning my building when Iost my job. She really helped me out at a rough time when I needed it most. She also worked for a non profit in my area that helped the homeless get back on their feet. Fuck greedy landlords that forget their tenants are human and treat them like a walking ATM but give props to the good ones.

  25. Where are the mods? This sub has become the least punk thing i can think of in the last few months. Can someone please start a real punk sub and let the green day children keep this one??

  26. lotta poor kids think they have no choice but to go into the military and hate it too. That being said many of them are bastards for sure. I don't hold the same disdain for them as I do for cops tho

  27. Assuming most of us live in capitalist countries, we all technically support capitalism even you. You can say you have critiques of capitalism whilst still feeding into it but you can't pretend you don't support it at all when you actively participate in it everyday.

  28. That... that's not what support means. Being forced into something does not = support. An easy example would be slaves, or genocide victims?

  29. You’ll notice that it is impossible to exist without participating in capitalism one way or another. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be protesting capitalism so much.

  30. Hahaha, I didn’t know life was so easy as “live out of your backpack and start a business”. Awesome recommendation!

  31. Lol the guys in here tripping over their dicks about how you can be pro tradition, pro cop, pro republican, and conservative are hilarious. Like dude it’s okay if you were just in it for the fashion. Look at Johnny Rotten, worked well for him.

  32. Let me guess, you think the only option besides capitalism is authoritarian communism (which is inherently bad, just like capitalism so like duh) and that cops aren't scum? Most of em are, I've had a lot of experience. Maybe you're just a suburban white?

  33. Okay as an old punk gonna give a hard disagree. Regulated captialism is good. Unregulated capitalism is bad. Capitalism is inherently fucked, but it also is one of the most efficient ways of providing for a society. So the real issue is avoiding regulatory capture and using the power of government effectively to make sure that the force of capital doesn't overwhelm the worker. We have failed at that in the USA, but there isnt anything saying we can't get there.

  34. Judging by the comments you'd expect it to be less. To be fair some folks are just looking for music, some folks are tired of hearing it and some don't like my attitude.

  35. If you hate landlords so much you should buy your own property. But i guess that would be supporting capitalism. But then so is playing video games. So your only real option is to live your life floating in the woods being 100% self sufficient.

  36. If you have a job pay rent, buy food, buy jeans, jean jackets, leather jackets, boots, studs, hair dye/hair products and band merch you're not punk. If you are a responsible human being just trying to get by in life you are not punk. If you have personal commitments that need you to be a cog in the working machine that is society you are not punk. Begging for money Leeching off people and government getting drugged up and drunk as fuck is punk as fuck

  37. I love capitalism, but I also like punk music even if I don't agree with all its messages. That fact that you've built your personality around a fucking music genre means two possible things:

  38. I have ideas for making our late stage capitalist society better for all that includes a reprimanding of landlords and policing. That don’t make me Johnny Ramone, Morrissey, or certainly Michale Graves. They are all posers compared to GG Allin.

  39. Yeah I forgot the exception, not to worry you're welcome to join being mocked by the apathetic, aloof and bootlickers alike.

  40. Take acid, meditate, repeatedly and persistently question your assumptions, do whatever you need to do to realize that you are the goddamn police, the landlord, the capitalist pig.

  41. Punks who support good police while simultaneously saying a big fuck you to the horrid pigs who abuse their power - I respect

  42. Fuck cops, but use them accordingly. The system might be shit, but it gives you the tool to go up against assholes like holocaust deniers. I usually keep my distance to the pigs, but when you can use em, use em.

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