1. Rhode Island ceases to amaze me. The resources and kindness of musicians compared to Nashville is honestly disarming.

  2. I've been looking for someone to make/play music with!! I'm out of state for the summer but I'm so down if you're still looking for people by then.

  3. And here I am all the way in MA as an Alex G and Angel Olsen fan… Sometimes wish I was back in PVD. I play guitar horribly but still learning

  4. Hey I'm not musically gifted but you might have some luck at the Trinity Beer Garden. They often have people playing music so you might be able to strike up a conversation there.

  5. The piano, the guitar, bought a bass guitar off a dude on the side of the road for $30 so trying to learn that. I own and play the viola but I am rusty but I could if my life depended on it

  6. Been here about a year. Would-be session player and genre-hopper. Would always be down to jam. Ambient, alt-country, noise rock, whatever. I’ve been recording some stuff with a friend and we’ve built a little micro studio in my house. Ping me if any of this sounds cool!

  7. Hey those are some of my favorite artists! If you’re looking for some new friends hit me up! I’m from RI and would be happy to show you some cool spots/around :)

  8. Hi!!! Oh my gosh!!!! YES and you’re a Geologist I don’t know who you are but we are already best friends I can just tell.

  9. I'd love so bad to throw my hat in the ring for this, but boy oh boy my beginner guitar skills got rusty as heck over the past few years. I've been meaning to brush up so that I could have the confidence to find a jam crew.

  10. THROW YOUR HAT IN THE DAMN RING, we will unrust those skills together !!! I’m so serious! Dm me let’s jam!

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