1. I used to travel constantly, and Buffalo Wild Wings is generally a safe-haven for any/all team fans. Rest of the country abhors the Patriots, and B-dubs was consistently a perfectly fine place to catch a game while on the road.

  2. I usually suggest search for booster clubs or similar (whatever your team does). Quick google search found this:

  3. I feel like I have a second hand respect for the eagles because I have watched so much IASIP. Go Birds! If you do get a watch party started I down to show up.

  4. Awe !! That’s so cute yes, I have tons of extra jerseys and I even own an eagles helmet. I also have a family member or two with season tickets lmao so if you get REALLY into them maybe we could make a drive lol!! Thanks for the support stranger

  5. Dave and Busters isn’t terrible and I agree with another commenter that Snookers is a fun place too.

  6. there are eagles fans out there to be sure BUT youll be looking for a green dot in a sea of blue pats jerseys

  7. Hi, former philadelphian and huge birds fan here. There are great sports bars here! I’ve been to Reiners and Swank, both great spots. You’d be surprised at the variety of fans here, it’s not all pats fan. Let me know if you ever want to grab a beer for an eagles game this fall!

  8. Hey! I’ll absolutely take you up on that! Thanks for the support, it’s one thing I’ve been nervous about haha

  9. Fly eagles fly!!!!! There is no where my friend. Sometimes Vito and Art of at lucky enough are nice enough to put the game in for me if it’s a prime time game. But otherwise . I’m interested to see if someone here has a better answer.

  10. Haha, thank you!! I’m getting some decent leads here so I think I’ll find my spot. Fuck the giants but, thanks :)

  11. I cannot afford that. Girl is on a budget hahaha I also want people around to cheer me up about watching the games alone

  12. I wouldn’t be worried about going anywhere to watch the games. Just dont be that loud obnoxious person yelling just to be an asshole. Any real fan of the sport is welcome at any bar in prov!

  13. Yes, but I’m looking for the energy of folks who like the same team if that makes sense. It’s just nice to have that kinda community, it’s a part I miss about home.

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