1. I struggled to decide between a B2 and a Samurai. I went with the Suzuki but I'm excited to see where this leads.

  2. Something small like that is honestly the only thing that truly makes sense to dump money into for true offloading. It is otherwise you're just flat out not going to fit a lot of places like this dipshits with f350s with all the travel in the world, but want to rock mf 22s with low pros n shit lol.

  3. I have a love of Broncos, but the Samurais are cool little rigs too, there's a lifted one on 34s a guy uses as a hunting buggy, that we see at work once in awhile, I think we did a lot of the custom work if I recall correctly.

  4. I feel kinda dumb for not fully understanding the question, because I have a lot of mechanical experience, but very little in the way of heavy modifications. Shop I work in had done a lot of offroad stuff in the past, so when the time comes to finally get this thing going, I was going to rely on that.

  5. I feel like I may have run across them when I was researching parts availability, but I'll be sure to check them out when I get to parts ordering, thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Nice! I'm already in love with mine, and the most I've driven it, is on and off the trailer, really excited to get it to a driveable state.

  7. It's the inverse of my truck, if you look close in the second pic, you can see it behind the Bronco! It's another project, I'll likely post it in here soon, and I agree, the brown must be preserved.

  8. I was set on an original, but they're so damn pricy now. Then a friend not into cars, knowing I was looking, sent an ad for a 2, and at first I scoffed, then I actually looked at it, and honestly, I think I'm much happier I went this route, they're such cool looking old SUVs.

  9. I like how they chose to promote that it is equipped with overdrive instead of 4wd or a trim level or something.

  10. To be fair, that was around the time 5 speeds were coming in to fashion, so overdrive was kind of a big deal. But you're not wrong, it is weird, but it adds a bizarre bit of charm to it.

  11. Neighbor down the road did something similar. Did a great job on it. Had it finished and running about two or three months before he rolled it. Be careful.

  12. It shouldn't be that bad actually, it's short, and the F150 axles will move the wheels out a bit. I'm only going to be running 35x10.5 tires as well, so not super wide.

  13. Same year as my Bronco as well! If you look in the background of the second picture, you'll see my 93 has a very similar colouring as well, these old Fords look good in two tone brown.

  14. If you're set on using F150 parts, all the power to you. Explorer parts may be a bit easier to deal with, since some of them are bolt on or close to bolt on. You'll still have a ttb in front, but it'll be stronger than the D28 that's already in there. And the rear 8.8 is a pretty popular axle, especially if you get one with disc brakes and LSD.

  15. I already have an F150 for parts, lucky for me, I work in a shop that has experience with 4wd builds, my boss used to do mud drags in an abomination of an older full sized Bronco. That thing had the engine cradle dropped for weight distribution, a 351 Windsor running Chevy heads (don't ask me why), I think it was rolling on 44s, but was wild enough to do wheelies on pavement, very little of it was untouched

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