1. I absolutely love Graves. Get chills everytime I listen to it. A masterpiece, no doubt. I've tried listening to Reptile but just couldn't get into it, although I'll surely give it another try.

  2. BTBAM is my absolute favourite prog metal band ever! I've listened to their entire discography front and back.

  3. Dream Theater, Haken, Dordeduh, Hands of Despair. Also Rhapsody/Rhapsody of Fire if you're into power metal (they can be quite proggy at times!).

  4. The first two I have heard a lot to. Haken is one of my favourite bands ever. I never knew about Dordeduh and Hands of Despair so that's cool. Also yes, I am into power metal so thanks for the extra suggestion!

  5. So nobody gonna talk about The Mars Volta having a 33 minuten epic? Cassandra Gemini is my favorite song of all time

  6. Love this album, and I've been trying to find similar stuff. Do you have any recommendations? Allegaeon and Target are two that I've found, would love to find more.

  7. Omg I just left a comment about Jack The Joker and I literally recommend that band in every music place that I can, I've had both of their albums almost on repeat for the past 2 years

  8. White Ward does this brilliantly - 4/7 tracks on Love Exchange Failure (a masterpiece of an album, legitimately a 10/10 for me) are over 10 minutes, as is their first single (Leviathan) from their upcoming album False Light. It's brilliant black metal with more than a hint of sax; they do a better job of setting up atmosphere than most bands I know could dream of.

  9. Porcupine Tree (new album coming soon with 1 sub 10mins song) Dream Theater (recently released a new album with a couple of long songs) Tool (2019 Fear Innoculum, every single song is 10mins +) new tool album in 2029 Opeth (their older material have a lot of long songs)

  10. 2029 seems a bit early for them :) thanks for this but I already listen to these bands a lot. Could you give me some underrated bands maybe?

  11. Don't forget there's a few songs by Flying Colors that are 10+ minutes long, and while not as proggy as the above mentioned stuff, still are great. Can't go wrong with Infinite Fire, Cosmic Symphony, and Crawl.

  12. So that's where the other "Castle In The Sky" is. I've been going crazy since everything else on that masterpiece of a concept album is connected

  13. Proggy: Periphery - Reptile + Omega, Vektor - Recharging The Void, Opeth - Deliverance + Blackwater Park, Tool - 7empest, Gojira - The Art Of Dying (close to 10 mins), Meshuggah - In Death - Is Death (definitely not for everyone)

  14. Check out Winter's Gate by Insomnium. It's a song that doubles up as a full album. Each individual part works as a standalone song, but the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

  15. If albums where the songs make a single larger piece count, I would suggest Cybion by Kalisia. Mechina also write their albums as a continuous piece.

  16. If you're into sludge/post-metal, check out Cult of Luna, Neurosis, and Amenra. They make some intensely heavy and stmospheric songs and the three bands regularly make songs over 10 minutes. You could also check out SUMAC who have made a few songs close to 20 minutes.

  17. Slice The Cake (they have a few, one of the albums is also just one long song really, think of it like a book with chapters)

  18. Not prog metal but the album peace and love by dadawah is probably the best reggae album I’ve ever heard and one of my favourite albums of all time. Even though it’s a radically different genre the instrumentals go so hard I’m sure any prog head would appreciate it, and all the songs are 7 - 10 minute long. Enjoy

  19. Peter Gabriel era Genesis. Not metal I guess, but Supper's Ready is a pretty epic tune about the apocalypse...

  20. Dream Theater has some great epics. Octavarium, A Change of Seasons, Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, and Trial of Tears are my favorites.

  21. Hi! I almost exclusively listen to 10+ min songs, so I'm pumped to see this post and read through the comments! Here are some of my favourites:

  22. One song and band that I think is cruelly underrated is Jack The Joker, their song Venus And Mars is an absolute 25 minutes masterpiece, would definitely recommend !

  23. I haven't Tiles mentioned in here yet. They have some great longer tracks like Window Dressing and Checkerboard. I would definitely recommend them for Rush and Dream Theater fans. I also second Fates Warning

  24. This is a direct copy/paste from my iTunes Smart Playlist, so it will likely have some non-Prog Metal songs in it. I will post another comment with my Prog Metal 13+ playlist.

  25. In case it's interesting to you, a follow-up from last time: 13+ min songs from my Prog Metal list. 74 songs in the previous one. 55 here.

  26. Iron Maiden easily. Every song on their latest album is around 10 min as well as plenty of their classic songs like Rime of the Ancient Mariner are awesome.

  27. Good old fashioned Tool for me. Their longer compositions on their earlier albums are such incredible and emotive sonic journeys.

  28. The Count of Tuscany - Dream Theater One of my all time favourites that I haven't spotted in the comments from a quick glance

  29. Coheed and Cambria are hardly ever mentioned, and they have the most unique concept for their first 5 albums (I believe it stops after 5). Horacio Sanchez, the lead singer and guitarist, has published a comic book/graphic novel in tandem with the release of the album. Concept; in the future, idk like 2000 years (best uneducated guess), typical post apocalyptic scenario, future will most def be plagued with poverty and hunger as the able bodied younger people let while they still were able to, I mean, obviously no longer wanted to be part of the and anymore. The Brothers find themselves both falling for the same female, and the thin line is crossed into hatred. It’s far more involved, just wanted to give a rough idea of the reason for the albums’ creation. Horacio is an extremely gifted musician, composer, writer, and has a voice that I would describe as very similar to Jimmy Page’s. I’m of the opinion that male singers with a more alto-soprano range, is just the most captivating, especially when it comes to hard rock, oh and prog metal also 😝. You may feel like this isn’t for you, but give them a chance, songs range from a sort of acoustic and dreamy to fast paced drums and Horacio’s two armed guitar (this is badass🤘🏻) belting out long and highly technical melodic arias that both evoke my emotions while also being quite beautiful and interesting to listen to. For new listeners, I would 100% recommend “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth-3”. This album is just so well done, I’ll put it on my turntable and listen to it over and over when I’m sorting through things.

  30. I've listened to The Second Stage Turbine Blade and Good Apollo so far, and I think they are phenomenal. Absolutely loving them so far.

  31. Slice the cake, specifically odyssey to the west. It isn't a 10-15 min epic, but the entire album is an amazing journey.

  32. I can't really add anything that hasn't already been mentioned or that you presumably haven't already heard of, but I will third Ne Obliviscaris and second Iapetus. Fun fact, Dan Presland (ex NeO drummer) did the drums for Iapetus' The Body Cosmic (which is free on Bandcamp btw). I Contain Multitudes 14:31, For Creatures Such As We 12:56 and The Star of Collapse 18:00. I'm not sure if Ingurgitating_Oblivion counts, but their worth checking out too.

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