1. Zac went more jazzy/funk when he did his own thing and it definitely carried over when he rejoined. Honestly new Paramore basically sounds like HalfNoise to me.

  2. Ok, now THIS is what I'm talking about! Feels a bit more classic Paramore than the last single, but still with a new twist. Really hyped for this album.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s got some mewithoutYou vibes. Especially that riff in the beginning. Kind of sounds like “Foxs dream of the log flume.”

  4. feels like they had an opportunity to call back to their “old” style here and missed it. This is the best song they’ve put out to me in years but if the guitars were just even a little bit heavier on this it would be sick.

  5. I think I prefer this is why. Less catchy, goes from a post punk style thing to a mathy indie rock section to some post-hardcore guitars, all in one song. Cool experimentation, but I think I need to give it a couple more listens.

  6. The mixing seems off to me for some reason. Like her vocals are a little too soft and get a bit lost with the instrumental. It didn’t hit me right away till I played some other newer tracks and found it more noticeable. I’m sure intentional, but isn’t clicking for me. Instrumentals on both new singles have been great, interested to see where the album lands.

  7. I really dig it, but this is definitely more Indie Rock than pop-punk. Paramore is way past pop-punk at this point.

  8. It's not really pop punk, we just look the other way because it is from the queen of 2000's pop punk. So it's not about being too old for pop punk. I'd say Hayley definitely has an agenda she wants to push, which is entirely her and the bands prerogative, but it's also at the risk of some people not being super into it. I agree with her sentiment but prefer less on the nose lyrics so I'm torn as well.

  9. Paramore is cementing their place in my collection of bands I loved once but don’t like any of their new music.

  10. That’s so interesting, I find the chorus incredibly catchy. Verses too. I was worried about the album after This is Why (though it did grow one me), but this song washed away all fears I had

  11. As I’m growing older I enjoy their new music even more. It definitely reflects how them as individuals are currently feeling and I can definitely relate. Everything before After Laughter and this upcoming album are very teenage angst, while AL and this new one are def more relatable. They’re growing similar to how The Wonder Years grew out of their og pop punk sound.

  12. We will always have nostalgia associated with who we grew up with, and what kind of music they were making when we started following their music.

  13. interesting- I find I'm exactly the opposite. I didn't care for anything after brand new eyes but I'm really diggin this

  14. Idk if this opinion is unpopular, but I didnt care for After Laughter. I just feel like that era was weird. I've been a fan since their first album. They were my favorite band when Riot! came out. I even liked BNE and their self-titled. I just didn't feel like AL was that good.

  15. Wasn't thinking much of this when I heard the snippet a couple weeks ago but after listening to the full song I absolutely love it! Loved This Is why and love this one even more so I'm very excited for the album

  16. i'm the exact opposite; i LOVE This Is Why and it probably has my favorite sound since Brand New Eyes, but this feels less good to me.

  17. I love newer Paramore. After Laughter and this upcoming album definitely are more relatable to me. It’s more than just teenage angst. They’re growing as a band kinda like how The Wonder Years grew out of their old sound.

  18. So... Where are all these people who said that Paramore are gone and their new art is something not Paramore? Well, here you go!

  19. Hearing the first word ‘War’ just gave me fucking chills. I can’t wait to see them in person next year

  20. I'm sorry that your Turnover posts are getting downvoted for not being pop punk, they're definitely pop punk adjacent. I've still never seen a band's music nosedive so much in quality between albums though.

  21. Don't feel bad my friend. New Paramore is just as bad as new turnover. Peripheral vision, and Good.nature were bangers, but everything since has been garbage.

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  23. Great song, but that clangy guitar tone doesn’t fit at all. It worked well in This Is Why, but in this is sticks out in the mix too much and clashes with the vocals.

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