1. Never mess with stuff like that. I graduated with a guy who was super healthy but was between jobs and was waiting for insurance from a new job. He died.

  2. its my second time it's happening in a month. i'm on antibiotics again for it. i have a dentist appointment tomorrow so i'm going to ask about getting the issue tooth removed

  3. Damn that's crazy. I forget that the US healthcare model is based on employer funded insurance, bonkers. The power they have over workers because of that alone is dystopian as hell.

  4. Glad you are on antibiotics and are going to the dentist. I have unfortunately had a few abscessed teeth that have needed root canals and it looks like you need a root canal my friend. That will not fix itself on its own and antibiotics will only put a bandaid on it - not a dentist but pretty sure your only options are root canal or pulling the tooth. I’ve had a few gum abscesses but have never popped them 😬

  5. I’ve had this before and it’s excruciating. None of the antibiotics worked and it felt like someone piercing my tooth nerve. Root canals can help if you want to keep the tooth, but I believe it doesn’t completely remove the chances of having an abscess again. I just got mine pulled and have had no problems since

  6. got an appointment tomorrow. have tried to get an emergency one for the past couple of days, but 111 told me if i wanted any help i have to go private:/

  7. Dental assistant here, my god please don't do this ever again. The antibiotics are to see if it's just an infection that could go away, but if it came back within a month that's definitely gonna be a root canal or extraction depending on what you wanna do. Tooth pain is no joke and if you ignore it , it comes back twice as bad.

  8. Don’t bother with root canals. I’ve had 2 and they just don’t last. It’s the in between step (to make dentists money) before an inevitable extraction and implant. Cut the middle part out and go straight to implant. It might feel extreme, but in the long run, you are saving $, and your health when the tooth rots below the gums and crown.

  9. Now I don't know exactly where in the world you're from, and I guess in a way you have a point in that you in time loose the tooth. But saying it has no effect, and it's only to make dentists money is just strictly wrong. Again, i hope you're from a country where no one is that carefree about their patients health.

  10. It's not pretty, so I suggest you Google it. Teeth are very close to the brain so infections in the jaw can get to the brain easily and kill you in weeks if untreated.

  11. Before the advent of antibiotics, dental infections were the number one cause of death. An infection can move from your jaw to your brain and you die a long, painful, agonizing death.

  12. had a cousin go the hospital once and it almost killed him because he kept putting off a wisdom tooth really needed to be gone (big cavitY)

  13. Please get to a dentist asap. This is probably a horrible infection in your teeth. That can easily spread all over your face and could kill you.

  14. I currently have an abscess. I have been through 2 rounds of antibiotics and I am still slightly swollen. I can’t get into the dentist to get a root canal till February.

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