1. Guys what was the performance of Ariana Grande wearing a costume that kinda looked like a diaper and flying around? I think she was also singing like break free or something but I can’t legit find it on the internet…. So iconic 😭

  2. I've had the most bizarre 24 hours. In which I've also listened to the new Rina album. It's great! I actually liked it better than her debut lmfao

  3. I've been a massive failure academically and in general. I had such grand delusions about how my life would pan out, but I've been a disappointment, wasting years and amounting to nothing. All my days are filled with laziness and lack of discipline. I've fallen so far down that even mediocrity is far out of my grasp. Here's to seeing if I can become a little bit better 🤞

  4. A few friends convinced me to download Hinge since it’s a huge step up from Tindr and I’d find people who are a bit more serious on that app (according to them).

  5. What the other user said is right! Also, my parent went through this so I can say get some creams, hazel witch wipes, and extra fiber to help relieve constipation! It definitely helps! Ooh and a cushion if you like the

  6. Anyone have any other songs that have that unique elephant or dinosaur sound? Some example: Jon Bellion - Stupid Deep Justin Bieber - Where Are U Now

  7. I’ve been on the lowest possible dose of my meds for almost a week now and I’m feeling p good apart from the lack of sleep (and super vivid dreams) and my appetite being a bit different, but those should sort themselves out

  8. I love lavender for candles! Was never into scented candles before, then someone gifted me a lavender one. Then when I bought other scents nothing compared to the lavender one. I like woodsy scents for candles too, I can’t remember the name of the one I like tho. I bought a papaya one out of curiosity and the cold throw kind of made me regret but it was actually really pleasant once lit (I buy online).

  9. Watching hocus pocus 2 and it's so cringy idk how I'm gonna finish it. The acting from the kids and teens are especially bad

  10. Alright Portland popheads, which one of you works as a Starbucks barista in the city? Because I just went to one playing “The Sound” by CRJ and “Never Really Over” back to back and immediately I felt my popheads radar perk up

  11. Marvis Pro is the gold standard for iOS users scrobbling Apple Music (or iTunes local files). It is a one time purchase, but if you’re serious about Last.fm, it is the best, no fuss option.

  12. I need to find other games that give me a similar competitive satisfaction that League of Legends does. Trying to climb back into Grandmasters is so mentally draining.

  13. Feel free to ignore this if you're not a marvel fan, but I really recommend Guardians of the Galaxy if you like story driven games. Genuinely great story that I honestly found way better than the movies featuring the same characters.

  14. Can’t believe I woke up to us losing to fucking Arsenal (with Xhaka of all people scoring too). It really is hard being a Tottenham fan.

  15. After hearing rave reviews from both critics and Netflix users alike, I am finally starting Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. Yes, I am late.😔

  16. oh my god, the restaurant kiosk actually didn’t ask for tip at all after I paid??? a miracle (every time I still angst over whether I should or shouldn’t when the tip screen pops up, even if it’s literally just like a drink 😥)

  17. Lil Nas X pushed back his Nashville concert date and I'm trying to figure out if I want to extend my hotel room another night + change my flight or cut my losses :')

  18. Sometimes I wish I was a medieval civil servant. A quill, a candle, some parchment, and a silly little hat. That's the life for me.

  19. I looked it up and it seems like it's some weirdos with a scheme to sell their weird little silver "currency". Vastly inferior to the OG UK micronation, Sealand, which was founded to run a pirate radio station.

  20. pro tip: you might want to hold off listening to Fossora if you've lost a mother recently. Ancestress got more than a few tears out of me jesus

  21. Gina is the literal worst and I absolutely hate everything that involves her. She’s not funny and like you said, her predatory behavior should not be a part of this show.

  22. anyone else notice that AURORA’s nearly entire discography is unavailable now on spotify? i need my aurora bruh 💀

  23. So, I was thinking about musicians with several music projects, like Justin Vernon, Jack White, Jack Antonoff, and Alex Turner, and I was wondering if there's any more women who has multiple music projects, at the moment I only know Phoebe Bridgers.

  24. Neko Case has her solo career and she's in the New Pornographers. She was also in the Corn Sisters with Carolyn Mark, and cub. and MAOW pre-solo success.

  25. Hayley Williams has her solo albums, which are great. I believe the Sleater-Kinney members have a few different music + production projects. And Greta Morgan has had several projects though not (IIRC) at the same time.

  26. Are you looking for more than one act or several as in more than two? If two acts are fine, then Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker are part of Boygenius with Phoebe Bridgers.

  27. Brittany Howard releases music as a solo act but is also the front woman of the Alabama Shakes, Thunderbitch, and apparently when I wasn't looking she formed a new one band called Bermuda Triangle.

  28. If I like the rest of the album as much as like the singles, The Loneliest Time is going to be competing with Once Twice Melody and Laurel Hell for my AOTY

  29. Desember is getting nearer... hope my thesis finished next week or last October the latest. My mentor would smack my ass if it won't finish by that time.

  30. just had pasta w avocado pesto and i think im in heaven .. my god im so lucky to have a great cook for a dad, especially since i became a vegetarian at like age 6/7 and he was already one so i was always able to grow up w a variety of food to the point where it never rly felt like a limitation, which i know even now isnt always ppls experience when they make a dietary change like that, specifically at a young age.

  31. one of my favorite nightlife spots in my city serves only vegan foods and I didn’t even realize it until mid-meal. I love how vegan food has moved beyond blocks of tofu.

  32. things have really gotten soooo much better even in the last 20-30 years tbh. like within my lifetime i've been sold a turkey sandwich as a "vegetarian option" and now there's so much legitimate excitement for plant based cooking :)

  33. Props to your dad! Tbh not a vegetarian/vegan but once I was invited to my aunt and uncle and they are and made a salad. I’m not kidding it was full of different ingredients that together made it one of the tastiest food I have ever had.

  34. it is no longer supposed to rain all day so I'm trying to work up the willpower to get up/dressed and go thrifting for my halloween costume. so far not having any success

  35. My gosh Blue Neighbourhood is such a vibe! My bisexual heart is just vibing through it in the car tonight. Especially with Talk Me Down.

  36. I was on vacation in New Zealand, sitting at a bar when "YOUTH" played in the background and it just hit me. I downloaded the album when I got home and fell in love with most of the songs. It definitely has a special place in my heart!

  37. Blue Neighbourhood is one of my absolute favourites. Blue, Bite, Heaven, Lost Boy, Suburbia, Youth, The Quiet, and Wild are just gorgeous.

  38. I decided to give Xtina's spanish album a listen this morning and like... it's so bizarre because it's literally her scream-yelling-singing on top of ranchera music ... it's honestly like she recorded these songs without hearing what the music and instrumentation was going to sound like... I mean I'm enjoying it I guess, but it's such a dissonant sounding album lol

  39. surprised no one has posted about Billie’s live concert on Apple Music as well as the mini live album Apple released. so glad to finally have an official happier than ever live version!

  40. (tw aphobia) i was gonna talk about how american auto's commercial episode did a good job of criticising both the woke culture and anti woke culture but they just ruined it for themselves 2 episodes later when the decided to make asexuality the butt of a joke. like i'm sorry but it's 2022 and we're still making fun of asexuals?? i thought that we were past sexual orientation related jokes. like two episodes before, they were literally talking about lgbtq+ inclusion in tv commercials and two episodes later they had a character offended that he was called ace (and even likened ace ppl to eunuchs)🤮

  41. I missed out on the dua and billie tours this past february bc covid levels were at a high and I was too scared to be in a packed arena only to end up getting covid a few months later at a lorde concert

  42. Finally had the opportunity to see Magdalena Bay in concert last night, it was easily a top 5 show I’ve attended. Their live sound and visuals/lighting are sublime. Cannot recommend enough if you have a chance to see them.

  43. y’all shit on the keychain line from ATW but a guy saying “fuck the patriarchy” while he makes you pick up something from the floor is the most relatable thing

  44. People in that Unholy #1 on charts thread acting like Kim Petras is bigger and more relevant than Sam Smith sure is something. She's had 3 debut albums and none of them have been relevant outside gay clubs yet the entire thread is acting like this is going to be her big break.

  45. ghost files is so good. i love ghost hunting. all this shit is so fucking silly and i feel like ghost files is the only show that really gets it. making a skeptic central ghost hunting show is so good. tho i will say ghost adventures is the best one that doesn't get it so hard it goes back around to getting it

  46. Okay, Yung Gravy kind of slaps, right? Like "Betty (Get Money)" and "C'est La Vie" are like...really good pop songs. The lyrics are stupid fun and the rapping and singing are technically proficient, even pleasing. So why does it feel like I'm breaking the law?

  47. Do I spend $170 on Weyes Blood merch and $150 on Caroline Polachek merch? Pick only one of them? Or pick neither?

  48. I think Olivia Rodrigo needs to release a brand new song within the next 6 months… not to be negative but I feel like her hype is dying now and she still doesn’t have the legacy to do long waits yet.

  49. She's doing fine, but i do agree that there's a pretty fast pace to music release and she's not doing features and stuff like that, as a middle ground though i think it'd be cool if she released some of her covers to streaming, i feel like we're about to reenter a real covers heavy era and hers are really good! Or maybe a live version of some of the Sour songs. Something like that would be nice to tide people over before a proper drop

  50. Lil Nas X waited 2 whole years after Old Town Road to release a follow-up and it worked out incredibly well. Lizzo had a three-year gap between her debut and her current album and she got a #1 and is touring arenas right now.

  51. idk if it’s some weird pavlov response or something but I’ve found recently I can concentrate so well listening to Julien Baker’s Turn Out the Lights album so anytime I do any readings I put it on

  52. • Currently on S4:E8 of Gilmore Girls. This season is definitely off to a slow start and I find myself itching to just re-watch S1-3. But this is my first watch and I would really like to finish all seven seasons (and maybe the revival) at least once. While watching the first three seasons, I was averaging about four to five episodes per day every single day. But now I'm lucky if I can make myself sit and watch two episodes in a row. I'm going days without watching the show and it's low-key making me sad, lmao.

  53. I’ve recently started going down the celebrity interview pipeline and I’ve started to like a lot of them way more then I would’ve thought.

  54. If you haven’t already, check out Graham Norton’s interviews! His are truly the best. Just be prepared to fall down the rabbit hole once you get into it!

  55. Yesterday Canadian radio stations were observing Truth and Reconciliation Day (a national day to commemorate the indigenous victims of residential schools).

  56. Nothing interests me more than reading plaques! Such a fun way to give bite-sized information that I later go into wikipedia holes reading

  57. I'm currently loving the memes that came out from Ned Fulmer's confession. I like how people agreed that "I lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship" is a stupid excuse and are basically applying it to every fictional couple.

  58. Ugh. 🤧 I hate being sick! I actually feel worse now than when I went to the doctor a couple weeks ago. Recently added ears hurting now too. Luckily my doctor does phone call appointments. The whole house is sick now. My dad has it worse. My mom started sneezing yesterday. Ugh.

  59. philly game day yesterday update: got rained out lol. the scheduling this weekend has been wild bc of ian so who knows if the make up game will actually happen!! im probably gonna try and exchange for a 2023 game or something

  60. Anytime I got to Hmart I bless myself with the breads they sell. Some are sweet and some are decadent but they're all delicious.

  61. i finally hit 200,000 scrobbles on last.fm 🥳 despite it's drawbacks i still love that app and it's nice to have my last 6 years of music listening logged <3

  62. Congrats!! I've been keeping track of my music listening habits for 17 years already, I'm terrified last.fm will shut down without a warning one day. Fingers crossed it never happens, I will be devastated

  63. Officially moved in to my new place after 3 weeks of living out of 2 homes. I actually moved in with my boyfriend and the me from 4 months ago would tell you she would never move in with a man this fast but honestly it just feels right.

  64. i start uni tomorrow!! mercury retrograde also ending tomorrow and my birthday's on wednesday 😩 im gonna explode from the excitement

  65. it’s worse on youtube shorts. i started watching them and it almost immediately started showing me andrew tate and ben shapiro content. it’s really scary.

  66. quintessential philly experience - getting your hopes and dreams smashed by a bunch of men who were supposed to be good this season

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