1. I have a bestfriend who also has ED (bc she's very insecure about her body and she felt very stressed in her early university days) but slowly she started to get better. I hope Chuu could also get better ❤.

  2. Her post is an image that says "I'm not perfect but I'm me" in yellow lettering on a pink backgroud with white flowers and the caption in case she deletes:

  3. Cuff It officially replaced Church Girl as the song being submitted to radio/ as the potential 2nd single!!!!!!! The very first and most proactive thing done by Parkwood since releasing the album 2 whole months ago

  4. Cuff It is being played a lot on the radio station I usually listen to, but each time I get disappointed it's not followed by Energy.

  5. I mean I am gay as anyone could hope ever to be but season 5 of Elite was A LOT. That gay porn plotline was too much and clearly someone in the writing room should have kept his hand away from his dick while writing.

  6. omg I've been putting YR on the back burner for so long that I actually forgot I was midway through the season 🤦‍♀️ time to catch up!

  7. 🤢 And on todays round of give me attention - Im gonna give you this convoluted logical explanation in which I am the victim in this situation because Taylor Swift didn't come tell me she was upset when I bought her lifes work... Holy shit this man.

  8. He’s just a greedy “businessman” who is mad Taylor didn’t just lie down and took his bullshit. She stood up and was very vocal about artists’ rights and getting their fair payment/treatment. And it reflected very poorly on this “businessman”.

  9. Hot take: Ana da Armas should feel a bit uncomfortable taking on such a role for Blonde. I never read the book it was based off but it’s just one huge trauma dump and purely exploitive of Marilyn. Like after the comments the director made I just got such an ick from the entire series.

  10. I would have to read the book first before having this opinion because while the movie director is disgusting but using a popular culture figure to tell commentary way more at large is very common and frankly the actual point of most depictions of real people. or dissect Hollywood’s obsession of white blondes which were largely already conventionally beautiful white women changing to conform moreso for career prospect (AND STILL punished by people for being what they wanted them to be), I think is a really fascinating** thing.

  11. Just finished I'm Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy, here's some revelations I don't think were mentioned during the press tour.

  12. I’m halfway through the book and cannot put it down. What an incredible writer. I think will definitely make top book of the year

  13. I just finished the book, too. Im 95% sure it was Ariana who didn’t want her to direct an episode but I could also see it being Dan Schneider making up a lie so that Jennette would blame Ariana instead of him.

  14. why didn't Ariana and Jennette get along, was it just competition? and omg that last revelation-- I hope their relationship didn't change (well I hope they at least have a good relationship prior to it so she can have one good parent, I haven't read the book)

  15. I actually don’t think Ariana cared whether Jennette directed or not because her music career was launching and Sam & Cat was all but in her rear view mirror.

  16. with the exception of the last point i think most of them were mentioned during the press tour although whether it was only talked about online by people who read her book or jennette herself i'm not 100% sure anymore.

  17. Dave Navarro will unfortunately have to sit out the Poppy/Jane's Addiction/Smashing Pumpkins tour as he is still recovering from

  18. Robert Eggers’ long-awaited new take on the Nosferatu is gaining some serious momentum as sources tell Deadline that

  19. I totally respect not wanting to come back, I know people had mixed experiences behind the scenes and Donald Glover in particular is a huge star now with lots of other opportunities. Still, I don't know if it will feel like Community with 3/7 of the original Study Group gone.

  20. I feel like all of the people commenting that this is “boring” or “unexciting” don’t really get that the things that seem “common and boring” today, are only that way because the person who made them, successfully made them mainstream (which is the end product of it being successful)

  21. A bad theme for the gala but they've had stupidly easy themes to nail for the last like 3-4 galas (catholicism, camp, guilded age) and people still showed up in snooze worthy looks so like at least the theme matches the energy a lot of these celebrities + designers have been putting into the red carpet ensembles 🤷‍♀️

  22. ew. ppl always complain about celebs not dressing on theme but like, when you're given themes like this...

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