1. There’s actually a hilarious interview you can find online from a few years ago where Ed is ranting about the new generations are weird and the first gen was the best

  2. Wow, that sounded way better than I expected for a Pokemon collab. It's giving me 2010s Owl City and Bastille vibe~

  3. Man, all this recent Pokemon stuff is making me spin. Pokemon: The Movie soundtrack was like my FIRST CD and it has bops on bops on bops. Literally, Vitman C's Vacation and M2M's Don't Say You Love Me lives rent freeeee. I'm so happy contemporary artists are working with the franchise again.

  4. This is so so good. I knew it would be given how catchy the snippet is but it's beyond my expectations. One of the catchiest songs Ed has ever put out

  5. This is so good. We love to mock Ed but there's a reason that he's as big as he is. The dude has an understanding of melody that's unreal. This song is still stuck in my head and I've listened to it once.

  6. I LOVE this video - I love the animation, i love how cute it is, everything about it is great. Ed Sheeran is doing what Ed Sheeran does best, it's a catchy tune. Somewhat reminds me of his TFIOS song.

  7. This is a good song but I kinda have the same problem that I had with the Pokemon 25 album, it's just kinda a generic feel good song. I'm still waiting for someone to have the audacity release a song that actually name drops some Pokemon! Sample

  8. I'll take my generic feel-good song this time haha. Let the others do the more experimental stuff. Ed shines with these types of sound. Really highlight his songwriting ability.

  9. The Vince Staples Pokémon 25 song was pretty great. Some of the Pokémon name drops in it are absolutely surreal.

  10. Agreed also why are the first gen Pokémon featured instead of the new ones. The marketing strategy very much seems to be Famous pop artist + nostalgia + catchy song = hopefully more salss

  11. I really appreciated that the Post Malone cover of Only Wanna Be With You included the Ecruteak City music as a sample, really enhances what was already a great track

  12. Still waiting for a pokemon song that's as good as the oldies Pokemon Theme, Pokemon Johto, and Born To Be A Winner. I think what makes them good are they are anthems you will scream the lyrics to as a kid or an adult. These popstars like ed sheeran and katy perry are missing the point making feel-good happy go lucky songs. Someone needs to go harder.

  13. Those are anime themes mate. These are promotional pop songs to capture interest of people who aren't playing the games. Huge difference

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