1. Four years later, Get Well Soon is still my favorite Ariana track. I was just revisiting Sweetener and that song in particular is still absolutely stellar, so simple but so richly textured at the same time. She and Pharrell made magic together, I'm still hoping they'll collaborate again at some point.

  2. I always feel for people when they tell about how they broke up with their ex, with the ex mentioning that they wouldn't go through the process of marriage, but then said ex gets into a new relationship where they do get married later on with their new partner.

  3. Probably (relatively) a deep cut for this sub but Japanese band Official Hige Dandism has a lot of really romantic songs (at least for their singles, a lot of the depictions of love they show in their videos goes beyond romantic too!) but my favorite is

  4. Treated myself and pre-ordered Midnights lavender edition from Target and bought Marina’s blonde edition of Electra Heart on vinyl. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. What was everyone’s reaction to Carly Rae Jepsens dedicated? I know emotion is looked at as a masterpiece and while I don’t like dedicated as much, it’s SO good.

  6. Honestly I like Side B a lot more than Side A? It just has so many fun and chill bops. Emotion is a technical masterpiece, but I kind of prefer to vibe with Dedicated Side B

  7. I actually prefer it to Emotion and find that it has a lot more replay value. It's a lovely progression from that album's sound, with Emotion being the bubbly, carefree early 20s and Dedicated the slightly more grounded late 20s.

  8. Hi i wanted to plug my music for a second 💔I’m a roblox rapper and i released my new song Coneflower tits last month and it’s a hit it’s beautiful it’s one of a kind i am POOT POOT PEARL the roblox rap queen Please put respect on my name amen

  9. lmao @ the Try Guys sub going from 19K to 29K subscribers with 44K active at this moment. I love drama, I’m sorry.

  10. Judging by the Try guys scandal-People expect the bare minimum from husbands in order for them to be deemed “good” husbands.

  11. Ned is actually someone who made his brand almost exclusively about being married or his wife but literally most “wife guys” I see mentioned online are just men who when they mention their wives don’t insult them or openly hate being married.

  12. Is anyone fans of first aid kit? I guess they would be more country but my god they both have amazing voices. That Emmylou tribute they did in front of her was like crazy crazy good, made me emotional lol

  13. I’m absolutely obsessed. They’re one of my current favourites! I’ve been constantly streaming their songs. My favourites are Out Of My Head, Stay Gold, My Silver Lining, The Boys Of Summer, and Angel. Their music is so aligned with my own tastes. I’m so incredibly excited for Palomino!

  14. Dragula Titans line up looks great, can't wait to see what Erika Klash has been up to. It's also so fun seeing the show/franchise budget go up and up - S1 to now is such a crazy glow up. The first seasons of ANTM and Drag Race were rough compared to what they became, but Dragula S1 on YouTube is so many steps below those.

  15. The fact that Dragula’s prize money for season 4 was the same as Drag Race’s at the time (though it has since gone up) was crazy! The first season’s prize was literally crowdfunded on Kickstarter so they’ve come a long way

  16. I swear, what is it with Unholy that’s pissing off TikTok so much? There’s been plenty of other songs that’ve been promoted the same way Unholy was, but now is when there’s a big thing about the song?

  17. kim petras has not been seen very highly by the general public (aka popheads and tiktok users) because of her constant collaboration and support of dr luke. sam smith i feel like people just find them annoying ever since the whole lockdown crying in their mansion situation. people have been fed up about tiktok marketing for a while now and i think they’re taking it out on sam and kim

  18. I hate that when I try to dress cute men yell at me and stare. Some guy rolled down his window and tried talking to me while I was walking my dog, can’t I just wear nice clothes in peace

  19. Damn the apology was such weak sauce. 'losing focus' and ' may have caused. Mf you were cheating with your employee, Like it would be a shitty apology if he had forgotten her birthday.

  20. Just realized how much new music I’m looking forward to comes out on Friday! I’ve got listening sessions for Alison Sudol, Shygirl, Björk, and Sophia Anne Caruso :’)

  21. When you stop messaging your best friend (or well old best friend) and two years pass without them reaching out to you or seeing them… it’s weird how somebody can be so important to you and then a couple years pass, you barely think about them anymore and your memory of how they were starts to fade. I don’t really get why I liked him so much at this point.

  22. A couple months ago me and my bestie that had drifted got back in touch. We talked on the phone for like an hour after barely speaking for two years. Reconnecting is amazing ❤️

  23. Dark Horse by Katy is going viral on tiktok cause ppl are just now realizing there’s a Dahmer reference in the song. If this means we go through a Prism renaissance I’ll be fine with it. Justice for By the Grace of God !!

  24. I saw DWD last night, and honestly... the dogpiling on this film is insane. It's fine. It's even enjoyable in quite a few moments! And Harry's acting is fine; he'd get a B in a uni acting course, which isn't astounding, but with the way people have been talking, you'd think he was a dumpster fire. The final act will lose people, I'm sure, but it's overall a middle score from me.

  25. Yeah, I think what failed about the movie the most was the writing. Not a fan of the ending. But the soundtrack, cinematography, set design, and Florence's acting were amazing. I thought Harry was fine too except I may be biased because I don't hate him. I'd give it 3/5 stars.

  26. Yeah I really enjoyed it. I’m gonna try and go see it again cause I do think it’s one of those films you kinda need to watch twice

  27. A tale as old as ~2017. Trans girl signs to Dr. Luke’s label, finds an extremely online audience who builds her up as some saviour of music, will later be disowned under the guise of moral purity the second the music doesn’t hit. I’m not talking about Kim Petras, I’m talking about Ethel Cain.

  28. It’s almost as if people don’t actually care about Luke or Kesha, they just like to be annoying on the internet

  29. If there's one thing I've learned in my short time as a trans gal on the internet, it's that people love to use a trans person to tear down another trans person. Not unique to trans people I guess, just super common.

  30. My philosophy is that, if a spoiler ruins the journey, it was not a journey worth taking in the first place. Like sometimes there are a select few pieces which are predicated off of that violent overturn of sensation and expectation.... but the vast majority of pieces are not like that.

  31. I took my first ever exam and it was for my psych class, the teacher was so cool it was open note/book and he let us do the exam at home with 2 weeks to turn it in.

  32. Adulting today..gotta order a new credit card and get car maintenance done..and not put in my two weeks till Friday. I hate adulting 😤

  33. Hello! It’s me, one of the hosts of the future All swimmers 3 rate, a rate that is already causing all this conversation!

  34. “It’s been 5 minutes since the release and WE STILL DONT HAVE ANY VISUALS? WTFFFFF 😩😡”

  35. Literally lol. Nobody is forcing you to listen to half of an album in advance either! If an artist releases like 6 songs before the album comes out I usually only listen to the first couple so the album still feels fresh on release. It’s crazy how much freedom we have now regarding music availability but people still act like artists are holding them hostage

  36. anyway the attempt to market don't worry darling around women's sexual pleasure specifically is actually so fucking funny. olivia wilde girl what are you talking about!!!

  37. Scheduling a specialist appointment is such an unserious process because why did the receptionist ask me if 3:30 on a Wednesday 4 months from now would work

  38. Ned being fired from Try Guys was the fastest response I've seen in awhile. I'm not at all mad at them for protecting their brand. Well anyway. I hope for the continued success of Three Guys, Quinta, Safiya, Alvin, and Rie 😍

  39. the way incriminating evidence of ned from the try guys cheating was a HARRY STYLES concert...(obviously harry has nothing to do with any of this but it's CURSED)

  40. the soundboard audio from the second Tokyo show of the Chromatica Ball… possibly the best she’s sounded on a pop tour tbh. Ms Nose was FEELING IT and ugh it’s just such a good recording

  41. One of the reasons why I take the entertainment industry and use it as my toy store to just have fun and relax, even though I feel alone in this because people take things so seriously, is because in real life we have politicians such as the Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton, running away from being subpoenaed and his wife drove the get away car. This man who is a law and order republican, ran away from being served a subpoena.

  42. if an artist don't hit #1 they're a flop, if they do hit #1 but only for a few weeks they're still not good enough because ~longetivity~, if they do stay a handful of weeks but my cousin's step dad's best friend brother haven't heard the song then it has no impact, and if the song does last months at #1 and the song is literally everywhere then it's an annoying overplayed and overrated song.

  43. I remember hearing Post Malone play I Like You on an ig live weeks before it dropped and I knew it was gonna be a huge hit lol. It’s insanely catchy.

  44. Tbf. A lot of the female artist specific subs are almost always filled with men sexualizing the artist and not about actual music, content, or general fandom. I went on the Dua Lipa sub once to ask a concert question and a lot of the posts were about her body, pictures of her breasts and butt. :/

  45. CelebrityNSFW subs are so weird because it’s almost always people being like, “oh if you pause the video at 20:45 then you can see the small outline of her boob” and it’s like, there’s so much real free nudity out there on the internet created by people that want to be seen in a sexual way. Why does full clothed celebrity who isn’t asking to be sexualized get you off?

  46. Honey by Robyn is one of the best albums ever recorded. Every song is good. From the entrancing, intriguing “beach2k20” to the heartbreaking “baby forgive me” to the bittersweet jubilation of “never again,” this album is a work of genius. Every time i turn on a new album, i hope it’s the next honey but often… it’s stevia at best

  47. Besides the title track being the best pop song of all time, it’s all just so… good. I could listen to a 30 minute mix of Beach 2k20 and never get tired of it, Between the Lines sounds like a Deee-Lite deep cut (thinking songs like Say Ahhh…), and to end it on Ever Again, a song unlike anything else on the album, was bold choice that paid off because it’s a perfect song. Robyn is a master of her craft in every way. When she announced the album, I didn’t think she would be able to top Body Talk but somehow she did

  48. it always frustrates me when I read/watch an epic scene between two characters and can't search fanfic for it because I'm not caught up with the series and I'll spoil it for myself. I want all the feels and I want them now!!!

  49. I read once that a lot of the fascination of serial killers is due to the fact that the older serial killers have been caught, brought to justice and removed from society. So modern day people can "safely enjoy" (I'm unsure how to phrase this) the story without fear. There's modern day serial killers, active killers, but it's too real for people to "enjoy" when the killers are still active.

  50. but fr ten straight hours of those families suffering, of dahmer's neighbor's terror and guilt so visceral i could reach out and touch it, and of my own knowledge that there is no point to any of this being aired - we all know these stories and we all know that dahmer was just one of many forces working to destroy QPOC in Milwaukee - were some of the worst most painful things i've ever seen in media. and I thought i was relatively desensitized.

  51. My mom so surprised her kids talking to her in Spanish. Like bro you didn’t teach us shit so we going out of the way to learn it.

  52. I saw TikTok were someone said that the “period ahh period uhhh” girl sounds like how K-Pop rappers rap and I can’t stop thinking about it.

  53. I mean both are non black people trying their best to “sound” black. I literally see no difference from that girl and the majority of k pop rappers

  54. Took a while but Rina Sawayama finally clicked for me. I checked out her first album a while ago when this sub was raving over it and didn’t care too much for it but omg her new album is so good. AOTY material.

  55. It’s so wild to me that in 2 weeks it will be me and my boyfriend’s 6 year anniversary. We met the summer before my senior year of college and it feels like a lifetime ago, we were both such different people lol. So grateful for the last 6 years and everything they’ve brought

  56. some people on the internet need to look up what being bi/pan means again !!! and right after bi visibility day or whatever length of time that was

  57. @ my wisdom tooth removal girlies: do you usually have a consultation and THEN a separate appointment for the yoinking or what? I asked my friends and one said it was two appointments (consult + yoink) and the other said they just immediately went in and got their shit yoinked so I'm confused.

  58. It depends. When I had an impacted wisdom tooth, oral surgery was performed when I could not chew and I was in considerable pain. For my other wisdom teeth, my dentist consulted me and told me it was something to keep my eye on and when I should eventually get them yanked.

  59. I think that I went for a consult where they looked at my teeth and basically told me about to procedure. I think the dentist did say that I could get my removal done the same day but I declined and opted to schedule a time.

  60. ooh, my (weird) time to shine lmao. usually you get evaluated first, and then referred to a specialist for removal if they can't provide the procedure there. i had one appointment where my wisdom was an on-site evaluation w. x-rays + extraction the same day, but i'd been referred first by my dentist. the other appointment was all in the same building, but i had evaluation where all they did were x-rays, and then scheduled a follow-up for the actual yoink. the best thing to do is to call and ask how they set up wisdom removals tbh.

  61. I had a consultation with my dentist (where they took x-rays), then one with my dentist and my dental surgeon, and then about a week or so later I had surgery bc they were all impacted and not fully erupted so it wasn’t as simple as popping me in the chair and yoinking them out with local, and then I had a follow up a week later

  62. It’s such a fast and easy procedure that I can see it going either way. I had a consultation and then the yoinking, but if the dental surgeon is available immediately and you have everything required (like a ride home) then I don’t see why you couldn’t get it done then and there. I think my surgery took like 10 minutes lol (it was only the top 2) so it’s super quick

  63. Not that I’m complaining but does anyone know why Another Love by Tom Odell has been having a resurgence lately. Didn’t the song come out in 2010(?)

  64. 🎶 Might get your friend to drive but he can hardly see 🎶 we'll end up painted on the road, red and chrome, all the broken glass sparkling 🎶

  65. I’m still forming my opinion on Hold The Girl as a whole, but Send My Love To John just came on shuffle and now I’m crying on public transportation

  66. It's crazy how the Try Guys production team managed to edit out Ned for cheating, yet some major studios struggle to fire an actor over much more serious offenses like sexual assault. I know those are two different mediums but still...can't help but point out the difference.

  67. One of my neighbours is such an asshole, I’m seriously resisting the urge to egg her house in the middle of the night lol

  68. random thought for sure but im forever an animal crossing new horizons defender, because while i definitely get the issues ppl have w the entry, i also think they severely undersell the significant improvements to the game while magnifying its flaws. like, outdoor deco is HUGE and its rarely brought up compared to the gamechanger it was which is insane to me?? like its absolutely transformative compared to the older games and its attempts at outdoor design like shitty pwp's, and idk i just feel like despite a lot of fair criticism its definitely suffering from the 'overcriticized last game in the series' which happens to SO many franchises, and it almost always is cyclical too because in five years those overhated titles will be heralded as the good old days and nostalgia for games they used to hate (see also, the sims 3 (and yes i feel veeery strongly about that and the revisionist history around that specific title, but i digress)) and i dont even think new horizons deserves to be grouped into that set of newer games that are seen as franchise setbacks out of laziness a la the sims because ppl will call it an empty game with less content which is just blatantly untrue?? it just serves their argument to highlight certain things and downplay others but i see this shit happen w so many series (another big one is pokemon, my god every single entry has gone through the 'x game is bad > x game was actually good???' evolution, most notably bw but its happening to xy now as well and a lot of it simply comes down to what games u played when u grew up lol. the ppl who played those generations as kids are old enough to champion for their nostalgic entries in the series and i guarantee you sumo and maybe even swsh will go thru that (..ok maybe not swsh)) and the older i get the more i see the pattern repeated every single fucking entry that it just starts to seem a bit ridiculous idk. a bit of a useless rant but i just have a lower tolerance these days for the blatant cherrypicking ppl will use to make their argument for these things, even when some of their criticisms are fair. and ig i wanted to write a useless comment abt it 🥲

  69. i didn't know people felt a way about acnh, bc I LOVE IT but then again, i haven't played since og animal crossing so everything about it (both the good and bad) is new to me. one thing that i do like is that i can actually keep my villagers around bc if life got hectic and you hadn't played for awhile, you'd come back to weeds, cockroaches and your fave villagers would be gone which was devastating.

  70. I agree the outdoor decoration was a huge advance for the series! Ultimately my beef comes from the watered down interactions with the villagers— and this isn’t new, tbh, it’s something I’ve had an issue with since at least New Leaf. I think for me it’s more so that NH seems to solidify that this really is the direction the series is taking: more decoration and less emphasis on the characters of the animals, which is why I really got into Animal Crossing in the first place!

  71. Sent off the last of my therapy homework, I’ve got one more psychiatrist appointment and one more therapy session left, I have a start date for going back to work (and I’ve got even more hours this summer), I’m gonna start driving lessons again soon, it’s my birthday in just over a month, and I’m planning for the future and hoping to move abroad again (which I did not feel capable of doing 2 years ago)

  72. That’s awesome and kinda scary, I get how you feel. I used to be hella anxious about driving but now that I’ve been collecting cds and listening to them I actually enjoy it. You should buy some cds as a reward

  73. when/why did cheating become like a… “cancellable” offence or whatever? like… genuinely who cares? cheating doesn’t affect anybody but the parties involved. you would think that adam levine and that try guys dude threw a baby off a cliff by how much they’re being dragged right now lmao

  74. I really think we need to start saying yes, I've read the drama, and no, I don't give a shit. I'm over the pageantry of moral purity where we have to act like everything is equally bad; like, yes, cheating is bad.... but there are so many actively harmful-to-society forces out there that I don't know why we need to care, much less treat it in the same column as systematic oppression and the like. There are varying levels of bad and a lot of this stuff is just "eh, not that great, but whatever" levels :/

  75. i mean... it's not a nice way to treat somebody you're supposed to love and respect. it doesn't show a lot of moral integrity. whether or not something is "cancellable" is subjective tho

  76. I remember someone online tried to shame me bc one of my favorite artists bc they cheated like a decade ago on their gf and it’s problematic.

  77. It always makes me wonder how people handle real life. Cause oooh the things I know about the people in my life. A celebrity having an affair has no effect on me at all. It's one big whatever. I also have no idea who this guy is, so it really makes me not care even more.

  78. Right lol it’s so weird seeing chronically online people making threads of “problematic celebrities” and throwing in cheating with stuff like racism and domestic violence.

  79. In my head the Adam Levine thing is like a 1 or 2 out of 10 level bad (obviously it's not great, but there aren't any real victims and that's more of an awkward conversation with his wife) but it's hilarious cause of the memes and who's involved

  80. i also don't consider cheating a "cancellable" offense...but i completely understand why fans of the try guys feel betrayed and are dragging ned: ~90% of ned's on-screen persona was very much "i love my wife and family" (and the try guys's entire brand is quite "wholesome"/"family-friendly"). even messier, the cheating is allegedly with an employee who also has her own segment in some try guys videos, so there are definitely some messy ramifications for the company to deal with. (also just engaging in an employer/employee situation is um...definitely icky 😬)

  81. I don’t think it should necessarily be cancellable, buts Ned’s whole schtick is that he’s sooo in love with his wife. Like cmon dude 😩 it’s John Mulaney all over again

  82. personally, I think the try guys situation is different. Ned’s cheating has obvious implications for the company/brand that people have familiarized themselves with. More importantly (for myself at least) though is that it’s a work subordinate/superior relationship which is gross

  83. I wish I was cis. Life would be so much easier if I was cis. I can't function properly while being perceived as a cis man. Eugh, How the fuck am I going to survive being perceived as a trans woman? idk. FUCK FUCK FUCK

  84. Cardi’s verse on Tomorrow 2 is so good! I forgive her for being so messy on Twitter all the time.

  85. Pitchfork ranking Mariah Carey - Fantasy as the best song of the 1990s... I wasn't even in the 90's but I know they're absolutely right

  86. I work with so many hot doctors. Wish one of them proposed to me, so I could fulfil my lifelong dream of being a stay-at-home husband.

  87. So the Future Nostalgia Tour has been storming the globe and seems to have been a real sensation - rightfully so!

  88. The rise and fall of Overwatch is so interesting to me. I stopped playing it years ago(even before the truth of Activision/Blizzard internal crimes came out) but OW 2 is dropping in a week and it's like who cares.

  89. Switching to Apex Legends after regularly playing Overwatch for years felt like a breath of fresh air, I feel like that game makes all of the decisions I wish OW had - teasing characters properly before launching them, innovating on gameplay mechanics every season, and not being completely reliant on team comp.

  90. Personally i think that Rihanna is the only one who could do a Versuz against Beyoncé considering both of their catalogues are STACKED as hell and they’re both peers. Beyoncé still is the better performer but Rihanna could absolutely give her a run for a money in terms of actual songs.

  91. It's funny going through the Billboard threads, when Shape of you went number one for weeks radio should count be less, when BTS' Butter went number one sales should count less and now that people are annoyed with 'As it was' streaming should count less.

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