1. Oh man, this was sad to read, especially knowing it's coming from 3voor12, which indeed is a very renowned music publication from The Netherlands. These are the Dutch music journalists that are best in touch with the contemporary alt-pop scene/indie scene, so for them to say this simply wasn't working, both performance and song-wise, is saying quite a bit. I hope Sky can turn things around, but this isn't looking promising.

  2. This is sad to see. I think she had quite a lot of goodwill left, but to come out of hiatus with so far lukewarm to bad reviews isn't the way to rev the momentum.

  3. Honestly, it doesn't sound like a problem that performance rehearsals will entirely fix. I hope she gets the support she needs :(

  4. Oh man, I have a ticket to see her in London tomorrow. She genuinely sounds unwell, I kind of hope she backs out if she needs to

  5. i’ll also be there! i have to hope that the attachment to Grace Jones will motivate her to give a great performance. or pull out and prioritize her well-being, like you said.

  6. i don't think she was necessarily under the influence. from the looks of it she probably has horrible stage fright, and the pressure of having a comeback performance only made things worse. the worse she performed then more her confidence plummeted and the worse it got.

  7. It’s been heavily rumored she’s been on something “heavy” for a while now, and there’s multiple friends who’ve bumped into her confirming

  8. i saw sky at boston calling like 6 years ago and it was the same thing. she seemed completely out of sync with the band, and even walked off stage to yell at someone after she messed up the intro to one of her songs twice in a row. sad cuz i love her music but i dont think she has it in her.

  9. Don’t want to be negative but i saw her in 2014 and it was one of the worse concerts I’ve ever seen. She sounded quite bad, no stage presence, and she looked quite intoxicated. Never again.

  10. I miss old school local music writing like this. Just a quick, no bullshit account of terrible performances. This type of writing has unfortunately faded in recent years.

  11. I saw her at Primavera and I had lots of fun and personally felt like she was very funny. She had sound problems and kept shrugging, staring at the sound crew, complaining about it and kind of being a bitch but she gets away with it. At first she seemed completely disinvested in the performance, but I think she warmed up to it pretty fast.

  12. To be completely honest I don’t see a redemption arc for her when it comes to being a signed artist. Her best bet is to be dropped and to finally release SOMETHING of substance independently like a lot of other artists this sub loves.

  13. Her Primavera Sound performance wasn’t bad. It had its issues, sure. She was late and technical issues tanked Boys but she clocked in a decent enough performance of the rest of the set and the crowd was super into it. Not disastrous by any stretch.

  14. I am supposed to see her at a festival in like 2 weeks and I wonder how it’s gonna be. I am not too big of a fan, but wanted to go and probably will, but now I low key expect this to be a last minute cancelled performance

  15. Saw her performance in 2019 and it was a hot mess due to technical issues. I think she should do regular concerts venues first to get her footing back in a more controlled setting.

  16. Primavera Sound was also a disaster and only made me feel sad for her. She really needs to take a rest, eat healthy, put on some weight and, if she needs/wants to continue working on music, do it on her own terms and not promote anything if she isn't ready. Fans will eat it up anyways.

  17. Has she ever been good live tbh? I saw her in 2013 or 2014 at Boston Calling and she was not very good. That doesn’t mean the record won’t be good though, she could just be a studio artist.

  18. As a huge fan, this is so heartbreaking to see these weekend shows go down so badly. Never anticipated the return of self-sabotage Sky. I still have hope. Much love Sky! 🖤

  19. Sounds like she needs some help… this article’s tone reminds me too much of how critics wrote about Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston during their rough periods. I’m not saying critics need to be nice all the time but a little less snark about artists seeming fucked up would be nice. We always think we can be merciless because they’re wealthy or famous.

  20. I went to her show in Primavera Porto, I was so excited for it, probably one of my most anticipated shows of that day… and she showed up 30 minutes late, drunk af or high on something heavy and totally lost lol I know 30 minutes don’t sound a lot but in a festival it is, she literally had to stop her show abruptly because Nick Cave was starting, she didn’t even get to play Everything is Embarrassing or I Blame Myself….. Plus she seemed lost and disconnected the entire show, she didn’t even know the line up! It was honestly a mess and I felt bad for her, I hope she’s able to get back on track and surround herself with good people. I love her music and her vibe but that show was unacceptable, she didn’t get any new fans there, it was probably the other way around. At least I got to meet her at the bar queue lol

  21. Was anyone expecting a successful sky comeback? The fact she hasn’t had one in a decade (and barely tried) showed how this was going to go. She doesn’t care about her music as much as the listeners.

  22. I mean yes, we’d thought having almost a decade off would mean she spent some of that time preparing for a comeback and having the right mindset for it, whether it’s counseling, fine tuning a new sounds, hell even learning to dance—just something to indicate the hiatus was worth it, as well as re-emerging now.

  23. Took a quick peek at setlist.fm, and it seems none of the three shows she has done recently have gone that well. All of them have songs that were stopped halfway through due to problems, or songs that were skipped altogether because of her showing up late and not making up for the lost time (only 6 songs on the setlist of NOS Primavera Sound).

  24. This is kind of harsh. But then again that is the nature of the music industry. I'm sorry about her failed comeback. I really liked Obsession and Everything's Embarrassing.

  25. I was one of the “die-hards” there at Best Kept Secret. I really enjoyed You’re Not The One and Boys. But yeah, in general it was a very painful performance to watch. Especially as a true fan of her records, it was just really sad to see her struggle like that.

  26. 😧 this was…not the kind of article I expected to see. Her previous/only album was the soundtrack to my late 20s and I have such a weak spot for her. Sad article to read.

  27. That’s too bad. I’ve seen sky three times over the years and she’s always given us a good performance. She is awkward as hell but that’s okay. I wish her well and don’t want new music if it’s at the expense of her well being.

  28. Echoing what some are saying about her Primavera Barcelona performance. For me it was the worst set I saw during the festival. Constantly shrugging towards the engineer(s). Bad mouthing them. Seemed completely disinterested in the performance and made no effort to salvage some semblance of effort regardless of the issues she was facing. Left a bad taste in my mouth and had to leave before EIE so I can at least hold onto that song in good memory. Completely unprofessional and disrespectful to her fans, her band, and the organizers.

  29. She has always been bland as an artist: she had luck with Everything is Embarrasing. If you don't push yourself creatively, you get no interest.

  30. Along similar lines, I'm less and less interested in waiting around for artists to figure it all out. If Sky can't handle being an artist then literally just give that time, energy and resource to someone else, there's 8 billion people in the world.

  31. I'm not the biggest fan of NTMT, but that album has quite a distinct alt-pop sound and the two newest singles show that that wasn't a fluke. Her aesthetic is also mostly spot-on to me.

  32. I'll probably get downvoted but it's just bugs me that a newspaper would portray her to be "heroin chic." this feels more tabloid-ish despite being known to be a "renowned music publication." still, idk what is happening with her comeback. hope she gets the support she needs.

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