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  2. Sansa from Game of Thrones. I havent see her in anything else for a while now cause she has babies, so I was quite shock with her new look.

  3. Yes, Bella’s face seems to have aged like 10 years since she got buccal fat removal. She didn’t even need it. Her fuller face suited her so well.

  4. Bella is gorgeous but lets see how will she look like because of the surgeries. She looked similar to Gigi who always had a “baby face” . People who didn’t follow Gigi’s it girl era back in the 2015/2016s think Bella is the older one, imagine the difference when they hit 35.

  5. That Carla Bruni starter pack she got seems to be doing wonders for her career though so she probably won’t regret it that badly

  6. I remember first seeing her face, especially those cheeks / dimples and being like damn how does a person just look like that? Stunning

  7. For some reason I always assume that the twins look that way because they are underweight. Never even cross my mind that they have this procedure done.

  8. I literally said, "I mean...." and just stared at the computer when I saw this pic. She looks fine. There are some truly horrifying examples though. The girl who plays Starlight on the Boys is a better cautionary tale for this procedure than Sophie is.

  9. All these young people getting their cheek fat removed that will never come back. Now they will get fillers when they are older to reverse said decision. When I catch the person doing buccal fat removal surgery in Hollywood.

  10. Like not to be That Person but personally if I were rich and famous and would have my face photographed for the foreseeable future I'd probably be a little more willing to question what happens when the procedure I'm considering to bring my body into style goes out of fashion.

  11. Zoe is beyond gorgeous and her surgeon(s) did an amazing job. Of course, she was quite pretty before, but when you have the parents that she does (both insanely gorgeous human beings), it doesn’t surprise me that she felt compelled to enhance her looks. Her mom has quite angular features now, so I’m curious to see how Zoe will look in the future because she no longer has that additional fat in her face.

  12. This procedure looks good for a minute when your young. But it doesn’t work well as you age. It speeds up the process and makes you look older.

  13. Completely agree - every person I've seen that has had it reaches a point in age where it's like they go from looking their age and sculted to looking 10 years olders

  14. That’s exactly what my facial plastic surgeon told me when I asked about this a few years ago. I wasn’t set on getting it, just curious and he talked me out of it for this exact reason.

  15. this is probably a dumb question but is there any way to reverse this process? are fillers the only way? like let's say someone gains some weight, will they still not gain anything back in their cheeks? I don't know anything about plastic surgery lol

  16. I imagine you could transfer fat back to the area, my mom had fat transferred to her chin to even out her jawline after an accident.

  17. Buccal fat doesn't change if you lose or gain weight so there's no growing it back. Once the fat cells are gone, they're gone unless you do cosmetic intervention.

  18. Naturally..like by gaining weight: No. There’s likely some surgical & cosmetic options but it probably won’t look the same as the original cheek fat.

  19. I think Chrissy has even stated she regrets the Buccal fat removal, I agree with posters above there’s way more examples of it not being worth it than there are so I don’t know why people still get it

  20. Erin Moriarty from the boys as well. It's so noticeable how different she looks in s3 compared to the first two seasons.

  21. She destroyed her face. I know that’s harsh to say, but every time she was on-screen during S3, I was trying to figure out why she looked 10+ years older than she did in S2. Even worse still, she seemed to have also lost quite a bit of weight (which she absolutely did not need to do) and looked gaunt, and honestly sickly at times in the new season. It’s sad to see, because she was perfect before.

  22. I remember first noticing this during the promo tour for season 8 of game of thrones in 2019/vanity fair Oscar party 2019. before that her cheeks were definitely fuller if you look at pics from earlier years. and this was before she was pregnant/started having kids. Sophie has also talked about body image issues in the past during her earlier GOT days so I just hope everything is fine with her

  23. Oh i remember she used to talk about eating disorder and how Joe Jonas help her get through it or something also she said she has her therapist living with her if I remember correctly. Maybe she has buccal fat removal but she is still very much all natural compare to other Hollywood girlies.

  24. Possible but she has also had two babies in a short span. Most of my friends, including myself, went through a "hollow face" period after becoming mothers. I don't know if it's due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or being tired as fuck. For some it stuck.

  25. Yeah same. Breastfeeding caused the same hollow face in me as well and I have a round face and cheeks much like Selena Gomez.

  26. Yeah, this is worth bringing up. I still looked young-ish after my first, but my second (born right before my first turned two) aged my face dramatically.

  27. Thank you! Was looking for this comment. I'm pretty sure she just had baby #2 this summer and babies can literally suck the life out of you lol I've seen friends lose all their baby weight and then some from just breastfeeding. Some women are just different 🤷‍♀️

  28. I dont have a baby or close to anyone that does but it could be it. Thanks for the info! Breastfeeding is like sucking the soul out of you, isnt it. Feel like every other day I'd found out some scary facts about pregnancy.

  29. Noooo I’m currently pregnant and have had a baby face all my life. Hated it in my 20s but I’m 36 now and love it. I guess it’s time to prepare to look my age soon lol

  30. My brother is 14 months younger than me and today I was going through old family photos and noticed my mom had those cheeks in the months right before and after his birth. Pregnancy isn’t easy on the body.

  31. I thought that for a while but looking at her younger during times when she was quite thin, for instance on David Letterman in 2011, I think it looks the same. I think she may have done something with her jaw though, or chin, but then again could be fillers which she does a lot of

  32. Personally I think she either got it done in 2018/2019 and has since leaned out in age that’s really enhanced it. Her makeup looks frequently highlight her cheeks and she poses like she’s biting her cheeks.

  33. Margot is one of the only ones I think did it tastefully and where it makes her look better. Most of the others just look gaunt.

  34. erin moriarty from “the boys” on amazon prime. she’s still pretty, but looking at season 1 and season 3, the difference is drastic. i know she was sick for a long time though, so part of the change might be due to that. i hope she’s okay.

  35. I thought she had a great face shape, jaw and profile before. She’s still attractive now, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing with her old face.

  36. I thought this was Florence Welch for a sec. Sophie does look different but it could be down to body changes from pregnancy/getting older. Really hard to say, but I’m not an expert!

  37. This make up is also not doing her any favors, whom ever her makeup artist is has been putting her in some very “Bohemian gothic” I like to call it. Dark eye make up light eyebrows pale gaunt cheeks and I feel like this color red on her hair also washes her out.

  38. If these people just waited a few years, they’d realize this happens naturally anyway and it’s free. I always had really “chubby” cheeks and now that I’m in my 30’s, my cheeks are becoming more hollow by the day, it seems.

  39. Not necessarily better, but I do think it made Bella Hadid the supermodel face she is. I mean not that alone, the nose job and fox eye surgery too but I think even as a nepotism kid and Gigi's sister she wouldn't get quite as big without it and she'd still kind of be in Gigi's shadow. Not to say she wasn't beautiful without the surgery, she's beautiful both ways she just didn't have a modelesc look prior, but I just don't think looking modelesc is all it's cracked up to be.

  40. NOOOOOOO NOT SOPHIE!!! Margot Robbie did it and I aged her by 10 years. buccal fat removal is killing our girls 😭😭

  41. I don’t know why so many women take issue with having a soft, round face. It’s so pretty and romantic, but often this buccal fat removal makes them look harsh and severe. It’s so odd

  42. How long ago did she have this done? Her cheeks have been like that a lil while. This makeup is not flattering at alll though.

  43. Y'all I just started working in a dental arts lab and "buccal" finally clicked! I had been saying it wrong (I read it as boo-khal not buckle) and not really understanding it. Can't wait to tell a bunch of people who don't give a shit about celebrity plastic surgery my grand epiphany. Gonna nail that question on my tests.

  44. Idk about buccal fat removal but shes 100% has had work done on her face. Weight loss can definitely reduce the fullness in your cheeks but not change your whole face (eye lift, fuller lips, etc)

  45. Haven’t read all the comments but I’m pretty sure she has received treatment for anorexia in the past. It would be really shitty to speculate on the body of someone who might be relapsing. I’ll add the article if I find it.

  46. What… she already has a high cheekbone and a slim face, the buccal fat removal making her looked like she’s already in her 40s. Why do celebirities are so obsessed with this Tim Burton animation types cheekbones ? The other celebrities i can think about is Margot Robie, she looks so much older after her buccal fat removal

  47. Pregnancy can be a weird thing for the body, maybe that's why if she had the procedure it looks so over the top on her. She could have lost a lot of weight after her last pregnancy because that sort of thing can happen and it's showing on her face too.

  48. I’m watching game of thrones right now. Sophie is on my screen and she has such a soft look to her, even in the later seasons. This is pretty jarring!

  49. Just saw a recent photo of Sophie Turner and I am pretty sure she has buccal fat removal since it looks quite unnatural and unflatterin. Which celebs do you think have this done other than Chrissy Teigen?

  50. Erin Moriarty, Kim K and the rest of that Klan, Megan Fox, Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid, Eiza González, and many, many more.

  51. Eh, it’s hard to tell if it was surgery or just natural aging + bad lighting. If you look at photos of her over the past couple of years this area of her face has gradually gotten more hollow, which isn’t surprising with her bone structure. If it was surgery I would expect to see it all at once.

  52. I don’t think Sophie had the buccal fat removal. We watched her grow up on GOT and she’s definitely lost her baby fat and you can see her fine features become more pronounced as she got older. She’s also had two babies back to back and that’ll definitely hollow her cheeks out.

  53. I’m not saying she HASN’T had it done, but as someone with a square face/fuller cheeks my whole life, the fat almost instantly dropped from my cheeks within a year and now I have cheek bone definition that was never there and less prominent masseters. Considering her face is very similar to mine, it’s a possibility that it was a natural progression and the harsh lighting is only emphasizing it.

  54. Same, I get really chubby cheeks when I'm a higher weight but as soon as I drop it I get cheekbones for days. It was especially noticeable once I hit my 20s.

  55. I don’t believe Sophie did. Even as a teen she has the natural indentation & at that age most still have enough baby fat that hides it. Hers shows through even with that layer.

  56. I think she did this around 2019, I remember the promo for season 8 of game of thrones and she looked noticeably thinner and her cheeks more hollow. if you look at pics of her from earlier than 2019 she didn't look like this, her cheeks were fuller

  57. Can’t help but feel like Mila Kunis has had it done too… maybe? Especially after seeing recent photos of her for the premiere of Luckiest Girl Alive.

  58. It's really hard to tell honestly. I lost some buccal fat in my early 20s, as I think most of us have experienced, but still had a mostly full face and needed to be very skinny to keep it from being "moon faced" and at some point in my late 20s I must have lost more because I do not need to watch my weight so much to keep my face from looking so mooney now. Sophie Turner is quite thin and doesn't look like she packs on a lot of weight on her face so I feel like it is also possible that natural buccal fat loss may just be super noticeable on her?

  59. Omg. I have this hollow cheek look naturally and it’s hell. Any time I get sick or lose 5 lbs I look like a Día de los Muertos mask. I swear it makes me look a decade older. Makes me feel better that people are spending money on this look. 😁

  60. I don’t understand why looking gaunt is suddenly desirable. Buccal fat removal ages the face so much, and will continue to drastically as you get older. Full cheeks look youthful, which is all anyone in Hollywood cares about, so it’s kind of counterproductive down the line.

  61. gonna go against the grain here and say that I don’t think Sophie (and many other celebs “accused” of doing so) ever had buccal fat removed - it’s probably weight loss and a non invasive procedure done with Botox where you put some in under your cheekbones and it makes those ‘holes’. I’ve seen one girl on TikTok talking about it, it even has a name but I of course forgot it.

  62. It’s soooo hard for me to tell when ppl are right abt others plastic surgery.. I’m short and normal weight but could lose 15 lbs and swear my face looks totally different, no surgery at all. Also comparing pics of me when I was like 25 to now at 30 is like.. I wonder what people would guess I have done when it’s rly just aging

  63. I honestly hate these posts. It’s like we’re all looking at these (pre-dominantly women) celebrities under a microscope. It just feels weird.

  64. It’s like the constant scrutiny leads them to plastic surgery, only to be further scrutinized. They can never win.

  65. This has got to be the dumbest esthetic procedure for me. Cheeks = youthfulness!!! I have very pronounced cheekbones and hollow-ish cheeks and Id give so much to have natural youthful cheeks because I think I look old and stern, and I definitely will not age well.

  66. I know this is pop culture chat but I am so over all of these plastic surgery posts! I don’t think it’s anyones business and they’re not hurting anyone except maybe themselves in the long run. I think women have to deal with enough scrutiny. We seriously need a plastic surgery speculation tag or just a specific day for people to post because I’m soooo over it

  67. I’m so confused about why someone would do this… what’s the appeal? I’ve always understood fuller cheeks to give a more youthful look.

  68. For the life of me I cannot understand why someone would do this, especially if you're already thin. Everyone knows you lose volume in your face as you age. I have to agree with Jamie Lee Curtis when she said "don't mess with your face".

  69. Did the girl from Disney have this done too... ohhI forgot her name but she was on Liv and Maddie. She was a beautiful girl and I saw a picture and was like what happened to her.

  70. I had to gain 4 kilos to get rid of that model sucked in cheek look ugh. I look much better with a fuller face. More youthful and fresh

  71. I used to want buccal fat removed then read how you have to see the most perfect surgeon because it's easy to fuck up this surgery. So, it's a no for me.

  72. This surgery ages these women up so much!! She looks 42 here and I’m pretty sure she’s in her late 20s/early 30s. Nothing wrong with looking 42, but there’s no reason for it at this age with this level of wealth. So wild, these surgeons really do prey on these women.

  73. Just so sad. Unnecessary plastic surgery creeps me out. Not just because it looks a little uncanny, but it's the concept of mutilating your face just to look more mature. Whyyyyy.

  74. sophie has had a strong facial structure since she was a kid so i think this very well could be a simple case of aging + weight loss. she’s still young, but she does struggle from an ED so its possible she keeps alower weight now (she did prior to pregnancy idk what her body looks like now) because of the comments she used to get about her face. we’re p much the same age i think, i feel i grew up with her while watching GoT so I wish her the best

  75. I’ve had plastic surgery and don’t regret it, but I’m glad my surgeon told me know when I asked him about this lol

  76. People understand people’s faces change with age right? Many people become more chiseled out as they age naturally, it’s not always buccal fat removal or whatever.

  77. You guys learn a new word (procedure) and apply it to every situation. She did not get buccal fat removal, her cheeks have always looked like this. The slight change is from natural aging and/or her ED (past or present, not our business).

  78. I noticed that Chloe Grace-Moritz had the same thing done. The cheekbones look exactly the same, and she had a cute round face before. It makes me sad, I feel like they aged themselves prematurely

  79. I can't believe how much Sophie's looks have changed!! I thought she was absolutely GORGEOUS in game of thrones. Healthy body weight, gorgeous red hair, a fuller face. She looks so different now

  80. Her face looks so skeletal now. I saw her new face in the Met Gala photos last year and she looked terrible. Her makeup artist doesn't help by continuing to make her face look so frail and thin.

  81. It’s actually insane and so sad how everyone is just getting the exact same procedures and becoming clones of each other

  82. I don't think she had buccal removal since she always had hollow cheekbones. Though it looked fuller since she had baby fat but since aging and having children, her hollow cheekbones became more visible

  83. This is just what Sophie Turner looks like. We’ve seen her on TV since she was 13, she’s always had high and hollowed out cheekbones. Sometimes people just get older and lose fat in their face, which is normal

  84. Unpopular opinion but I dont think this is all buccal fat removal. I had it done and ive seen others and its a very subtle effect. These dramatic differences are due to face liposuction aka facetite. I inquired about facetite with a doctor and he told me no because i already got buccal fat removed before but that he would do them at the same time so that its worth it. So yes they are getting buccal fat removed but also their face liposuctioned thats giving this dramatic effect. I saw my buccal fat it looks like 2 pieces of chewed up gum and the doctor said mine was large- this effect is way too dramatic to be caused only by buccal fat.

  85. People also just get older and naturally lose buccal fat. Stress and aging can contribute. Honestly I think she just looks like she’s not 21 anymore.

  86. She's gonna miss it as she ages. My eldest sister is almost 50 and frequently people are genuinely shocked. It's not just the lack of wrinkles but the plumpness of her skin. She does not use any fancy products either.

  87. Sigh. She grew up before our eyes on GoT. You can see she has the same face in the earlier seasons underneath the baby fat. It’s slowly melts away by the end of the show, like happens in real life as humans grow up. This is such a silly post when all you have to do is go back and watch the early seasons and see it’s her face.

  88. I am so done with these posts. Can we leave those women alone? Over scrutinizing their bodies won’t make you all feel better about yours.

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