1. I thought about this a couple of days ago. I’m fairly inexperienced when it comes to reddit but what I’ve noticed from other band-subs is that they usually would not allow for non-related content. I felt that this was turning more towards ”Hey look at my stuff” rather than discussing Polyphia-topics. As stated by the others, perhaps it is time to slow down about with the uploads and focus more on quality over quantity.

  2. If you are trying to build a following I don't think the polyphia sub reddit is the place to do it. Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube are where I would be if I were you. People on reddit can be rather dicky at times and honestly with the amount of time you put into your guitar playing it is wasted on here. But hey man keep going, polyphia literally has an album called the most hated because of meme about them being bad for changing their sound. So in short do whatever the fuck you want and keep shredding 🤟

  3. Hey bro in my my humble opinion I think you should post here when the quality of your videos are massively improved upon. Not to discourage your or something i think you got some serious skills but this is the polyphia subreddit so .

  4. Personally I improve faster with a practice routine, and a consitent two videos a week motivates me get better quickly. I will start posting less on here, just 1 video a week.

  5. I think you can play the guitar like a beast, and your original riffs and songs are just as great as your covers, but posting what feels like multiple times a week, on a sub about another group of musicians, is a bit much. I still want you in the sub and to hear more of your work, just maybe not as frequently. This is my own opinion, other people may feel completely differently.

  6. Thank you bro! And yeah I do post multiple times a week. I wil cut it down to just once a week then. Or should I do less?

  7. The as it was cover was one of your best riffs, especially after the 13s mark, so I'd love to hear stuff like that. Although, I don't think most of the negativity is from the "spamming", I think it's more about the playing. If I were you I'd focus on/practice rhythm and also punching in when recording to get all the notes to come through with clarity and volume. Doing that alone would make your posts sound worlds better. Also, I think your riffs are too flexy. It's fine to make something complicated only as long as it's good, but I find the way you shoehorn in whammy flutters and tap harmonics to not only be kind of annoying but not very true to what polyphia would do (when they do flashy stuff it's for a purpose). So overall, I love seeing polyphia inspired stuff so don't stop posting original riffs, but I think you just have some stuff to improve on.

  8. You are obviously trying to build a following, which is great, but this isn't the appropriate place. When you post as much as you do. It basically starts feeling like all your videos are just ads (which they are, if you are trying to use this subreddit to build a following).

  9. For sure man I get it. I'll stop posting nearly as much. I wasn't aware until recently that people were sick of my vids so that's why I kept posting, my b. How often would you recommend I post? Once every two weeks? Once every two months?

  10. I personally don't mind either way, but I don't think this is the place to post your stuff. It might be inspired by Polyphia, but it isn't actually Polyphia, which is what this sub is for.

  11. Bro this is a POLYPHIA sub. You aren’t them. Until you are in the band then people will start excepting you posting things of your self that isn’t directly POLYPHIA related in the POLYPHIA sub. I think I speak for a vast majority of people on here that if you keep posting in the Polyphia sub and it is t directly POLYPHIA related in a way that everybody knows it is directly POLYPHIA related you are gonna keep getting hate. I’m all about anybody being able to express themselves freely on the internet but this is not the place. Please each and every single one of those dudes are gods and we are all disciples living in their world. Have some decency, if your trying to get our lord and savior Tim to contact you directly or something a POLYPHIA sub Reddit is not the place he is gonna do so. Keep reaching for the stars but I think your YouTube channel or maybe even guitar circle jerk is a better place to post this but please show some respect.

  12. I get what you mean, but I don't see my posts as disrespectful to the band. I don't care about Tim contacting me either, there are alot of people doing just as if not more interesting things with guitar than Tim imo. Tim is not your lord and saviour, and the guys in Polyphia aren't gods. They're fantastic musicians yes, but ultimately they're just regular dudes like you and me. Anyone can reach their level with enough passion and dedication. Obviously I'm nowhere near close to them, not even 10% of the way there, but I'm trying to improve and I thought the people on this sub liked watching my videos. I'm gonna slow my posting to this sub wayy down becuase people really seem to not like me.

  13. It doesn't bother me, and I actually enjoy your content. You're a monster player but I do understand the criticism from other people. I'd probably say limit your posting here to about once a week.

  14. I think u should keep making songs at whatever pace u want and upload them to as many as possible to promote yourself. Maybe only put ur big songs on places like these tho that are about a specific topic

  15. Would love to see you take a break and learn to pick properly. I do like your stuff but a lot of it seems forced. You don’t have to be fluttering and throwing in harmonics in every bar. That being said, I’d love to see you spend a bit more time on your riffs as well as learning how to pick. Looking forward to new stuff.

  16. I get the flutter and harmonics critisism alot but I'm genuinley not trying to show off with all that, that's just how I write. Maybe that'll change in the future but all those flutters are seriously just what come into my head. I might actually learn how to use a pick tho, you've got a fair point there. Thanks for watching g and I hope you'll stick around.

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