1. I know everyone is saying it, but slowing down and using a metronome or playing alongside the audio is a great habit to get into, you obviously have the main idea of the riff down all you have to do now is slow it down and refine it

  2. Don't take it as saying "not a good job", just friendly advice. When I started playing guitar I only played fingerstyle for roughly the first year and a half. You absolutely need to use a pick, only then you will properly understand dynamics and THEN your fingerstyle will come in handy and make you stand out. As of now you're learning cool songs for your left hand but your right hand will hate you in a few years. There are plenty of tutorials online on how to use a pick if you don't want to get lessons, it's really easy but the more time you wait the harder it will be. Do consider investing 1/3 of the time you spend learning just another polyphia song into learning how to use a pick, Meshuggah with your fingers is not nice, you'll thank yourself.

  3. Hey bro I will probably try to learn to use a pick over the christmas holidays which are coming up soon, thanks for the tips.

  4. I am actually going to disagree with the others saying to use a pick. OP has managed without one, and he is still so young that if he continues going down that path he might develop some killer technique that is unique to him. If he gets really good at thumping and "classical" playing, the Polyphia influence might end up spiraling into a cool new sound.

  5. Thanks for being so constructive bro! It kinda hurts when I spend ages practicng and getting it just right and then people just say some shid like "use a pick", "Tim wannabe", "Sloppy playing", "work on your rhythm", "practice with a metronome". It's refreshing to see someone with a different take. I'll def work on that stuff you said and I'll try learn some more finger exclusive tech like thumping.

  6. I dont want to be rude but played like that it doesn't sound like music anymore. You're getting a lot of notes right im sure so keep practicing but yeah, dont forget to try to make it sound like music, playing guitar is not the guitar hero game

  7. Ok I agree that I played it too fast but that's a bit extreme. It's still music, I just played it 10% faster than the original by mistake.

  8. Dude spedran the riff- Bro if u slow it to normal tempo you'll get it literally perfect cos u practiced at that tempo so the og will feel so slow to u-

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