1. You were treated terribly by your wife, even if the other couple may not have known that in the moment to make an informed decision. You're right to feel hurt and to not want to continue a connection that was based on a lie that hurt you badly. You can care about the other two involved and still have some form of friendship/relationship with them but if you feel gross and used in your current relationship format I don't think it's fair to yourself to continue.

  2. Have you talked to your partners openly? This is not a one-shot conversation. You expressed yourself very articulately here. Can you say the same things to your partners? You may have to express yourself over and over again until everyone hears you.

  3. Honestly though, what good relationship includes lying to three people and breaking very clear boundaries?

  4. People lying for several reasons shouldn't matter here. Ya just shouldn't cheat, there's like 1 or 2 valid reasons for cheating and both of them involve your partner making you fear for your life.

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