1. Yes, but I wouldn't be talking about my mom being bonita as a guy or as a girl...like that's not common.

  2. Podem naturalmente corrigir-me se estou incorrecto porque falo Português fluentemente mas Espanhol apenas estudei em Secundário (e quem relembra disso?) mas não és suposto utilizar o feminino “bonita” quando estás referindo a uma mulher e não o masculino? Peço desculpa se e diferente em espanhol, eu sei que as línguas não são tao iguais como muitos pensam (devo saber tive que estudar ambos).

  3. I don't know spanish except a few words. So i think i got the meaning from the words madre & bonita

  4. I knew everything bar bonita, which is surprising since I don’t know anyone that speaks Spanish and have never even attempted to learn it. Half remembered stuff from tv maybe?

  5. You understand it because you studied Spanish. I understand it because my native language is also a romance one. We are not the same

  6. In this thread, people obviously not reading the other comments in their rush to tell the OP that they are wrong.

  7. As a Latino in the states, it’s extremely common to find people who speak Spanish so careful with who you spout that “oh, I can speak Spanish” stuff. People who can don’t usually say that.

  8. I said no then realized it says my mother is very pretty (I think?) I can read French, any Spanish I know I’ve just picked up from watching American TV lol

  9. ive been learning polish and i know a little german, as a floridian i should really learn spanish theres a few in my town

  10. Everyone is saying it should be bonita, but I choose to interpret it as her being a handsome butch. Good for her <3

  11. No, I only understood «Mi madre». I thought «es muy bonita» means «is my [something]», but then I checked in Google Translate and turns out I was wrong.

  12. I'm from the United States and I don't understand the first word of the above sentence. I'm very surprised that most people here seem to know and understand it. I know some words in Spanish, but very few. I know that letche is milk, gringo is a white man, gato is cat, senor is a man, and senorita is a woman. There's a few more that I know, but I can't remember right now. Someday I want to learn enough Spanish to put together a whole sentence.

  13. The only reason I could understand this is my knowledge of French and rudimentary Italian. Romance languages really are very similar.

  14. My mother is something. I don't speak Spanish, but they're similar enough to English words for me to work out some of it.

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