1. I agree if it's cheap although nutritious food and a warm bed away from the weather, you know, but if you want you'r own house or more varied food you gotta work for it

  2. Also, how much healthcare does someone need to actually "survive"? You can technically survive with a broken leg and arm. Does a woman need a pap smear test to survive? Does a man need a prostate exam to survive? Does a trans person need HRT to survive? In some places all three of these are considered basic rights and are covered by health insurance.

  3. I voted “disagree” because I was picturing any amount of each resourced, being free. If you interpret it as “the amount you need,” then yes I think it should be free!

  4. It should be free for anyone who needs help. This means healthcare, food water and housing should be no cost. You can still pay for better things, like a better house or better food, but you are guaranteed something so you don't die if you're down on your luck.

  5. Essentially UBI, necessities should either be free or you should have a basic income securing a minimum living standard. If you want more than basic, work for it.

  6. Just playing devils advocate, not saying the system is perfect cause it does indeed suck, but, there are already homeless shelters that feed and help try and find jobs for those that are willing. So are you saying we need more of those readily available? And who would be paying for it?

  7. I think the basic things should be free but we also have to remember that nothing is really free, not only in monetary costs, but in time and effort.

  8. Of course the bare minimum should be free. But most things aren't the bare minimum. You don't need beer and sweets to survive. You need bread and water.

  9. I mean, you need more than bread and water. What you need is a balance of carbohydrates, lipids, and protein, as well as some other essentials like vitamins so your teeth don't fall out as well as potassium and salt so your muscles work properly.

  10. Bread and water is too little imo, that's not a nutricious and sustainable diet. We should want people, regardless of what they do and who they are, to have a dignified life, not a destitute one. You probably didn't mean it that literally tho I suppose?

  11. Every natural thing is free (food, wood, stone, and so on), until someone takes the land and resources for themselves and put a price tag on it and make others pay to survive.

  12. We have more than enough food to feed everyone, we have more empty houses than homeless, the only problem is distribution.

  13. It does magically make people pop out of the woodwork and willingly miss the point of the discussion though.

  14. By "free" I mean "someone who needs it doesn't need to give anything in order to have it". I would say that would be achieved via richer people paying taxes and the government using those to pay the farmers/doctors/etc, but I'd be open to hearing out other ideas.

  15. No one ever said communism didn't have some right ideas in providing equally (or a least minimally) for everyone. It is the implantation of Communism that is severely broken.

  16. I think you misunderstand Communism, as well as what these results indicate. Free access to the basic necessities of life does equates more with social democracy than Communism

  17. I don't believe said items should be free but I do believe they should not be for profit. ALL Utilities should be not for profit. Medical care (maybe) but it shouldn't cost so much that insurance is required.

  18. Food, shelter, water, heating/cooling should all be free. If they are not then the government that refuses to provide them is killing people via neglect. Sure, some people can sort these out for themselves, but not everyone can. And what's the point in being part of a society that has the power to stop people suffering or dieing, but chooses not to?

  19. By that logic, houses should be free. Water should be free. Food should be free. Clothes should be free. Heat and electricity should be free. People shouldn’t have to work at all.

  20. houses aren't the only way to get shelter from the elements. food is required but not all food is required. clothing is required but not all clothing is required. yes, free public water fountains should exist. no one needs unlimited heat and electricity.

  21. Basic resources should be free or cheep enough that a UBI or welfare could easily pay for it. That means basic stuff though, you want a pizza you've gotta pay for it. You want Nike shoes, and not "Generic government shoes" you pay for it.

  22. In this kind of utopia, I think the idea is that people would work for other reasons than "I need to pay for rent and food".

  23. Should some one who makes 100k per year get free? Or if it was for people with no money, how they would make sure you dont have money?.

  24. I disagree because this free food and free housing has been produced by someone else. How is that someone gonna be paid if those things are free? It would cause a huge economic issue, where the amount of money circulated would be drastically reduced

  25. This is one of the most disingenuous things to say when people start talking about things like universal healthcare.

  26. If everything I needed to live (food, shelter, health care) was available for ‘free’ then why would anyone work?

  27. Luxuries. Sure you may get your meat n' potatoes for free, but if you want pizza or a tv or a 2-story house you'll have to pay for it. Besides, studies show that people will still work even if they don't need to just because sitting around all day gets boring after a while.

  28. That would most likely not be sustainable in practice. Would be VERY expensive to keep that up if people won’t pay for it.

  29. The problem with this statement is the realization that you unfortunately need to take it from someone else. Either through force or coercion.

  30. I think that for it to be realistically possible we should have no concept of money or personal property.

  31. Now how many people still support this when they realize this covers healthcare, shelter, food, water and so on. I still say “Agree” but I wonder how many will change their answer.

  32. It should be free for those who cannot afford it otherwise. Plus there should be limits on prices for necessary stuff like rent, water, insulin etc.

  33. Cheaply made basic meals, and a recommended amount of water is what I'm willing to offer as a tax payer. As well as a bar of soap and a lot with a bunch of insulted sheds. If anyone wants clam chowder or a surf and turf they should find a job and commit to the grind like the rest of us. The reason I'm not willing to make that lifestyle easy is because the majority of the people living on it would be freeloaders not actual people in need of that support.

  34. If by "Anything a person needs to stay alive" means the minimum to stay alive and healthy then absolutely. Anything beyond that you need to pay for.

  35. I feel that it would create a state of mind in which the people accept this free stuff situation, and conditions in their life, and many will come to believe that it is not convenient for them to try to make and generate a change, a improvement or some progress. Since they already have everything they need.

  36. To add onto this, housing should NOT be a business or a thing to profit off. Rent should only cost as much as it costs to maintain the property, and no more. It's a necessity to live in for crying out loud. It's gonna get lazy landlords angry but it would be great. I watched a video that the solution to this is for the government to build enough housing (like enough to make it around 60% of all rentals being social housing) that is non-profit with rents costing only enough to maintain the property, and if 60% is reached, the competition is forced to drop their prices so that they aren't too profit making. Vienna, Austria does this very succesfully. Sadly in a lot of countries (like here in the UK), a lot of government officials/MPs are landlords of multiple properties themselves and would obviously hate to see anything happen on that end, since they want to sit on their ass raking in money they did nothing for, carrying on a system exploiting those who can barely live. Hey, respect to having opinions on making profits in other businesses, but housing shouldn't be one of them.

  37. Our government should have food and water dispensers. If you want your daily allotment of calories and nutrients, just push a button and fill a biodegradable bag with nutrient paste.

  38. I don't agree with the statement outright because I think the system in place where I live makes sense. Where you pay for food but you receive the necessary help when you don't have the money to access food. Where healthcare is free, you can receive help to access shelter and water is readily available.

  39. I'd love for the very basic necessities to be free. The only thing is, it's not 'free'. It has to come out of someone's pockets. Whether that be through taxes or through something else (government doesn't 'own' money, it's the peoples money), but nothing is actually free.

  40. Depends on the definition of « needs ». If you think about it, what do you absolutely need to say? And what’s gonna happen if you don’t let people know? Yup, only survival needs need to be said. So I strongly agree.

  41. What I find funny is that people argue that once you have the basics you don't want to wear it because people are lazy right? And they have no other reasons to want to work because which of the basics? There's nothing else in life. No filming right but then like look at something as capitalist is like Fortnite. It's free right? But so how do they make money. Obviously they make money because most people don't want just the basic s*** they buy all the extras like just because something is free. Doesn't mean somebody doesn't want more people always want more. It's just that wow life's shit rn hey don't die. It's like people forget that we have these things called hobbies that people invest a lot of their money into and don't get any real return out of it investment wise other than pure enjoyment like or why do people go in expensive vacations when the whole point is just to take a break off work right? Just a nice clean break but instead you spend that extra time for that extra money because you want to do something fun and people forget that people have these things called, wants and not just needs

  42. Yes, but not to any luxurious extent. The most basic necessities should be provided for you, but nothing more.

  43. Way to vague to agree. Does that mean everyone gets a tent, a jug of water, and a box of top ramen? These types of questions are usually pointless

  44. That’s a weird and vague statement, but since I don’t think anyone should have to die because they don’t have money i voted agree.

  45. I answered neither/other because while I think that getting ones needs for free is ideal, I'm not sure, even at my most socialist, how practical or feasible it is. I think a more reasonable solution would be that things needed for life (food, water, shelter, medical care, knowledge and information, energy) should be not-for profit entities, and we should only have to pay the cost to produce and/or maintain.

  46. I like to promote a similar idea, "If there is enough to share, we must share." If there's one gallon of water left on the planet we can talk about priorities. If there are enough houses, wealth, food, other resources for everyone and we choose to not provide them to everyone, we are evil.

  47. So food, shelter, medical attention, cellphone (in case he/she needs to call 911), etc? Why get a job then?

  48. Disagree decisions about whether something should be free at the point of use should come down to economics. Necessary, urgent healthcare should be free cos the economics of it make it unsuitable for markets. Energy should not be cos people will have no incentive to use less this costing more in taxpayer revenue that could go towards better things like cash transfers.

  49. I agree to the idea of it. But if there is some obscure treatment costing millions that can prolong some 90 year olds live for a day I would want to help finance that. There is some point, where it's just not worth it any more. That money could be better spend on schools. Or even eldercare facilities.

  50. I strongly agree because we have more than enough resources to provide shelter and food. Also, no one chooses to be born, it’s something that is thrust upon each of us so it’s not fair to not give everyone the necessities

  51. If the state has the necessary resources and it can be assured that corruption will be heavily controlled (keeping corruption at bay is extremely important), then go ahead.

  52. Personal opinion: People have a right to live, but they do not necessarily have a right to luxury. Everyone should have a safe space to sleep in, with clothing appropriate for the climate, and access to food and education; however a place to sleep might not be a 3k sqft apartment with a view, it might just be a 900 sqft room.. Your clothes may not be designer, but they shouldn't be worn and tore.... and you might not have the luxury to be a picky eater for free, but you should be able to get a balanced diet.

  53. Medical care, housing, water and food should be free. Access to nature and exercise should be free. Such as parks should provide basketballs.

  54. I think it should be free in its most basic form. For example not all food should be free, not all water should be free, and not all housing should be free

  55. All I'm saying is everyone deserves to live on the bare minimum, it's their choice if they want better lives by working.

  56. Well someone has to produce the things you need to live. Your not entitled to anyone’s labor or anyone’s assets. Whether or not you need said labor or assets to survive.

  57. Lol I feel like there is a total disconnect with reality on Reddit. NOTHING IS FREE somebody has to work to get everything.

  58. How do you define what is necessary to survive? Are you going to house people in tent cities and give them bread and water? Thats the bare minimum.

  59. I think there need to be free options and pay options. Like, let’s say you need coffee to survive, the government should put a store where you with your ID you can get a 1kg of coffee each month, is local farmed, is cheap made but it fulfill the requirements for a basic coffee. Then, if you are “rich” enough you can still go on Starbucks and buy overpriced coffee.

  60. It should be guaranteed from minimum wage, but not free because the people providing it need to make money as well. Say I own a bakery, am I supposed to give everything away for free? But I need to buy the ingredients, so do they need to be free? How much should I be given for free? Where is the line on "what you need to live"? You can live in a 10 sq metre apartment, eating oatmeal every day. Who gets to decide what minimum living standard is considered "decent"?

  61. The things people need to stay alive need to be produced in some way. Who would produce them if they were free? The free here implies that it must be paid by someone else.

  62. I hate deciding between stuff like going to the dentist and having medication this month. Several of my teeth got chipped/broke when I face planted on bricks after a seizure awhile ago, they hurt and I can't smile with my teeth and hide my mouth when eating. But I also need my medications, I also need to be able to eat. I'm already limited from permanent disability. My teeth don't necessarily keep me alive, but my quality of life has lessened. When the stuff I need to not die is so expensive, I can't do anything else.

  63. It's the stupidest thing that things are naturally free, then some asshole decides to take those things from everyone, then put a price tag on it when people want them, especially when it's things you need to survive, then a bunch of sheeple defend that insanity.

  64. What is the point of a government, if it doesn’t spend its wealth keeping its people healthy? I would be ashamed to be a leader of a country whose citizens are homeless, starving, unsafe, or uneducated. And yes, I’m looking at all the world’s leaders when I say that.

  65. It is absolutely inexcusable that in a world where we have enough resources for everyone to live comfortably on, people still die for things such as lack of food or water or basic medical care like antibiotics, and at a certain point when governments refuse to do anything but stand by and watch these poorer coutries or areas continue to be exploited, it amounts to systematic murder. I don't understand how anyone in good conscience can disagree that people deserve the basic right to life.

  66. I'm astonished that it isn't heavily skewed towards agree. But then again half of Reddit is from America, so no doubt lots of people will vote against human rights

  67. It kind of goes down to the principle of whether or not you believe people have a right to live, or just a right to earn a living

  68. People have to put labour into creating those things though so its not fair that they should have to do that for free

  69. I like what they did in a sci fi story I read many years ago. You can get free food from the government. Strictly voluntary. That free food was laced with birth control. It was not a secret. Your choice.

  70. Great poll! The main problem with libertarianism is they don't understand consequences of actions. If we create a society where a significant portion of the population freezes to death, our entire collective "soul" will be corrupted.

  71. i’m a type one diabetic and i just went to the pharmacy hoping to pick up test strips and insulin , they wanted $680 .. $80 for the test strips and $600 for the insulin , all with the excuse that since it’s prescribed in another state (where i no longer live and no longer have access to the pharmacies) i don’t need it so they won’t cover it .. i can’t afford that but i need it to stay alive .. it’s quite frustrating

  72. I think in a utopical society, food, shelter and medecine would be free and available for all, and the actual money you make (would be less obviously) would be to spend on activities, luxuries, useless stuff name it

  73. For me it is more like "Free for the people without means and within the means of the people who has it".

  74. No one should have to do anything in return for existing, when that choice was made by someone else. Parents are the ones who should be required to work and pay taxes.

  75. By some estimates, it would cost about $20 billion to end homelessness in the US. That's about 1/10 of the yearly police budget, and a little over 1% of the yearly military budget.

  76. whose gonna be the one to work for you to provide those needs? why would anyone work at all. who is gonna distribute it evenly and how much food should each individual get. theres so many holes in this impossibility.

  77. People need food, housing, clothes, medical supplies, etc to survive, which can get very VERY expensive when it’s all added up. Who tf would pay for all of this? In a perfect world, yes, this should all be free. But we live in a society and all of these being free would make no practical sense. That’s why i chose disagree.

  78. So many people don’t understand how economics works and it’s scary. If you got everything you needed to survive for free then you can kiss the things you “want” goodbye because there is no longer a free nor competitive market, thus no one can earn profit. The government is not equipped to allocate scarce (nor plentiful if there is a such thing) resources fairly or efficiently which means that even if everything from food to water was free there would be no guarantee that you would get it when you needed it because no country. No matter how technologically advanced it is can efficiently allocate such resources to its 300+ million populace and ensure that everyone gets their fair share. Free = the opportunity for people to hoard those scarce resources from people may not have the means to store such resources. Free = more governmental control as they are the ones who will decide what goes where and to go. Free = no more economy or free market.

  79. I voted strongly agree because doesn’t this already exist for the most part? It is not free to everyone, but is free for those that need it? Like food banks, shelter, and medical (a hospital cannot turn someone away if they don’t have insurance)

  80. Kinda disagree, sure I'm all for strong social programs that help those in need pull their life together or services that makes sense be nationalized like healthcare or public transport. But besides emergency-like stuff to make sure you don't die on the streets, I don't see the point.

  81. It should be free for people who can’t afford it. No matter what, even if the reason they can’t afford it is that they’re spending what they have on crack and weapons for armed robbery. But if you can pay, pay. The labour to get the stuff built/farmed/sourced isn’t free.

  82. Anyone who put anything other than "strongly disagree" or "disagree" is economically incompetent. Go read "economics in one lesson" by Heny Hazlitt or "basic economics" by Thomas sowell in order to understand how the world actually works

  83. Who gets to decide what i need to survive? If im super depressed and the best thing that helps me is to drink or get high then those things ought to be given to me for free. I need them to survive. Or you could say that i need prescription drugs and therapy to survive. Ill disagree that those things are useful or helpful. So who gets to decide what i need to survive?

  84. There is no such thing as free. What you really mean is you want to sit on your ass and let everyone else pay for your needs.

  85. I disagree. The very laws of nature go against it. Not to mention, people have very different ideas on what is needed to live. If you actually gave the bare minimum to stay alive, people would bitch and complain that it’s not enough. That they should get more.

  86. Do you have any idea how many lazy assholes would just be happy to stay alive and leech stuff from other literally their whole life? Hell no!

  87. Everything is technically free if you live primitive, you are just paying for people's labor that is put into those necessities.

  88. Nah, People have found ways to monetize anything and everything of value. Only air isn't since the effort going into monetizing it isn't worth it.

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