1. There is no "best" country. If you asked me if I like living here and if I think there are good opportunities for someone like me, I'd say yes.

  2. It's entirely dependent on the metric you are using to measure the greatest. There are many things the US does very well, in other areas not so much.

  3. Theres no objective metric for best country in the world imo. Some people think Nordic countries are the best but usually people in Nordic countries aren't super patriotic most of the time based on my personal experience

  4. We have the strongest military, the best weather, the best music and entertainment, and one of the highest standards of living.

  5. Not only that, we have a wide variety of landscapes and climates in America. We have deciduous forests, coniferous forests, rainforests, alpine peaks, deserts, mesas, low plains, high plains, tundras (in Alaska), tropical beaches. Coasts on three oceans. In southern/central California, you can be on a crop field outside Bakersfield, sunbathe on the beach in Santa Monica, ski in Big Bear Lake, experience the cool high desert of Hesperia and the blazing heat of Death Valley, all within a few hours of driving distance.

  6. There’s like a major US hate train on Reddit for reasons unbeknownst to me. Despite some of the US’s problems it’s still got a higher quality of living than most of the 194-198 (depending on how you recognize countries) other countries out there. I believe in 2021 the U.S.’s HDI (human development index, based on education, income, and life expectancy, etc.) was in the top 20 of the world or so at around 92.

  7. Why are we even having the discussion what the greatest country is? Every country has their pros and cons, some more of the one than the other. I think most people are to some extent proud to be a citizen of their country, be it because of it´s history, it´s current politics or whatever.

  8. Americans have this weird obsession with *needing* to find their country the greatest of all time, or else they might feel shame or something.

  9. Seeing as I am trying my hardest to research and find my way out of this country, it isn't the best for everybody

  10. It depends on what you're looking for. The United States is a hotbed for violent crime, shitty/dangerous large cities, culture war, racial tensions, and is generally a much worse place to be poir than most other developed countries. Large swathes of the country also have no personality or history. Drive around Dallas and you'll see nothing but the same cookie cutter department stores that decay and become decrepit in ten years. Walk around Copenhagen and it's a beautiful city with history on every corner, and safe to walk alone at 2am.

  11. In what way is America the best? The best at stripping basic bodily autonomy from their people? The best at sitting back and doing nothing while people are dying because they refuse to change a set of rules that is literally older than the discovery of dinosaur bones?

  12. I mean greatest in what? Not exactly a fair question. However, all things considered I still would generally prefer to be in the US/be a US citizen then anywhere else.

  13. If you would prefer the United States over any other country, then in your mind, the United States is the greatest country in the world.

  14. I’ve visited over 15 countries. I am a US citizen and I have lived there for a few years. I can safely say that it is in no way the best country and that you are extremely deluded.

  15. “Most travel experts recommend that even if your final destination is Miami, it's better to fly to an airport in some other city - if necessary, Seattle - and take a cab from there. Or, as Savvy Air Traveler magazine suggests, 'simply jump out of the plane while it's still over the Atlantic'.“

  16. Personally I love it here, and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, but I know there are problems, and that my situation is different from everyone else’s. But for me, it is the best, and I hope it stays that way.

  17. Monaco has a population of just under 40,000 and stages a formula 1 race every year. We have near as makes no difference 332 million people and manage to put on 3 races, none of them are very old and one of them has a fake marina. It's not even a contest.

  18. It depends on what factors you're using to define "great", but here I have a question for those who said "no": which country is the greatest in the world?

  19. If we define "greatest" to mean successful or powerful then undoubtedly yes. Possibly the most powerful country to ever exist. If we define greatest to mean something much more abstract then the answer is no because then the question is impossible to answer.

  20. It's a pretty subjective question. Like OP is saying which ever country you would live in given the choice of everywhere is the best for you.

  21. No one. Literally this question is 100% subjective and there are so many aspects to it. There is no objective greatest country.

  22. As an American I had to vote yes. Lots of things other countries do better, and lots of thing we do we shouldn't, but if you're asked some baseless "who is the greatest", and you don't vote for the home team I mean wtf?

  23. America is the most racist country in the world. They have no LGBT rights. Women are always harrassed and have to sleep their way to decent jobs. Police can shoot you in broad daylight just because you are black.

  24. Probably not, but there's definitely worst. I don't think some Americans realize how good they have it relative to some other countries, and I'm sure things look much worse in America then they actually are from the outside looking in. You tend to see more of the negative because that's what makes all the headlines

  25. i mean we're good at some things and bad at others. not the greatest, but definitely one of the best ones. at least top 20, several stats are weighed down by certain states or cities that people don't have to interact with when they live here. the country is huge, and there's lots of different environments you can choose to live in, and some states are also more like socialist countries while others are much less taxes and very independent.

  26. The north koreans believe they have the best army in the world, best leaders, best jobs, best social cares, etc.. which is crazy because Everyone knows the US is the best country in the world !!

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