1. A millionaire stealing $1 is an accounting error. A poor person stealing a $1mil is holding a bank teller at gunpoint.

  2. I'm pretty sure most banks don't even keep a million dollars on hand maybe 500k in some LA or NYC neighborhoods. More than likely it would involve hitting a armoured vehicle or a rich person moving gold or diamonds.

  3. That wouldn’t be stealing and no one would get charged over an accounting error. I think the post implies intent to steal

  4. If you're poor it may be excusable to steal like a lil bit if you're real down bad but fucking a million dollars? Why tf did everyone pick the former?

  5. My logic was the word asshole. The latter may be worse but stealing $1 when you don’t need it just for the sake of it exudes more asshole nature.

  6. Well its not saying that one is an asshole while the other isnt. They're both assholes its just which is worse.

  7. Reddit When poor person steals someone’s 70 year life savings but rich person steals a McDonald’s McFlurry

  8. they were not a millionaire who stole 1 million though, they were poor and are now a millionaire. the 1 million does not change their past

  9. A poor person stealing $1mill will do more good. That $1mil let's them buy a house, buy their parents a house. They can go to college for an education that allows them to stay out of poverty. And it's not like stealing $1mil would actually cause any chaos, rich people take billions in tax fraud, corporate welfare, bailouts, wage theft, etc, and that's just business as usual.

  10. You see, these people have more money than me, therefore they must be evil people who want to destroy the world

  11. honestly i think the poor person is. they needed it more, sure, but $1 is a joke amount. it won’t have any REAL impact even if it’s a shitty thing to do, i.e. stealing from a charity or something. a poor person stealing a whole mil is insane. first of all, where did they get it from?? that amount is big enough to have drastic consequences. secondly, in the hypothetical case that they stole it from a billionaire, that’s an excessively large amount even for someone who needs it. the average non-poor person will never even have $1 mil! stealing that much is more of an asshole move, no matter who does it. they’d have to be out to wreck someone by taking that amount.

  12. I'm not gonna say a dollar is nothing. People out there trying to make a living. But I find it difficult to imagine that a single dollar would be a huge financial loss to like 99% of people.

  13. it's not about which is the greater harm, it is about who is the greater asshole. The millionaire doesn't need it one bit. The poor person person does need this. Poverty is a long term death sentence. I blame the person who's stuck in it far less for a theft than a person who's got all they need and still steals more. As it was famously put, "The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike from stealing bread, sleeping under bridges, and begging in the streets."

  14. Why are people justifying stealing? Even if someone’s poor they still don’t need to steal a million dollars that’s still scummy as hell even if it’s from a company or something

  15. So someone that was poor and invented something and became rich deserves to be stolen from because rich=evil a**hole? Theft is theft regardless of the person doing it. The wealthy don’t deserve to be treated badly because they are successful.

  16. You’re saying you would consider a person stealing your life savings to be less of an asshole that the rich guy who borrowed a dollar and didn’t give it back

  17. Who has the power to deem what someone “needs”? People who have a right to keep their own money and have their possessions respected and not stolen

  18. Depends on who are they stealing from. If millionaire is stealing 1$ from poor person, he is an asshole, if he is stealing 1$ from average or rich person, it doesn't matter. If poor person is stealing 1m$ from billionaire, it doesn't matter cuz it is like stealing 1$ from average, but if he is stealing 1m$ from average, he is an asshole

  19. Honestly, all this shows is that Reddit hates the rich and also somehow believes that stealing one million dollars is better than stealing a dollar because "they needed it more"

  20. Are you really equating one dollar and $ 1m? Okay... let's put it into perspective. Someone stole $1 from you and someone else - $1m (or max of what you have). Do you feel the same for both?

  21. I’ll never understand those who spend their time worshipping the uber wealthy while shitting on the most marginalized and overlooked.

  22. “millionaire “ isn’t even “uber wealthy” anymore, it’s just enough to live comfortably, but not luxuriously, and you certainly still need a job

  23. Not sure why it’s considered “worshiping” to say that they don’t deserve to have their money stolen from them.

  24. why though? theft is theft, no matter how you look at it. if you want to take money from the rich do it by taxes not with crimes. no matter who they are

  25. Yes it’s super unnecessary, they don’t need the money, but it’s only one dollar. It so so minuscule, it doesn’t effect anyone. No matter how rich or poor you are, stealing one million dollars is definitely going to be impactful.

  26. If i was poor yeah i’d probably resort to stealing because i’d have a good reason to but if i was rich i wouldn’t have a good reason to steal

  27. A nanotrillionaire borrowing my pen and not returning it. And a poor person trying to get 5 pesos from a person who only eats pagpag and no peso to buy rice.

  28. B. No contest..... science-based shit on fact here. Life and shit ya feel? Easy concepts to grasp quite literally always as well so....🇱🇷🇰🇾🇲🇱🇲🇽🇵🇰🇷🇺🇸🇯🇸🇸🇹🇷🇻🇳🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇿🇦🇸🇳🇱🇾🇮🇹🇮🇪🇨🇵🇧🇻🇧🇾🇧🇿🇨🇰🇨🇼🇨🇽🚩🚩🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏴‍☠️🇦🇨 we all human at the end of every day. Might as well try to get along for a bit for now at least imho

  29. How isn't it the poor person? In no universe do they need to steal that much money; they're just being a dick. They could easily live off of less than that.

  30. The amount of money isn't really important here. It's about greed. One already has a lot but still wants more. The other has barley anything so its survival instinct

  31. If a poor person just stole $1 million (USD, I presume?), then that person is now a millionaire, assuming their actions go unnoticed. The poll would've been more interesting if there was another "Both are equally an asshole" option, IMO.

  32. Stealing 1 mil means 1 mil dollars cant be used to potentially do good for the community whereas 1 dollar aint changing much.

  33. Depends on the context, usually poor people steal from other poor people, so i have to say the second, but if a poor steal to Elon so thats ok to me. The same logic is in the first option, if a millionaire steal to an other millionaire ok, millionaire steal to a poor not ok

  34. Poor person. The millionaire stealing one dollar wouldn’t affect 99% of people while the poor person stealing 1 million dollars would affect 99% of people. Yeah a poor person stealing 1 million dollars would make the poor persons life better, but if they steal from anyone but billionaires and multi millionaires, the person they stole from would go bankrupt. While if the rich person stole a dollar only if he stole from the homeless and super poor would anyone be affected.

  35. The poor person is now a millionaire, so he's a millionaire that got his money by stealing all the money, so basically 80% of the billionaires.

  36. It matter so much more who they stole from stealing a million dollars from Elon Musk is a lot less bad than from a retiree whose retirement account is 1.2m. Stealing from Elon Musk is still wrong but much more justifiable because he will not even miss it whereas the retiree need that money to pay their bills.

  37. Objectively speaking. $1 is insignificant $1m is an insane amount of money. So stealing $1m is more significant therefore worse.

  38. Depends on the context. If the millionaire is aware that they are stealing a dollar then it’s kind of rude since they already have so much money, but it really isn’t that big a deal.

  39. If a millionaire stole 1$ it wasn't deliberate meanwhile a poor person stealing 1 million dollars involved planning and was probably an armed robbery which could have killed someone.

  40. They are both thieves so both are assholes. Only difference is one is seen as a desperate asshole and the other as a greedy asshole.

  41. I had to think about this one for a bit. Eventually I thought, what possible fucking reason could a millionare have to excuse stealing one dollar? And if they're stealing just one dollar, like a single dollar bill, that's definitely coming from someone far poorer than they are.

  42. I feel like it depends. A millionaire stealing $1 sucks but also I feel like a poor person stealing THAT much is too much… I was thinking about how maybe the people who they stole from may have families and be financially struggling or smth idk

  43. I can understand a poor person stealing if there is no other way for them to support themselves (job, charity, government assistance, etc) but that doesn’t mean a poor person can juste take whatever they want and be justified. A million is a lot of money, and way more then you need to pay for necessities.

  44. You guys realize that stealing means taking it from someone else right? Losing a dollar is essentially a rounding error no matter how poor you are, but a million is a very significant number for almost everyone. Poll results seem to say we should support phone scammers or pickpockets because these people come primarily from poor backgrounds.

  45. Brett Favre has entered the chat to remind everyone that even though he's insanely wealthy, he stole millions from the poorest in his state to put a new volleyball court in his daughter's private school.

  46. Depends on how it was stolen. Most times tho the poor person would be a bigger asshole assuming they did it by robbing a bank or something. I say this as a socialist

  47. I wanted to choose the millionaire but stealing $1 wouldn’t hurt anyone and what can that buy but stealing 1M is too much.

  48. Wow Reddit really hates millionaires. The poor person stole a whole bunch more, like it’s not even close, idk why this is even a discussion

  49. I'd say millionaire stealing $1, because they already have the million, they $1 is nothing to them, they don't need it. For the poor person stealing $1M I'm assuming they're stealing something worth 1M then selling it

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