1. I think they were both pretty bad, in their own right. The problem with Japan is that now they try to cover it up and act like it didn't happen. At least Germany owned up to it... It's not an excuse, but Japan just adds insult to injury still...

  2. i made a comment and i tried to say this but it came out horribly and it’s deleted now but you can imagine. very concise and is exactly what i was thinking

  3. You haven't seen the human leather decorations made for the directors wife of KZ Buchenwald, she selected prisoners with interesting tattoos, for example for two lamps. Sounds pretty sadistic to me.

  4. Beyond a certain point, the brutality is the same. And both German and Japan were past that point. But for Germany, it was state sanctioned and state sponsored wholesale murder, which is still worse than Japan

  5. I forgot that happened and i voted for Germany. I mean also when one of your crimes is called the Rape of Nanking then thats when you know its bad

  6. Today in Japan there’s a group of nationalists who hide everything bad Japan did during invasion of China and ww2 and act like the US nuking then was the worse that to Japan. A lot of people there are xenophobic towards Koreans and they have blackface on TV

  7. There's something about Unit 731 where the way they treated people was next level disturbing. Holocaust was more devastatingly clinical but the Japanese and Unit 731 it's like they wanted to cause pain.

  8. I think the main reason I still picked the Germans is because things like the Rape of Nanking wasn't planned or carried out in a systematic way. Hell the Japanese government was horrified and demoted a couple of people. A lot of Japanese war crimes were individual soldiers who were so pent up from being abused by their superiors that they took it out on civilians

  9. They didn't even teach it in my school (U.S.) because of how disturbing and violent it was. However we got to see all of the holocaust victims, photos, footage, the whole 9yrds.

  10. Oh yeah... that kinda slipped my mind. Yeah didn't the Japanese do it first then the soviet union liberate the area but then continue the rape? Yeah... ._.

  11. https://thoughtcatalog.com/james-swift/2016/12/five-reasons-imperial-japan-was-more-terrifying-than-nazi-germany/

  12. Nazis had equivalents, Josef mengele and his genetic ‘research’ on Jewish twins, also other medical experiments on live subjects in other camps etc.

  13. My Grandad was a prisoner of war. He always said "Thank God the Gerries got me and not the Japs". Despite being starved and having to march across countries home when released.

  14. My great uncle was in the Bataan Death March. I've read his disposition of his time there and it was horrible. He lost a lot of friends and barely made it out himself.

  15. At least the nazis weren't as swift to execute the POWs and civilians they captured compared to japans extreme and constant brutality, so more people got away. You know you're fucked when you somehow outdo nazi germany

  16. I think its good to shed light on the fucked up things the allies did, but if you think the US and UK did worse things than Japan and Germany you are delusional. The soviets are also up there tho.

  17. the Soviets did fucked up things because they were bloodthirsty for revenge and retribution after having 20,000,000 of their fellow country men and women slaughtered. this isn't me justifying what they did but you can't compare them to the crimes of Japan and Germany.

  18. Yeah they did things that were just awful there. Some of the best medical information you can get comes from live subjects. They clinically tortured Chinese people. My history professor in college told us to not go too in depth with the visuals of that unit because it was just awful to see a presentation about that for too long.

  19. So when japan occupied a part of china the soldiers used to play a game where they used to make Chinese plp stand in a line and shoot bullet through them and check whose bullet kill more plp

  20. I remember reading a story of Japanese commanders playing a game of who could decapitate the most civilians. They lost count so they restarted the game.

  21. The Chinese Front was just one big warcrime, the Japanese were comically evil. They still deny those crimes today, so I'm not even really convinced the state has changed that much either.

  22. All of them commited brutal war crimes or did horrible things. That being said, I'm tired of Japan getting a free-pass because animes and sakuras. The Japanese government must be held accountable in face of history for what they've done in China. I'm glad people know that Germany weren't the only ones.

  23. Japan more brutal, Germany more "industrialized" which makes it super scary on a way different level.

  24. Voted Japan, my own country. We did some fucking horrible things in WW2. Sure, the Holocaust was bad, but the quality of suffering? The gas chambers seem like painless euthanasia. To any victims of our inhuman atrocities reading this, I would like to apologize on the behalf of the entire country. Japan seriously needs to teach children what pieces of shit we were.

  25. I've read some comments here on reddit and they are saying that the ministry of education of Japan is denying all those war crimes like hiding the truth from students. Is that true? I'm really curious about that.

  26. Id like to introduce to you Doctor Josef Mengele. So called Angel of Death. One of the "medicals" in Auschwitz. His experiments would fit unit 731 very well.

  27. We need more of this. It only helps out the new generation. I feel like it almost should be mandatory for kids to learn the fucked up events in our past history in school. But no let’s keep focusing on haikus.

  28. America also did fucked up shit in the war, they all did. But yhea tbf Japan was way worse, by a fucking huge amount, and that's saying something when the other country bombed 2 cities to shit.

  29. I voted for Japan, but the US did after all wage a bombing campaign across ~70 Japanese cities, including firebombings and obviously the nuclear bombings.

  30. Theyre major Powers in the war and fill out the list of options, plus the poster probably didn't want people to think the poll was biased in any way

  31. 97 say the US committed more brutal war crimes in WWII? Dropping the A-Bomb on 2 cities vs not dropping them and using our conventional forces to invade causing millions of deaths on both sides in a brutal war of attrition? The estimate from both bombs is 129K-226K people died. Vs 1.5 million casualties just from the allied forces taking Japan.

  32. Wtf is with the 316 people who voted for the US? I hope those are misclicks because I refuse to believe anyone thinks the US committed crimes worse than those of Germany, Japan or even the USSR.

  33. I have a friend who is German. One of her grandparents was caught by the Americans one by the Russians. The one captured by the Yanks is still alive madly and talks about how well treat the Americans treat him. He got hotdogs and at this point the Germans were on the verge of starvation and could play baseball.

  34. My great-grandfather didn't return either. It was after germany lost that they marched back towards the west. Although the war was over and they were carrying a white flag the russians got them on the run and ambushed them.

  35. How could anyone pick the US or UK in this poll? Even the Soviet Union, which was pretty brutal, seems a distant third. Katyn, while terrible and tragic, pales in comparison to Nanking and Auschwitz. The only real debate should be between Germany and Japan.

  36. as a german and someone who hasn't learned too much about WWII yet, I feel like germany did a lot in that time

  37. Yeah the Germans of that time did allot of atrocities. But, as many have pointed out even the Nazi's where shocked by the brutality shown by Imperial Japan.

  38. Where is Sweden on this list? They were already eating surstrømming at this time, which means they were also making it and distributing it in Scandinavia.

  39. Is there something besides Pearl Harbor and the messy business in Korea that I’m unaware of that puts Japan over Germany?

  40. They were absolutely brutal in war and also ran prison camps around the world that would equal the suffering (excluding the gas chambers, ofc) of the German camps.

  41. I think it's tough to say who was worse or more brutal. What the japanese did was extremely fucked up but while for example the rape of nanking was at least partly ordered or tolerated, and glorified by newspapers, it had more of spontaneous vibe. the japanese initially somewhat looked up to the to the chinese until they saw them surrender rather than fight to their last breath. that made them weak cowards in the eyes of the japanese. hitler and the nazis on the other hand always had it as their goal to gain "lebensraum" in the east and to wipe out the people in these areas as well as the jews, who they saw as inferior races. it was always intended to get rid of those people and they did it in the most efficient way they could come up with.

  42. Some Japanese soldiers played a game where they threw a baby in the air and tried to catch it with a bayonet. There are pictures of it.

  43. Japan. But US soldiers took skulls of Japanese soldiers as souvenirs I hear. And of course Germany did their nasty shit.

  44. Although it’s nothing to compare, I believe Nazi germany was worse. The difference is that japan didn’t have intention to annihilate or irradicate a whole race or nationality as the nazis did. Japan had capabilities of biological warfare but they didn’t use it. Because they had envisioned China as a partner in the GEACS (greater east Asia co prosperity sphere) a partnering of nations in east Asia. Hitler envisioned a wipe out of whole nations and races. Japan had it’s own idea of superiority but it was not the eradicationism or antisemitism that existed in Germany.

  45. I was like wow totally Germany because of the holocaust, then I was like wait Japan because of well everything they did, then I was like well USA kind of dropped 2 nukes on nothing but civilian cities. But then I remember the UK purposely bombed civilian houses, then I remember the soviets starvinf their own populations of millions and using civilians as human shields.

  46. Japan was #1, but the Soviets were every bit as bad, if not worse, than the Germans. The fact that the majority of atrocities they committed were done in retaliation doesn’t excuse them, especially when they were largely carried out against civilians. It’s not really taught that much in Western schools because the USSR was an “ally.” Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History series “Ghosts of the Ostfront” covers this topic well if anyone is interested in learning more.

  47. Dan Carlin has some very solid WWII series. His one on Japan in WWII is very informative too. It really sheds light on how horrible the Japanese were in China - something that is largely ignored in the West. Ghosts of the Ostfront is great too. It really makes you question how civilized we truly are as a species.

  48. The soviet union did some absolutely horrible stuff, but I'd still say imperial japan and nazi germany were worse.

  49. You know that soviet union commited genocides too ? Nazis are not the only one, Holodomore killed 5 millions of people in the east of Ukraine

  50. Ok yes I’ve heard Japan was really bad, but 6 million people murdered is way worse sorry. Edit: 11 million

  51. You’re using numbers to support that Germany did worse, but Japan literally murdered over 20m Chinese people so just by numbers Japan is worse.

  52. Japan probably killed more people than Nazi Germany, and in much nastier ways. Google the rape of Nanking and unit 731 if you want nightmare fuel.

  53. Battle crimes? Japan easy. Those guys would deliberately get medals if they shot a medic and that was some of the better stuff they did. The Geneva convention was thrown out of the window for Japan.

  54. Germany. I mean Holocaust was way more brutal than any bombing that happened during the war. If you watched Anne Frank, then you would understand why I say this.

  55. Yeah but it was more than justified. If USA invaded Japan then casulaties would be in millions. It would be a death sentence for both sides.

  56. Well deserved 🤷, too bad it were the Japanese citizens that suffered and not the troops actually doing the crimes. Japanese government still dick riding WW2 war criminals too

  57. Fun fact, we know what happens to the insides of people when infected with many diseases because Unit 731 literally watched what the disease does to a person insides by autopsy while the person is alive, called vivisections. It was on a larger scale by Japan than Germany

  58. the holocaust wasn't a war crime right? im really not sure, i thought it was just a good, regular old crime against humanity

  59. The Nazis were worse when it comes to death count but the methods that the Japanese used to kill people were way worse. You can look up Unit 731.

  60. I suspect they all did terrible things. We may never know a lot of what the victors might have done. But Germany and Japan are widely known for their genocidal activities.

  61. Mostly the SS were the true monsters for the nazi’s. For the japs it was never an option to be decent. Didn’t join/adhere to the Geneva convention at all! Cruelty was the way of the warrior.

  62. I mean to my knowledge only 2 of them preformed brutal medical experiments of POWs and civilians and commited genocide. Russia gets points for being on the wrong side. And America gets points for Japanese American internment camps and the atomic bombs. Buy I gotta go with Japan.

  63. I voted Germany, but you honestly cannot compare Japan and Germany. The levels of psychotic brutality is equal not necessary to rank.

  64. TIL most people do not know the difference between Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity, and War Crimes. Yes, they are all HIRVs but they are different.

  65. I only realized after the holocaust wasnt a war crime, so ya, Japan, sorry. It's a crime against humanity. There was no war there tbf

  66. Here's my question: How did Japan even end up allied with the nazis since they weren't... yknow... white? Did the nazis just go "yeah you get a pass" because of how fucked up they were?

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