1. So who’s the winner? The fastest? The longest? The one that makes the most amount of gravy? Who shots the gravy the furthest? Is it a team sport or individual? Is it raw or are props allowed?

  2. Would you guys consider jacking off to be a sport? I don't know about you motherfuckers but I consider that shit to be a sport okay? If people can sit back and label goddamn golf which is the boringest fucking sport in the world. Think about it, what the fuck athletically are you really doing in golf my dude? All you doing is hitting a goddamn golf club. "Oh my god that's a long as birdie man, nice birdie, nice put, and it went 258..." get the fuck outta here nobody cares about that boring ass shit. Who the fuck really watches golf my dude? Nobody gives a fuck. It makes dudes fall asleep. Fishing on the other hand... What the fuck are you really doing athletically my dude in fishing?

  3. Oh that seems nice, not like mine. I was bathing my cat because he got in some turmeric powder and turned himself yellow. And it was soooo exciting /s

  4. I was playing a version of badminton but instead of using rackets you attack the birdie like a martial artist. I think it would be entertaining.

  5. That actually sounds like it would be tense to watch. People sprinting up a flight of stairs without spilling a single drop lol

  6. Building models, that could be very exciting or very boring. Youd have a set amount of time to build and you would be judged on the quality but also the time it took. Though time would take thr back seat to quality

  7. I like to think the criteria for winning would either be remaining completely poker faced and emotionless while nutting OR whoever can scream and exaggerate the loudest LOL

  8. Putting my 2 months old to sleep which is a fucking marathon of cuddling and singing and gently moving while doing squats.

  9. Having to go outside with a box of tissues because my fucking Benadryl dosent work. Essentially Olympic breathing.

  10. Taking a nap on the beach while it's windy, so you keep an eye open in case your stuff is blown away by the wind. Yeah, this is already considered a sport in Northern Spain lol.

  11. Making pizza rolls and or jumping up to sit on a counter. Pizza rolls would be boring, but id like to see which olympic contestant could sit smoothest on a counter.

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