1. Chose this because it'd take care of all my debts with a healthy amount left over to actually enjoy but obviously not end up with me owing 1mil.

  2. Lol I love how most people chose the highest option since most people thought that most people wouldn’t pick that option

  3. It’s a game of reverse psychology. You thought “Well, everyone must’ve played it safe and chose $123,456, meaning nobody chose $1,000,000.” unfortunately for you, everyone had that thought process. Not to be all

  4. Same lmao. I thought most people would've picked the $123,457 bcuz they would've thought that $1,000,000 surely must be the most picked option. Turns out people are either really dumb or really smart. And I'm not sure which one it is

  5. For me as well. I figured there was a decent chance of the second largest amount being the most voted, even if it would probably still be the biggest amount, and so figured this one was pretty safe, big enough to make a difference, and worst case scenario it should be possible to recover from it. Recovering from $100,000 debt would be much more difficult.

  6. "$1,000,000 is too obvious which means people won't choose it cause they're afraid they will owe $1,000,000 which obviously means I should take the million $!"

  7. "Everyone's going to avoid the highest one because that's the obvious option, so I'll pick the highest one! And I bet nobody else has thought of this strategy."

  8. I thought people would use reverse psychology and pick the second highest amount, so I used reverse reverse psychology, and uh… 😑

  9. So really, everyone thought nobody was gonna be stupid enough to pick $1mil, so naturally they all ended up picking $1mil and now 780+ people owe $1mil.

  10. No way I'm picking the last 3 because I'd rather not ruin my life gambling. I'll take my $500 now thanks.

  11. “Well I won’t pick the second highest amount, because thats probably the one that’s picked the most, since everyone knows not to pick the highest amount, so I’m gonna pick the highest amount” said me and 1,878 other people

  12. I thought that most of the people would pick the second highest amount because of reverse psychology... I was wrong

  13. Well who do I owe the money to is my question? Because if it’s just a normal dude, it’s not like anything bad can happen but if it’s like some business I’m screwed.

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