1. Really, if you move for a special master to verify the evidence, and then publicly and repeatedly claim that evidence is planted, then what happens next should be no surprise.

  2. It seems increasingly likely that Trump doesn't completely know what it is that he stole by taking those documents from the White House, which is in part why he keeps insisting his lawyers need to see the evidence; so that he can figure out what he had in the first place.

  3. His objective is to object his objections about his objects. Like a 4D chess grandmaster using a cheeseburger wrapper as a board and dollops of ketchup and mustard as pieces.

  4. Your honor, I object.... I object that... This guy broke my apartment and shit... And I object that he's not gonna have any money to pay me after he pays back all the money he stole from the hospital....

  5. Pretty sure the attorney of his that was rousted to go to Mara Lago, signed for trump and verified the items that were seized..

  6. What he is looking for is a long enough delay so Republicans can retake the House and Senate. After that they can either squash the investigation or put it off long enough for a Republican, and I’m sure Trump assumes it will be himself, can be elected President in 2024 and that will end any investigations of him or his family.

  7. ...but that reflection in the lake of the ugly guy with the orange face and bouffant hairdo has as many classified documents as I do! I need to take his!

  8. The DOJ said in their court submission yesterday that if Trump couldn't contract with a vendor they would do so and they are fairly optimistic that they can find one by close of business today. And they'll bill Trump for it. If DOJ finds a vendor then that's another escape route closed to Trump.

  9. The only documents involved in this litigation are the 20 boxes (approx) seized in the search of mar-a-algo minus what’s clearly marked classified.

  10. Maybe their client shouldn’t have stolen so many documents if they’re worried about being able to sift through all the documents he stole?

  11. He’s actually the personification of America, incredibly selfish and self serving, incredibly dumb, racist, and petty as hell. He’s the culmination of decades of this kind of thinking in America.

  12. He's playing stall ball right now. Anything to delay this until the political power swings to make this all go away. His only move is to delay, and it's working exactly as planned. The details don't matter, the only strategy is stall, stall, stall, run the clock down. He's winning.

  13. Yep. It's like trump and his team have completely ignored the fact that the 11th Circuit ruled unequivocally on the 100 classified documents a week ago. Bizarre.

  14. The bit about the classified stuff got me too. He “can’t” say what they planted/stole because the classified stuff is excluded. He’s still trying to say he owns that stuff.

  15. They are also forcing him to declare what documents he claims executive privilege. This will torpedo their ability to claim executive privilege later in in the proceedings.

  16. Ok. So a competent executive would likely have records of what documents were taken from where and when. Having a list of these sorts of things and tracking them seems like it is a basic necessity for any elected official of even minimal power... so of course Trump wouldn't do it. I mean that's a given.

  17. "Eric, if you take the fall for me and go to prison, I will finally take you to that ball game I promised to take you to 30 years ago."

  18. That's funny. The government says they characterize the documents this way. Given the opportunity Team Trump refuses to dispute. Therefore the government opinions are undisputed.

  19. A lot of very important people are saying “Mr President, those lawyers are the bigly-est. They have identified the Biggest Hoax this country has ever seen, organized by The Radical Left and their witch-hunt”, believe me!

  20. This makes total sense. If he confirms what was taken he can’t say he has Clinton’s emails anymore, or that anytning was planted, or that he didn’t have classified docs that he unclassified classily with psychic declassification powers. I don’t blame him for objecting to his own to his own claims at all. He’d be fucked if he had to prove them.

  21. Part of his plan is selling a victim narrative to his followers, and they believe whatever shit comes out of his mouth. They will ignore fact that don’t support his claims.

  22. Yeah. I was thinking the DOJ can just claim these are docs that came from MAL. But if the Trump team doesn't confirm any of it, then they can claim none of those were there, thus casting doubt on the proof.

  23. I’m reading that trumps team responds in sealed filings and the DOJ responds to their claims and SM filings on the public docket. Basically, by responding this way they’re making the trump claims public at the same time he’s desperately trying to get his garbage in without public scrutiny.

  24. Don't worry, by the time Tucker comes on tonight the GOP will have talking points about this request being unprecedented. (Which it technically is, because it's unprecedented that he would be granted a special master in the first place)

  25. Main reason being is what is listed but documents not found in folders. Opens up a whole new door and he knows it. Trump filed the case but the DOJ is shoving it back down his throat and he's choking on it.

  26. I keep thinking of those chase scenes in movies/TV where a person being pursued keeps on throwing chairs in the path of his pursuers out of desperation.

  27. Oh the pages are too much your honor. There is no way a eDiscovery company the works with the DOJ can handle that amount. No your honor, the 500k price tag had no influence on our stupidity.

  28. 500k for 200k pages; seems overpriced. $3 per page and you know this is just feed into a scanner with some Nuance software. When I worked for Xerox the scanners one some office printers could read nearly a page a second.

  29. I mean... for him the truth is both that they're not his, that they were planted, and that they were his property and not planted all along, depending on what's contextually beneficial to him.

  30. And just what was this piece of garbage doing with those 200,000+ pages? What valid purpose did he have for them? What was he doing with them? And what was he doing to secure these files?

  31. My impression is that Trump tries to be careful about lying under oath, which is why he ‘took the Fifth’ when he had to give a deposition a few weeks ago. He can lie to Sean Hannity and millions of FauxNews viewers without consequences, but lying under oath in legal proceedings may have consequences even if he appointed the judge.

  32. The Trump team wanted this special master. He was one of only two forwarded from that team for the position. This special master wants trump to verify a list of what the FBI claims was taken from his estate. He will use the list to determine what belongs to trump and what belongs to the government.

  33. Delay. Delay. Delay. Whatever is asked, no matter how basic or obvious, raise an objection. That will buy him at least a week. Maybe two. Delay. Delay. Delay.

  34. No it won't. DOJ already resumed their criminal investigation after their access to the classified docs was restored by the appeals court. There's nothing impeding their investigation now.

  35. He doesn't want to swear anything under oath about the documents. He is fine with inaccurate public statements so conspiracy theories can fly.

  36. I do hope Dearie then says the FBI gets to review EVERYTHING since Trump's lawyers refuse to say what was taken and what might not have been. IOW, I hope Trump's refusal to go on the record means he LOSES.

  37. Biden needs to stay as far from this as possible. Trump would love Biden to award Garland some medal. That would play directly into his victim narrative of it being a political witch hunt - and he'd be right. So, bad idea.

  38. “I swear, I have the best evidence that the fbi planted the evidence, probably the best evidence in the whole world. My evidence is so extravagant that it’ll blow your minds, it’ll change the world. What? You want me to show it???? Well- I uh, I uh, uh…. Plead the fifth ”

  39. Yes exactly its big beautiful evidence that the judge lovethe most... Followed by this a witch hunt. Followed any even more remote refusal to accountable for anything.

  40. The common theme is Trump, his toadies, or Fox News say something unhinged. The statement intersects with science, a lack of evidence, or a competent judge. Trump, et al, move on to the next fabrication. His cult doesn’t live in a different reality. They are delusional.

  41. It's hilarious that only now after decades of grifting, someone is finally asking for proof of Trump's batshit crazy claims.

  42. At some point Trump is going to forget this case is even about documents. The judge will ask him a question about a document and he'll say, "This isn't mine, this is some sort of government document. I used to work in the government and I can tell you without any hesitation, this document should be stored in a secure location."

  43. “I object!” “But Mr Trump, you’re the one talking” “Quiet or I’ll sue you too” “But Mr Trump, you can’t sue me” “Why? I can do whatever I want!” “But Mr Trump, I’m you, and you’re just staring into a mirror” Camera pans out to Trump in a jumpsuit, in a small cell, yelling at his own reflection

  44. This guy will do and say ANYTHING if it delays justice. No more delays, indict and imprison, throw away the key.

  45. If actually has a valid basis for his objection I would be flabbergasted - more like he objects on the basis of wibblewobble

  46. The gist is- Trump never cataloged any of the documents, neither did his staff. They didn’t organize it or take notes or form any system, they just grabbed what he said to grab, tossed it all in boxes, and now they literally don’t know what he ever had. They’re literally making this case of gross incompetence on Trump’s part, in court.

  47. So he can’t provide proof documents were planted, but he also can’t verify the documents and somehow he knows he declassified them?

  48. How in the hell did Trump’s bargain basement attorneys even get through law school let alone pass the bar? They are worse than amateurs, they’re imposters.

  49. It's just like his lawyers refusing to repeat their fraud claims in court - you can't do it without proof and if you do, you go to jail. If tRump repeats his claims in a legal document, he goes to jail, and his lawyers explained this to him BEFORE he could put himself in jail.

  50. Could it be that Trump took other documents that didn't end up at Mar-a-Logo and doesn't want to admit the existence of even more stolen government documents? He likely can't remember which documents went to Florida and what documents are elsewhere?

  51. I saw a report that said none of the e-records vendors recommended don't want to do the job b/c they don't want to deal with Trump (who is notorious for not paying his bills).

  52. Trump is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He doesn’t want to lie under oath while also not wanting to tell the truth under oath.

  53. It’s always something with this guy. He is the final battle Karen of BS. Dark souls level of Karen. Fuck him and his stupid cult.

  54. That this endless haranguing from Trump under the precipice “if I throw enough shit against the wall..” is the ultimate decimation of what’s left of America. That this fucking moron has broken more laws, is involved in thousands of lawsuits, robs, steals, and deflects the narrative hourly; Trump who has been the direct cause of a coup, and ultimately committed treason (which he has inadvertently admitted to several times) is still walking, breathing and has support, shows you the color of justice from the nosebleed seats: White and Green$.

  55. It is my understanding that since 11th circuit issued the stay on the judges order. They basically gave her a verbal tongue lashing that she removed the classified information on her original order, which in turn removed his ability to appeal the decision to SCOTUS, at least for the classified stuff.

  56. Delay delay delay, gonna wait until the last minute to appeal the 11th circuit's ruling to SCOTUS and keep his fingers crossed for a favorable midterm.

  57. The shadiness and obvious guilt shown by every action he’s taken in this saga and lots of people still think he’s innocent. I often wonder how they remember to keep breathing.

  58. Feet dragging. This guy lives in courts and is around lawyers daily, he knows the law well. Just waiting for mid-terms. Plans are already in place and the GOP will seize the house and senate. Impeachment week after week till some weird shit is put in place and Trump is president again. Forever this time since people apparently ‘hate democracy’. Eerie how no one is saying anything or really worried about mid-terms. However, they’re pretty confident about what’s going to happen IF they take the house and senate.

  59. I'm going to side with the former president on this one. This asshole took so much stuff and never hired an archivist to catalog what he took. I'm 100% confident he doesn't know the 1/2 of what's there. I'd be surprised if he could identify the 100 classified documents, never mind everything there. He's not a smart man.

  60. That was a VERY nasty NASTY question how dare you big beautiful Brian.… My brain is HUGE, it would be the MOST biggest Brian you’ve ever seen!

  61. Here’s an idea , what if the classified documents Trump had were documents he personally classified because they were documents related to some shady shit he was up to. The whole point being he thought he could classify it to get around anyone ever being able to view it and use it as evidence against him. Hence the special master request, especially if he got his lawyers to look over said documents prior to classification. Top secret shoddy tax records anyone?

  62. I love this guy, he’s always doin something SO WACKY! It’s just too bad other people don’t appreciate his sense of humor, they just don’t get it! You and me though, we get it, we see that there is a real genius at work here, and he will not compromise his art for ANYONE.

  63. Let’s say they run out the clock on manufactured grievances and do ask for her to fire the special master before he’s done his job.

  64. To be fair even if he gets Judge Canon to backtrack on firing the special master, the default is the government, with the valid search warrant, keeps them.

  65. Didn’t this orange clown ask for a special master ? Or did he mean a special special only for him master ? He gets the two confused sometimes

  66. I be he didn’t even know what all he had there. I bet he was “stuffing his pockets” with whatever classified docs he could get his orange hands on. So of course he can’t confirm anything because he doesn’t actually know. I can’t wait to see his ass in prison.

  67. Most of the time, like in this case, judges (not Cannon) will follow the LAW and not act beholden to the party that appointed them. The special master will follow the Law and now the 🍊 man is screwed.

  68. He objects because even though he in fact took it. This puts him on the record specifically. He knows it was a crime. When he verifies it was there, that means he had it and knew about it, giving him no wiggle room when they setence him. He's gonna end up sticking to they planted it on me.

  69. In South Africa our useless ex president Zuma is still dragging out his day in court with Stalingrad delay tactics….welcome to our world

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