1. also, there is a process for declassification, with an audit trail. The president doesn't get to just shout "I DECLARE THESE DECLASSIFIED"

  2. The request to unseal the warrant that was submitted to the court by the DOJ mentioned that the names of the agents involved would be redacted if the warrant was released, so Trump's lawyers can't claim they "didn't know" it was important.

  3. It’s absolutely bonkers that a few days ago we were speculating which of the many crimes of the former President were the reason for the raid.

  4. That typo on item 28A must be driving whoever did it crazy. Almost made it to the end of writing up a document that will certainly be in history books, and they boffed it on the last line.

  5. With all these nuclear secrets rumours swirling around, I'd like to remind everyone of one of the many scandals the nation seems to have just... forgotten about. Specifically that

  6. I'd be shocked if he didn't sell a lot of info already. We can just worry about how much and what specifically.

  7. $2 billion investment to Jared and untold millions of dollars to trump via his hotels and the LIV golf league playing on trump courses.

  8. From the warrant, he's under investigation for USC 18 793 (Espionage Act), 1519 (Obstruction of Justice destruction of evidence and records), 2071 (Removal of records).

  9. It's important to note as Trump moves the goalposts to say he declassified every classified document seized by the FBI, the president does NOT have the ability to declassify documents that are classified by statute (like nuclear secrets and identification of intelligence operatives):

  10. In addition, for the info a president can declassify, there is a procedure that must be followed and documented. You can't declassify stuff like Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy.

  11. Saying he declassified it will serve only one real purpose - adding talking points to his base. They don't notice and/or don't care that the goalposts continue to move. They don't care about truth.

  12. Jared just got two BILLION from the Saudis. And for what? His investment expertise? The little shit has a history of absolutely atrocious investments. So what DID he provide them? And is it really just a funnel to his father-in-law?

  13. The irony being it's likely only one of several crimes he committed in office. Just, you know, the worst one.

  14. I was a 35-Series MOS in the army with a TS/SCI clearance. I would be in jail forever if I did this. This is insane.

  15. I only had a Secret and would have been in trouble if I took a code book for the Stinger missile I used. It is amazing to me that given he had nuclear secrets that any conservative is defending him.

  16. I wish people understood how security clearances work. My clearance didn't mean I could just walk into the Pentagon and read anything I wanted

  17. Also TS/SCI in the USAF (Electronic Warfare). This is absolutely insane, and if the reports prove to be true there must be significant consequences. But at this point I'm completely jaded. I'll believe in the system if indictments start coming down.

  18. I was a 25-series with a TS/SCI. I had a soldier who borrowed a laptop that had been cleared to handle TS/SCI information, but had never actually been attached to any networks. It was discovered sitting on his desk during a barracks inspection. He said he borrowed it so he could load some music onto his MP3 player (he didn't own a computer himself) and was planning on re-wiping it and returning it in the morning.

  19. You know I am not even feeling any level of satisfaction with this thing. It scares the heck out of me that he did this and what he might have done with our security. It bothers me that the GOP is looking for excuses instead of real answers.

  20. Same. This egotistical narcissist put our country, it's security, and ALL of our welfares at risk yet again. When he's not even in office.

  21. I'm livid. This is a massive betrayal. Certainly the biggest betrayal in our country's history. This man attempted a coup to retain power and, when he was kicked out, took top secret documents with him to likely share with foreign powers.

  22. He's trying to get FBI agents killed and cause a damn civil war. Can we please get him behind bars and take away his phone? Please.

  23. For those who don't understand this reference: Breitbart published Trump's copy of the warrant without the agents' information redacted.

  24. January 6th didn't work for him, so this is his chance to finally get his base riled up enough to actually potentially do something. This is insane.

  25. Conservatives are downvoting brietbart and fox in their own safe space right now. It's hilarious to see how either insane or disengaged they are today.

  26. Remember the backlash for Fox News when they simply announced Biden won the election? Their base lives in an alternate reality and they know it, being truthful about what's going on will cause the network and the republican party too much backlash.

  27. It's never too late to change your mind or admit you were wrong, and it's perfectly okay to. I hope a lot of conservatives in this country wake up.

  28. As a government records manager, this blows my freaking mind. NARA does not fuck around. If I accidentally mishandle an organizational document, my ass is grass. Much less top secret docs, stored in an unsecured, private residence.

  29. I agree. It used to be kind of funny and now it's deeply disturbing. I can't wrap my head around it, how did THIS man get this many people to want to literally die for him?

  30. Look at the thread about California giving free lunches to school children. Half of the comments are bashing it. How do their minds work? I’ll never understand.

  31. For months we've been waiting for the big bombshell to drop from the Jan. 6th Committee, then Garland drops an RKO outta nowhere.

  32. The real question is: Are WE fucked? If these documents are as top secret as we think they are, and Trump has already sold some of the information to countries like Russia or Saudi Arabia, what does that mean for us?

  33. Guys, realize how historic this is. They would have never done the raid if they were not 100% confident that they would find what they have found. They would have never done that if they didn't 100% intend to charge him in the first place.

  34. Thank you! I feel like a lot are missing the big picture here. The FBI will sit until they are 100% sure they have a firm grip on you.

  35. Violating the Espionage Act Obstruction of Justice Criminal handling of government records. 1 set of records was marked Top Secret/SCI 3 sets were marked Top Secret 4 sets were marked Secret 3 sets were marked confidential. Some of the sets allegedly contained information on nuclear capabilities.

  36. Reminder that Trump's son in law just got like two billion dollars from Saudi Arabia. Can't help but wonder if that's in any way related to classified nuclear documents.

  37. Republicans became the espionage party today. They were already the insurrection party, but now they're the espionage party, too. All for this grifting con man. Bunch of pathetic assholes, the lot of them.

  38. Don't forget a bunch of them went to Russia on July 4th. Don't remember the year, but yeah, on Independence Day of this country, they were cock slobbering Putin in Russia.

  39. If Obama did this, I'd be calling for his head on a spike. And I voted for Obama twice, would vote for him a third time if it was Constitutional, and consider him one of the 15 best Presidents in our history.

  40. Breitbart has done this before, they published the name of doctors who perform abortions and encourage their readers to murder them. It's terrible.

  41. your reminder that Reality Winner took one document and spent four years in prison. one document. four years. no negotiations

  42. My boss' first instinct was to speculate about the FBI planting them because it would be impossibly stupid to store them at his house

  43. So...who had "The LIV Tournament is a front for nuclear espionage committed by Trump for the Saudis" on their bingo card at the start of the week?

  44. CNN Reporting: The official release of the warrant made sure to redact the names of the agents involved in the search to protect them from radicals.

  45. at the very least his passport should be immediately cancelled, he should be arrested and given an ankle monitor.

  46. Unfortunately, his corruption is so outlandish that it makes it easy for the Republicans to convince their base that it’s a lie.

  47. To be fair it came out later we had much more evidence for the Rosenbergs than we showed at trial, we just kept it secret to not tip off the Soviets we had broken their ciphers.

  48. You don’t declassify things by mumbling “I declassify thee” as you tuck them into your trousers. There’s an official process.

  49. To understand how serious the Espionage Act is since it's one of the crimes Trump is being investigated for, it's one of the highest violations of federal law one can commit and basically one step below treason.

  50. To everyone saying he'll get away with it. If the Wapo sources are right: his is treason of the highest order. Think beyond this being a procedural fuck up. Think of what this means for national security. If information like that ends up in the hands of the wrong people. What Putin, Xi, Kim, the Saudi's and god knows who would do for that informatio. Understand that nuclear deterrence is a cornerstone of national security and understand that it might've been completely breached and/or, god forbid, straight up sold. It literally doesn't get worse than that. The US executed spies for that with less evidence. He's officially the biggest criminal in the history of the US.

  51. Just for edification: The argument from Trump and conservatives that former Presidents have taken or transferred plenty of documents fails to mention that they did so THROUGH THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES to ensure that THIS didnt happen.

  52. First member of the WWE Hall of Fame facing charges for violating the Espionage Act. Tremendous. Sports entertainment history being made every day!

  53. Conservatives are actually going to double down on attaching themselves to the sinking ship of this unfathomably stupid, worthless pile of shit with no redeeming qualities. It's amazing to watch in real time. It's like scientists created a lab experiment to design the most useless sack of barely sentient human garbage imaginable, then American conservatives looked at the result of their work and said "yep, I'm going to dedicate my entire life to religiously worshiping this man." These fucking people actually wield real political power in this country. Incredible.

  54. For anybody still questioning: Trump will be indicted for this. The DOJ doesn't unseal info until there is nothing left to investigate.

  55. The ironic thing about r conservative is that they often claim “liberals” are like children who don’t understand how the real world works. Yet you spend two seconds on their forum and you see they think life operates like a TV show.

  56. I was a technical surveillance countermeasures specialist in the Marines. Basically, any space that rated SCI (it’s usually TS if its SCI) rates routine surveillance countermeasure support to ensure there is no one installing sneaky devices to gain access to highly classified information. Usually it’s foreign adversaries we are worried about, not a former POTUS. LOL. I doubt Trump was safeguarding any of this information. Therefore, we might as well assume everything he was in possession of has been compromised. This means sources, methods, classified programs, etc. Just the breach alone is astounding and would put any normal person in jail for many years. Who knows what he was actually doing with the information. I hope we find out.

  57. Just a reminder that this is only happening because enough people voted blue in 2018 and 2020 for there to be an Attorney General who isn't a Trump sycophant. Elections matter (for now)

  58. Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for “dividing the country”. You guys are the ones who choose this piece of shit and defend every dumb or malicious thing he does has done for the past 7 years.

  59. i love the "what about hunter's laptop!!!!???". im over here alright like arrest him too if he broke the law idgaf

  60. The DOJ is aiming at Treasanous Trump right between the eyes. The publicity of the warrant, property list, and events is to socialize the news to the American public before the impending indictment. They will indict him within a few weeks. The recovered docs are physical evidence of crimes he has already committed. It does not ask new questions, it provides more answers. It's not new information, it's icing on the cake. They asked for materials back while already aware of how he was using them. Treasonous Trump's game is officially up.

  61. From the Bloomberg analysis, of course Donnie is saying he waved his magic sharpie over everything before it went out the door ...

  62. I bought a special bottle of celebration wine earlier because I got a new job. Welp. I already opened it. Fucking A.

  63. This makes one wonder why the Saudis gave Jared Kushner 2 Billion dollars 6 months after Trump left office.

  64. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I’m just a caveman. I fell on some ice and later got thawed out by some of your scientists. Your world frightens and confuses me! Sometimes the honking horns of your traffic make me want to get out of my BMW.. and runoff into the hills, or wherever.. Sometimes when I get a message on my fax machine, I wonder: “Did little demons get inside and type it?” I don’t know! My primitive mind can’t grasp these concepts. But there is one thing I do know – when a man like my client slips and takes some top secret information from the US government, it's his constitutional right to shop it out to the highest bidder.

  65. He could have lived out his whole life just enjoying the trappings of wealth and telling people on TV that they're fired, but Obama tells one joke that gets under his skin at a WH dinner and now he might become the first president to go to jail. Thanks Obama

  66. If it is legitimate espionage, the justice system has ways to shut the whole thing down.

  67. Weirdly, Trump has not testified for any of the things levied against him during his presidency. Almost like he's a spineless, guilty fucking coward.

  68. Take a shot of alcohol each time someone on Fox mentions Hillary Clinton/Hunter Biden/ Obama tonight. Good luck.

  69. Man, that Graham quote about Trump destroying the Republican Party as we know it seems pretty eerie right about now.

  70. Here is everything that was taken from the warrant. You guys really should be reading this list....It's pretty damning.

  71. Donnie is gassing up the jet for a rally in Alaska, and he may overshoot his landing by a few hundred miles.

  72. There has to be some moment, or more likely a period/event, where the MAGA/GOP "reality" gets sorted the fuck out. We cannot exist as a nation where roughly half the electorate and their representatives delude themselves into protecting a self-serving traitor.

  73. It's amazing how many people are willing to completely alienate themselves from reality for a diaper wearing, tiny handed, short tempered, egomaniacal, pedophilic, fucking duck fart of a human being.

  74. Not just TS, but TS/SCI which is literally compartmentalized documentation. That documentation can only be handled within a control system that has been approved by the Director of Intelligence.

  75. Not only classified documents they are a subset called TS/SCI. The most controlled documents in the entire United states. The type of secrets if you are found to have had them outside controlled environments, they interrogate you for days in a room underground. What spy movies are made of.

  76. I normally try to limit my news access to some extent because it either pisses me off or greatly depresses me every time and I still have some remaining sanity to attempt to preserve, but I can't stop reading about this right now. We are watching history unfold.

  77. I like how Hunter Biden's supposed laptop went from like, a blind repairman to a private citizen to the New York Post and conservatives are like now that's a legitimate chain of custody. FBI agents with bodycams? Give me a break

  78. Brian McBride on Twitter: CNN analyst says the intel Trump stole are so sensitive that FBI agents will begin FINGER PRINTING each document to find out who actually touched them.

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