1. It's almost as if there was no way to foresee sidling up to a Mafia don autocrat with behavioral disorders could possibly end badly.

  2. They never know when those dark SUVs are going to roll up in the middle of the night with men in suits hopping out to knock on the door search warrant in hand.

  3. I hope to see all these seditionists traitors drown in their impotent yellow bellied tears like the freeloading plague bearing rats they are.

  4. “Why are they sending counterterrorism [professionals] after us?” asked the close Trump adviser connected to his 2020 and 2021 efforts. “Does that mean [the Biden DOJ thinks] we’re terrorists?”

  5. If these weren't such frightened people in the first place, they probably wouldn't be conservatives, but fuck these traitors. I hope they spend all their waking hours looking over their shoulders.

  6. You only choose a path of contempt for your equals doing that. I get they deserve the worst but realize they deserve the same chance we do for redemption. Let them serve their sentence and have hope they see the error of their ways and change for the better. That's what Michelle Obama meant by going high, Not letting them get away with criminality. Leave it up to God for their sins and the law for their crimes.

  7. Cassidy Hutchinson talked Mark Meadows out of attending the final planning session between Oath Keepers, Proud Boys and the White House.

  8. As I took her words to mean, she only talked him into not going to the hotel. Wasn’t able to dissuade him from “calling in.”

  9. Nobody would suspect that the leader of a white supremacists organization named Enrique Tarrio would be a government informant, right?

  10. It just blows my mind that a 25 year old had the foresight and courage to convince her boss, the Chief of Staff to the POTUS, not to attend the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers planning meeting.

  11. Well, even if they aren't charged or convicted. Being afraid due to your internal guilt like the "Tell-tale Heart" is at least some sort of punishment.

  12. now they're seeing all the dominoes fall one after another, watching their colleagues get scooped up in blitzes, and wondering who's next. you love to see it.

  13. The secret service confirmed Trump was histerical that they would not allow the president to lead an armed mob into the capital. That's the damning part.

  14. The hearings are bi-partisan, despite several cowardly Rethugs refusing to participate when they had the chance.

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