1. The fucking commander in chief, suggesting “they’re not here to hurt ME”, implies very heavily that they’re there to hurt someone else…

  2. Here's a really great legal podcast episode breaking down the Georgia case for anyone interested. It's actually from 18 months ago, but Andrew Torrez — the host / attorney — thought it was a slam dunk then, and still thinks it's a slam dunk now.

  3. I foresee a lot more rats jumping ship and turning on each other at this point now. We got A LOT of names today

  4. I think anyone commenting here realizes this but these testimonies really set it home that this is the biggest scandal in American history. This makes Watergate or the Teapot Dome Scandal or Iran/Contra and definitely Lewinsky look like a slap on the wrist misdemeanor.

  5. Its clear by now that this was a planned attack. That's the most damn part. It wasn't a riot that got out of hand, they knew weapons would be there, trump tried to get more weapons in, and this was all planned ahead of time.

  6. Stating the obvious, but boy do these type of things sure run a lot smoother without childish obstructionists from the GOP trying to make it all about theatrics and a clown show.

  7. This format is also a lot smoother and more coherent than the 5 minute back and forth. Even if the normal hearings had no insane republicans, the 5 minute thing just leads every member to want their 5 minutes to shine and we barely get to hear the person testifying say much of anything

  8. It is still so bizarre to me that Fox News was dictating talking points to the POTUS, and that Republicans still can't recognize they were (and still are) being fed propaganda 24/7.

  9. Hunter Biden is literally an emotional diaper for fascists. Anytime they're in a position that's inarguable, just pull the Hunter lever.

  10. As someone who has watched most of the Congressional hearings after 2018, this is by far the most coherent and easy to follow one of them all.

  11. I spent 20 years in the military and I am agog that any General Officer would ever have to take the Fifth in response to the question "Do you believe in the peaceful transition of power?"

  12. Vet and current fed....this is sadly just about what I see everyday. Most recent commander (O5) started his first training day with a presentation from prager-u.

  13. "To see a retired four-star general who swore an oath to defend the country and the Constitution plead the Fifth when asked if he believed in the peaceful transfer of power in America is another stunning moment today."

  14. The article is buried in 56th place on FoxNew website right now. Right below a story about Ben Afflek's 10 year-old son accidentally backing Ben's car into another car and an Airbnb part ban article.

  15. If a Democratic Administration did these things, I would be equally disgusted and condemn everything. Unfortunately many “conservatives” are deluded

  16. Ironclad evidence that intelligence and the White House knew days in advance that terrorists were coming to DC to target Congress.

  17. Donald Trump wanted as many armed people as possible at his rally, he knew they weren’t there to hurt him, and he directed them to the Capitol. Today we learned Trump floated the idea of giving a speech on the HOUSE FLOOR. That is a mass murder and coronation.

  18. That and when the secret service expressed their safety concerns to Trump he said "They're not here to hurt me" which is the cherry on top. He knew things would get bad, he knew the crowd was aiming to hurt elected officials and he intended for it to happen. He's a fucking traitor.

  19. She’s worked for some real creeps. Those creeps will now begin to drag her through the mud. Her life is going to be terrible for the foreseeable future , at least on social media and conservative news outlets.

  20. CNN reporting the committee met in a secure location this AM to discuss classified materials prior to today's hearing.

  21. A top former general taking the fifth on “if he believes there should be a peaceful transition of power?” What the hell?!? Both my parents are military, it’s crazy to hear that from anyone who even was remotely associated with the military, especially such a top ranking officer

  22. It’s not an exaggeration to think Trump’s plan was to make a dramatic entrance into the House chambers to declare to the world that he was the next President, while his “soldiers” were storming through the halls of Congress looking for Pelosi, Pence, etc. That’s chilling.

  23. That closing statement is basically, "We have receipts of your perjury. Would you like to flip now?"

  24. A warrant for his arrest should have been issued years ago, but today is acceptable, at least until we have the ability to go back in time.

  25. My guess. The recent documentary subpoena has some conversations captured that connected some dots with her previous testimony.

  26. Jesus. The chairman is literally calling out the witnesses that are covering for trump and basically saying they’re pussies compared to Hutchison today.

  27. It’s nothing short of a miracle that this insurrection didn’t turn into a total bloodbath. Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony was incredibly brave and shocking. When Liz Cheney read the messages about witness tampering, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up.

  28. It's unprecedented. This is the first time Trump has tried to strangle someone who wasn't a female subordinate.

  29. Trump wanting the metal detectors removed and stating "They're not here to hurt me. Let my people in. Let them March to the Capitol after this."

  30. Don't ever forget: It might be true that not all Republicans LIKE Trump, but they all ALLOWED Trump. USED Trump. Tried to LEVERAGE Trump.

  31. at this point i am convinced that the only reason Trump didn't issue those blanket pardons to everyone else involved is because he was pissed at them for failing

  32. A lot of bombshells today but the biggest was saved until the end IMO. Witness tampering is generally extremely frowned upon

  33. Trump and Fox say this is unfair because no one is telling Trumps side. Keep in mind the committee has indicated they would give him all the time he wants...so long as he does so under oath. The response...crickets.

  34. People will latch onto and joke about the ketchup and flipping tablecloths and whatnot but it's important to not let that overshadow that he knew the crowd had armed members beforehand and still sent them to the capitol. He knew they weren't there to hurt him so he wanted to stop the metal detection to get to his speech area so he could have a full crowd which could then go to the capitol from there. And then he physically assaulted his own detail and grabbed the steering wheel of the beast so he could go to the capitol with his armed supporters.

  35. I’d feel much better about the Republican Party if they actually invoked the 25th amendment. Like.. I’d understand that they were still sleezeballs but at least they cared about the country as a whole? But they didn’t. And they don’t.

  36. Speculating here, BUT it sure seems like this hearing wasn’t announced for an important reason: To protect the witness from ruthless, powerful, rich people communicating with violent extremists who might threaten her, her family, etc.

  37. It seems like Fox News was a part of the Whitehouse. Not sure if anyone Is complaining cnn or npr weren’t texting advice! Fox needs to be censured for their fuckery

  38. Flynn, a fucking US General, took the 5th when asked if he believed in the peaceful transfer of power. Wow!

  39. The Murdoch Empire has been trying to transition their fanbase from Trump to DeSantis for the past year or so. This might be a signal they’re ready to shove him off a cliff.

  40. Melania Trump's Chief of staff texted her on Jan 6th asking her to tweet 'there is no place for violence in democracy' and Melania replied that she wouldn't do it.

  41. This wasn't said explicitly... but Trump intentionally set up the Capitol police officers to be overwhelmed and ultimately killed.

  42. Just think, Rudy could have gone quietly into retirement with his reputation as "America's Mayor" and his post-9/11 leadership intact. Instead, he decided to hitch his wagon to the fascism train and is not being implicated as one of the chief organizers of the January 6th riot.

  43. The fact I'm only 90% sure that Trump will never be president again instead of 100% sure is a massive massive indictment of our electorate.

  44. We've been begging this entire time, "Why won't someone step up and tell the truth?" She may very well be that person here today and she's going to need the support of a nation because the opposing side is going to come at her with everything they have.

  45. Hutchinson confirms that Meadows, after emerging from the room with Trump, said that Trump expressed Pence deserved to be hung and the rioters were justified.

  46. Cassidy has already testified four times with the committee. I’m guessing they are calling her in to this hurried meeting because they may have found some evidence of what she has stated earlier. This also explains the worries about protecting her. Interesting.

  47. Who the fuck would have ever imagined that a white house Chief of staff aid would say "ketchup dripping down the walls" under oath in a congressional hearing about the president...

  48. It was actually smart how they led off her testimony by showing her fraternizing with all the GOP politicians. So no one could question her Republican bona fides.

  49. I love how they always bring him up. Like who cares about his laptop y’all tried to overthrow the entire country lol

  50. Imagine being 25, thinking you have an awesome job and then having to testify in front of a Congressional committee and spending the rest of your life getting death threats from terrorists.

  51. I'm a little behind but Holy fuck, Trump attacked a secret service agent to try and have them take him to the capitol?! Like, grabbed him by the neck for not letting him go lead the insurrection himself?

  52. I’m a little behind but holy fucking shit Flynn taking the fifth to being asked if he believed in the peaceful transition of power!

  53. When a young, impressionable, completely loyal aid suddenly turns on you during a historically televised Congressional hearing...

  54. If Trump & Co don't get in some SERIOUS shit after all this then this country is finished. I mean, he could be president AGAIN in a couple of years. Then what?

  55. The President of the United States Knowingly let armed people March on Congress, because he was concerned about the crowd size and knew they were not there to target him.

  56. Well. Hunter Biden is trending. You know what that means. Something big is about to drop that the GOP does not want you (their voters) to see.

  57. Flynn plead fifth on ‘peaceful transition of power’ question! How to say you’re a traitor without saying you’re a traitor!

  58. And the worst nightmare just came to pass. The hearings are showing for all the world to see that Trump was willing to burn this country to the ground just so he could be in charge of the ashes. Anyone who still supports this is a traitor.

  59. Knowing that Ms Hutchinson isn’t entitled to the level of Secret Service protection and security, coupled with knowing how how far towards violence some of Trump’s supporters have shown they’re willing to go for him, is really heartbreaking. I hope that only will she be safe but also feel safe; I cannot imagine the feeling of such a weight on your shoulders when you are in the hot seat sharing this information live and to the world….even if you had made the choice to want to share that information, it does not make it any easier or less stressful.

  60. I’m thinking they have another White House insider wanting to flip and now testify. Getting this testimony on the public record here’s a way of telling this other person that we have a real good idea of everything that went on so we will know if you’re not being forthcoming in your testimony.

  61. Reminder, 2A was intended to prevent a tyrannical government, not to create one. All those people from the 6th need to take a civics class... in prison.

  62. Donald Trump knew the people in the crowd were armed, but not armed to harm him. Then told them they would March to the capital. Holy fucking shit.

  63. Regardless of anything else today, just remember that Cassidy Hutchinson's life is going to be threatened in every conceivable way after this, she will be dragged through the mud, called every name possible, and that she is probably, more than anyone who has testified so far- going to save the Republic.

  64. They cannot just "let the voters sort it out" after this. People need to be officially recognized as seditionists for aiding and abetting this insurrection and thereby barred from office. Conservatives can pearl-clutch and riot all they want about it; our country is more important than their feelings

  65. So she's painting the picture that this might have actually all been planned at the highest levels...damn, would love to see Meadows squirm somewhere!

  66. Apparently the final straw was Meadows providing no legal support or any support otherwise when the feds started breathing down her neck about things he did. Reason number 100000 from the Trump administration why you should always be kind to your employees.

  67. So Trump basically acknowledges there’s people there for violence. Not against him though, so he’s glad to have them. That’s seriously insane, this is a slam dunk.

  68. Okay they have the goods on Trump. Any media pundit that says they can't prove criminal intent is gaslighting the public to keep Republicans out of prison.

  69. I need to know who Meadows was on the phone with for 25 minutes. Cheney wouldn’t have brought that up if the committee didn’t have receipts.

  70. Quick reminder that NUMEROUS prominent Republican officials knew all of this and has kept it secret for a year and a half, some even committing obstruction of justice to avoid testifying and subpoenas.

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