1. I had my second pokemon game (fire red) stolen from me in junior high. It had 6 level 100s which I had spent a long time grinding. Worst feeling of that time frame for sure.

  2. Same here, I had a level 100 slowking on it and I had lost touch with the friend who i traded with and owned the trade cable because he moved halfway across the country.

  3. I was gifted Pokémon Blue as a child. Then Pokémon Silver and Gold (I was bought Silver for good grades) were released and my Blue team was transferred into Silver. I played it up to 8th grade. Then a year later in Highschool the whole Silver cartridge was corrupted and everything I had built as a child was wiped out. It still makes me sad honestly. Those memories were gone and some of my happiest childhood moments were linked to the game.

  4. Oh god, that is something I hate. What was the idea behind having reproduction carts like that for them games? Was it just some guy trying to troll?

  5. Oh god I had that happen with my Ruby cartridge, and I found out specifically that it would wipe the save data if I ever launched a DA game while the Ruby cartridge was in the DS(so attempting to use Pal Park was responsible for deleting my save the first few times)

  6. Had my Pokémon X cartridge thrown out by my mother when I was at school because she did a surprise cleaning of my room, and threw out the container I kept it in, had my team, naturally gotten pokerus and my first shiny on it

  7. Oh, no, I feel for you! I thought my parents were the only ones cruel enough to do "surprise cleanings". It's hard to get into collecting things when your collections get tossed in the bin every six months, because they're not in "the right place".

  8. I had a completed, legitimate from launch Moon and Ultra Moon cartridge. Had farmed whatever shinies I could, had every event Mon and gift mon. As well as a fire red from 1999 and a ruby from around 05 I wanna say, with corresponding systems. All complete with some shinies.

  9. All that and you're still with him?? Sounds like you and your baby would be better off with someone else (not volunteering, just saying)

  10. That is so sad :( I am so sorry about that! We are all allowed to have the things in life that makes us happy, no matter what.

  11. I remember that I traded my Garchomp from my original Platinum save file (my first Pokemon game) for my dragonair on my Soul silver save file. I traded them because I wanted to train up my dragonair and it seemed easier to do on Platinum and I wanted to trade my Garchomp over simply cause it seemed cool to trade a powerful dragon type for another powerful dragon type. That Soul Silver save file got corrupted and I lost my Garchomp and all my Soul Silver Pokemon as a result.

  12. Well, I lost two Virtual Console Red saves over selecting a glitch item I shouldn't have selected...

  13. I had someone gift me a Pearl. I went through all this effort to beat it and send up pokemon from gen 3. Then the person kept trying to make me trade them to them, but I didn't want to especially since a good chunk were from the last game my mom played with me.

  14. As a kid on a family vacation, I accidentally left my case of GBA/GB games in the hotel room and couldn’t get it back. Lost dozens of games, including physical copies of RBY and GSC

  15. Pokémon silver. I had a great typhlosion near the end game and was experimenting with the cloning process I had heard about. You save by changing Pokémon boxes and turn the power off quickly. If you do it right the last Pokémon you deposited will stay in your team. I did it wrong. It was gone forever. I cloned two Eevee and raised Espeon and Umbreon as my new starter, stopping everything until they were perfect. Just to try the new boys out.

  16. My HeartGold corrupted, not sure why. I just saved and put it down so I could nap, next time I booted it up everything was gone... I shiny hunted for both Ho-Oh, Suicune, and had my Carvanha from Sapphire on it. Ouch

  17. Grinded for hours to find a chansey so I can trade for the aerodactyl. I found the npc and did the trade and my sister decides to smack the game boy cartridge so my game froze. I threw my game boy at her and then she told my mom.

  18. I was at a weekly card tournament with my cousins (circa 99 or 00, me about 14yo or something). I had just caught Lugia, one of my favorites, right before on Silver. My young cousin got knocked out early, and asked to play my game as I brought mine and he did not bring his. No, he will not save over my file (spoiler).

  19. On vacation, I was forced to let my little cousin (7) play my Pokémon red which had my first completed Pokédex on it. I told him he could play a new game, just no matter what he did, don’t save it. He saved it.

  20. I lost my Diamond cartridge somehow. It had a Manaphy from the Toys R' Us distribution from back in 2007. Otherwise The only saves I've lost are from the Gameboy games' battery running dry.

  21. I completed the Pokédex and had all final evos to lv 100 on Pokémon silver. The battery died and I was devastated. It was so bad that my dad bought me crystal before I could even ask.

  22. I have all the legendaries & mythicals Pokemon giveaway during 20th Anniversary on my corrupted Omega Ruby save

  23. Original diamond cartridge was lost to my old dog getting nervous about being left in my room when he was a puppy. RIP RJ (also my first shiny was lost that day)

  24. So I’ve been playing Pokémon my whole life, back during Gen 6 I had all my Pokémon from my childhood on my copy of Alpha Sapphire… and I lost that shit while on vacation 😭😭 literally had my childhood on it and I still haven’t recovered from that loss

  25. Back in 2000, my dog chewed up my Pokémon Gold cartridge. I had my first Gold file on it, including a prized Lapras, and the chip was badly damaged.

  26. HG just corrupted out of no where. Lost my whole collection because id moved everything from emerald to DPPT and then over to here because HG had the most content IMO. It was a dark day. I feel my biggest loss was TOM my Blaziken and first lvl 100. I'd played since gen 1 but the games had never really encouraged getting to 100, but between emerald and plat postgame i had gotten.

  27. I was playing Pokemon Fire Red. I had already played through Leaf Green a little bit ago, and for some reason decided to play on the save that must have been my mother's, since it had a name she uses for her WoW characters.

  28. It’s my own damn fault. When I was little, I was a really sore loser. The embarrassment of losing a battle and being sent back to the Pokémon Center was so overwhelming to me that I’d immediately shut off the console and take a break. Which was fine until I was playing through Emerald. I made it to Mauville with no deaths, and I finally got to Watson, lost, and did my usual anger shut off. I booted the game up the next day and I was in the moving van in Littleroot. I made it all the way to the third gym and didn’t save even once. I’m also the type of person who will spend way too much time nicknaming, so those were all special sentimental babies that I Thanos’d in a perfectionist tantrum.

  29. I played Pokémon White 2 emulated. Save file wasn't anything special, I had completed and rematched the Pokémon League, gotten a shit ton of wins in the PWT, and did the other post-game missions. I had my beloved and reliable Samurott named Triton, powerhouses Persephone the Chandelure and Minos the Haxorus, and my slow pivot king Zeus the Ampharos. I was planning to get the 5-star trainer card when I had more time to sink, but when I did find more time, I checked back and the save file was corrupted and unable to be played. Heart still hurts

  30. i had a ultra sun game with all of my pokémon from the last idk 10 years? (tons of shinies, legendaries, mythics, event mon) probably 800 or so pokemon. the game file got corrupted and i had to delete it. didn’t touch pokémon for a year. restarted the game and the same thing happened after i finished the game.

  31. My first ever pokemon, an Empoleon named Tsunami, is stuck forever in Pokemon Ranch. I can still see him, but I can't get him out. So close, but gone forever. Man literally got sent to the farm.

  32. When I was a kid, my dumb ass traded my level 100 charizard for a regular ass unknown in crystal version with some kid in daycare. Why?! I can't even remember why I did that! I still regret that trade to this day.

  33. Hisuian avalugg, I wanted a shiny one and i got it pretty quickly, i just didnt save in a while and i had filled up the dex quite a bit. After i got it, game crashed. 7. HOURS. WORTH. OF. GAMEPLAY. WASTED. I have loathed hisuian avalugg ever since, and i liked the form too. So I hate that I hate it. But I cant forgive it for what it did.

  34. About 15 years ago I lost my save on my Yellow cartridge that I had been playing since I was 10. I was 5 Pokémon away from completing my Pokédex and all the ones I was missing were all in that game. I was so close but one day I went back and it was gone. It can still hold a save so I don't think the battery died. I had a Magmar and Jolteon in that game that I loved.

  35. Not sure if it counts but as a kid I had a gen 2 cartidge that couldnt save so I lost the save every time I stopped playing for the day.

  36. My cousin made a new game on the sapphire my mom and I shared and saved over it with a treecko named BITCH lmfao. We probably had 400+ hours on that.

  37. I traded my level 98 Blaziken to my cousin to help him beat the elite four and he restarted his game

  38. While nothing as serious as some other stories in here, I managed to lose a Shiny Ghastly in the Underground in Brilliant Diamond. Due to my Roserade giving it a force affection induced crit with Giga Drain (which I believe it would‘ve barely survived otherwise).

  39. Back when I was still small, I was playing the original Pokémon Blue on the Super Gameboy. It is basically a SNES cartridge that you can insert a Gameboy game into in order to play on the TV.

  40. Family bought me a new switch and setup my account without copying or literally checking for any save files or anything. Got home to a new switch!!! And a brand new Sword file with none of my events or boxes of shinies or nothin. Couldn’t even tell them I was mad. I also have like 200+ shinies on a Pokémon Sun version but I don’t have a 3ds anymore and don’t really want to get a new one for ONE game to transfer stuff over

  41. Lost my pokemon y chip somewhere outside.had a lvl 100 shiny dragonite, manaphy, probably a celebi, and a Lvl 100 Shiny Darkrai. Luckily i got spare Shiny Darkrais and dragonites in Omega Ruby. I was mostly pissed cz i was really vlose to becomes Duke/dutchess. Oh well

  42. The batteries of my Gold and Silver games have run out of juice, and I'm too afraid to learn that I've lost my very first Pokémon save file to boot up Crystal. Aside from that, during a trip my 3DS case containing my console and my copies of X, OR, and Moon was stolen from me.

  43. when I was a kid I had my copy of blue in my packet and my mom washed it. I had just finsiy collectioning all the pokemon. Game would keep a save anymore. I called Nintendo and told them what happened. They sent me a new copy with every pokemon on save file and an envelope to send my ruined copy back. 💜 Mad me a fan for life

  44. All of the Pokémon I had assembled over the years in the GBA & DS era were lost on a single copy of Pokémon White when I was a teenager. Had to start fresh with Sword & Shining Pearl

  45. I forgot to transfer my shiny diglett from soul silver to White and when I deleted my save file I felt instant anger. When grinding off of chanseys in ultra sun a shiny blissy popped up and I ran out of pokeballs so my solgaleo z moved it to death.

  46. When I was young I went through an eBay phase. My parents had gotten my first Gameboy and Gold Version off eBay, and when gen 3 came out, I was determined that eBay was the place to get the best deal. So I found a copy of Sapphire and thought nothing of it when the cartridge was plain black instead of transluscent blue.

  47. in my original platinum save file from when i first started playing the game when i was 10, i ended up getting a lot of cool pokemon and after i beat the game i spent a bunch of time just training a bunch of them

  48. I caught a shiny woobat in pokemon white version 1 but forgot to save my game. What made things worse was that it was my first wild shiny I've caught. Gyarados doesn't count.

  49. Same happened to me with a 1% full odds shiny Skitty in Ruby rom (my brother showed me the rom and I loved it so much I began to buy Pokemon games after that). Anyway. I hit load instead of save and bye bye rarest shiny I would ever find. I did finally reclaim a few months back in Omega Ruby for my shiny dream team quest. All I need now is Electrike and Flygon and my team will be complete.

  50. Was transferring some mons from sword to home before getting a new console and forgot to transfer my box with most of my shinies and other valuable mons.

  51. My original very first Pokémon, my OG charizard from fire red. Don't remember what exactly happened, was probably destroyed when messing with action replay back before I knew better. However, I still have one of his descendants that I bred in soul silver in the bank.

  52. I lost my Pokémon X save due to my younger sibling accidentally flushed it down the toilet, fortunately I got a replacement save in Pokémon Y with a virtual copy

  53. Shiny Clawitzer. Basically, I used my brothers 2DS because mine had a damaged charging port making it unable to charge. But his 2DS was pretty buggy to where dropping it on a mattress from a height of about 7 inches. I was shiny hunting using the chain fish method, since I did that 90% of the time because it was easy shinies. I found a shiny clawitzer after about say, half an hour or maybe an hour of chain fishing, and I dropped the ds on my mattress, which caused the game to freeze. All I could look at was a zoomed in shiny clawitzer

  54. Not a Pokemon...an item. I caught a Chansey in the Safari Zone in LeafGreen. I'm sure you might know how hard Chansey is to catch in the older games. Well....the Chansey I caught, was HOLDING A LUCKY EGG! Extremely rare item that had me so excited. Well...ai wanted to reset the game, and was trading over Pokemon to FireRed that I wanted to keep, and I put it on one of them. But then I realized that I forgot to transfer that Pokemon only after I already deleted the file. I was devastated. It broke me. Tears were shed.

  55. I wouldn't say lost, but I've purposely and regrettably deleted my Pokemon Y save file twice. I didn't know how to trade or transfer mons to my other game, so I had a lot of personal connections cut in the process that I didn't even know I had.

  56. Cousin stole my soulsilver with celebi and took it to school to show off and another kid jacked his whole ds.

  57. Around 8 years old I had a copy of Pokémon Yellow, I had a lot of hours on it, to where I beat the elite 4, am almost completed Pokédex and my cousin asked if he could see it and he gives it back 5 minutes later and I turn the gameboy on to get the message “The Save File Was Destroyed!” I still don’t know what he did to this day

  58. I shiny hunted and leveled up charizard, dragonite , machamp , alakazam , gengar and golem to lvl100 in Fire Red on the GBA and my little brother melted the cartridge when he hit his "let's burn stuff with a lighter I stole from my dad" phase. I felt dead inside for like a week.

  59. Hope you one day find it. I'd be devastated if I lost my Ultra Moon game due to how much time I've spent on it. I'm incredibly protective over it, but I plan on restarting it after I transfer everything I want to keep to my Ultra Sun game.

  60. I bought a new 3DS and was transferring my data over doing it the SD card in my computer back to the DS was and didn't put my Pokemon in Home and thought I didn't do the transfer correctly so I did it again. Turns out the data is protected to ensure you can't copy it so all my data was deleted. Had a couple shinies and a mostly complete national dex up to X & Y. I was mostly mad I lost the shiny dogs and event pokemon

  61. I had a copy of Soulsilver that one day, when I opened it up, it had someone else’s save on it with zero badges, just before the first gym. To this day I have no idea how that happened, but all of my old Pokémon from that save are gone(I had beaten Red and caught most of the legendaries available iirc)

  62. Pokémon Blue. An accident losing power while saving resulted in it erasing all my pokémon except the ones in my current box. It was my main box for battle ready pokémon, so I was able to finish the game, but I lost some favorites. Including my prised Sandslash, which I had named Sandy because I'm so clever.

  63. My original save file for Pokémon Diamond got wiped for no reason so I lost all of my main Gen 4 Pokémon as well as all of my Pokémon from my first ever Pokémon game FireRed, which I had transferred over

  64. Back in 2015, I think, I remember opening up Pokémon X to find a corruption message saying all of my data had been lost and my game would have to be restarted, I think this was caused by the old Lumiose City Glitch. This was an awful experience for me since Pokémon X was my first Pokémon game and it was my first Playthrough save file that corrupted. This corruption was even worse than just deleting my save file, it left the game semi unplayable for multiple years. It made it so anytime the game tried to save it would freeze. I would play through the beginning of Pokémon X a countless amount of time hoping one day it would work again. It eventually did one day but soon after the game wouldn't even be read the the 2DS anymore, and I ended up getting a new copy of X that I still have to this day.

  65. This summer my switch broke down during a session of animal crossing. When I tried to restart my switch wouldn't come out of the Black screen. This was tragic to me as almost all of my best and rarest pokemon were still on my sword and legends arceus. Pokemon I had sense Emerald. And because I couldn't just stick my Micro SD into another switch without deleting everything I had completely lost everything that wasn't on Bank, sense that's tied to a completely different save system.

  66. I just remembered the time in legends that I found a shiny Graveler caught it accidentally closed the game lost it then 2 minutes later got another shiny Graveler. I was dumbfounded at my and this was before I got the shiny charm.

  67. Lost my save file in 2017 for Pokémon sun had my main team that I bred along with a majority of my level 100s and legends and mythical sup to hoenn and quit came back this early 2021 but yeah kinda lost the charm since then. I rarely play now but will definitely come back if megas were a thing but I don’t think that’s happening.

  68. I once lost my best friend's Mew. He was letting me borrow it, and in the process of trading - this was in the Game Boy Color days so were were using a cable - I accidentally unplugged the cable mid-trade and the Mew was gone.

  69. My dad wanted to try Pokémon to connect with me, it was really sweet, but he thought all the name options when creating a character were separate saves. Fs in the chat for my comp ready Ruby team

  70. I had the same Gengar from Heartgold make it’s way to Black to X where it mega evolved. Had my 3DS not been stolen years ago it probably would have Gigantamaxed

  71. Pokemon Blue Rescue Team on the DS. My little cousin deleted my entire save. I recruited every pokemon and beat all the 99 level dungeons.

  72. I don't actually know what my "first" starter was because I didn't know how to save when I got my first Pokemon game, Leaf Green for GBA. Played though the begging several times till I figured it out and picked new a starter every time. Ended up picking Squirtle the time I figured it out, so I claim that Blastoise was my first starter Pokemon, but I actually don't know.

  73. When I was a kid, I was the type of trainer who only ever used my starter and got through the game by sheer force of having 1 overleveled starter. This was also true when I played Pokémon Colloseum XD Gale of Darkness. I made that eevee into a vaporeon, I loved that vaporeon, and one day, before I had even finished GoD, I traded that vaporeon to my save file of Sapphire to cream everyone in Hoenn. This being back in the days of needing a physical link cable to trade between games, you can imagine my dismay when I learned my mother dearest had SOLD my link cable! So I was now at the tail end of Gale of Darkness with only a bunch of underleveled shadow pokemon! In the end, I wound up having to restart the whole game since I was still too young (and frankly lazy) to realize I could just train up my other pokemon.

  74. When I lost the Mew I had in the pokeball switch accessory thing. Devastating... Or the time I was a noob and reset Platinum for a new game after my boyfriend had traded me a Paras and a Larvitar. One day I will learn my lesson

  75. I've got a story about the first team rocket member. In Legends Arceus. The first buizel i caught and was going to use on my team temporarily. I saw an NPC who just "wanted to SEE a big buizel" so I sped thru dialogue and for split moment saw "do you want to give up this pokemon?" And I clicked yes and was so upset to lose Flo. And what rubs salt in the wound is that you can still see them and the name is DISPLAYED. TAUNTING ME. It was my mistake but man. Never will get over this.

  76. I had a Pokémon Silver game that I was trying to complete my Pokédex in. As a tedious task I decided one day to reset my game but not save, just play through the first couple gyms and then turn out off for a change of pace. Of course right after getting my starter I realized how much easier and faster it would be if I cloned him a few times. So, as you do, I went and deposited him in the PC, switched boxes, and as the "SAVING THE GAME DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER..." text came up I turned it off.

  77. The save battery in my copy of pokemon red died, but I had another copy of pokemon red with a working save battery so I played that one

  78. My copy of Pokemon Emerald worked like a charm when I first got it, and I played religiously. Ground out my team for weeks back in high school, got through Victory Road and stood right in front of the door to the Pokemon League. Saved my game and went to sleep. Woke up the next morning to the message that the save file had been corrupted because the internal battery had died. All that work, gone, and I just didn't have the time to go through it again.

  79. My first play through of Pokémon Black got corrupted back in the day. It contained my second ever level 100, which was Reshiram

  80. Back when Red/Blue came out, someone told my friend that if they go to their save file and hold down a certain button combination that they would open a cheat menu.

  81. My little brother lost my White 2 game, he took it because he knew it was my favorite and he was mad at me for some reason. It had all my legendaries from previous games on it including a level 100 shiny Arceus from an event you had to go to GameStop for. I was heart broken, but we move on

  82. Every physical game and console I grew up playing are at my mom’s house, who I went no contact with ages ago. I think about those games a lot, but I absolutely can never go get them for my safety.

  83. I forgot to save after my first shiny. I think I was 8 then. I thought my lotad wasn’t shiny anymore after it evolved, so I reset to get my lotad back. Except shiny lotad wasn’t there afterward. 8-year-old me looked for it in the grass but couldn’t find it again. I guess I didn’t have enough patience to shiny hunt.

  84. So, it wasn't me, but my ex. He had a paid file of Pokémon bank back in like 2015. A few years later we are in the process of breaking up, and since he didn't play Pokémon anymore (ya know, bc it was something I enjoyed and he was super checked out of doing anything that made me smile) I asked if I could have his Pokémon. Ofc he said no, but I was like biiiiitch. So, when he wasn't home, I went to pull his shinies and legendaries. Shitty, I know, but if you knew the whole story you'd have stolen them too. But, I digress, he had let his subscription lapse, so when I opened it up, his entire collection of Pokémon that had been sitting in there waiting for transfer to the next generation was just gone. Completely wiped. I simply chuckled.

  85. The first main series game I owned was Pearl, but I lost that catridge (along with a few other assorted games that were in the same case) years and years ago, no idea where it went. Lost my first ever level 100, too.

  86. When I was like 12 I had Pokémon Sapphire, my all time favorite game. Had every single Pokémon in the game, I probably logged like 500 hours into it. Then my sister deleted the save file entirely...

  87. Oh my, had a few over the years but one always sticks out. When I was really young I was able to get a legit Gen 1 mew during a distribution in August 2000. About 6 or 7 years later a "friend" threw my blue cartridge against concrete and my save was gone.

  88. When I was in middle school we had to go to the gym and sit on the bleachers after the bus dropped us off, to wait for the rest of the busses to drop everyone else off. My bus was one of the first so I went into an empty gym to sit and wait. My friend found a copy of Pokemon Pearl in the bleachers and already had a copy, so he gave it to me. I had Diamond already so I was stoked to have Pearl now. (It was probably wrong of my middle school self to not try to find the owner but we were the only ones there at that point and the save file name was a fake name so we had no leads to who it belonged to.) I played the game when I got home and found that the game had a complete Pokedex, including Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arceus. I didn't know these pokemon existed at this point so my mind was THOROUGHLY blown. As luck would have it, I also lost that random copy of Pearl. A couple of years went by and I decided to investigate the whereabouts of this game, so I started looking into every nook and cranny of my parents car. I found the game at long last and decided to pop it in again, but there was a twist... It was a completely different copy of Pearl... It was a used car, and the kids of the previous owner must have lost that one. I was really sad to have lost those Mythical pokemon, but even over a decade later, I still have my random second copy of Pearl that I found.

  89. I had a glitchy copy of Pokemon Silver. It would act normal until you beat the Elite Four but whenever you tried to restart the game after beating them it would say the save file was corrupted. I tried this at least 5 times and it always happened so I figured the people saying you got to go to Kanto again were lying (I was around 10).

  90. When I was 8 years old, I played about 180 hours in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness on my family GameCube. My brothers had been pestering me to play COD or something, so my Dad asked if I could share with them. I told him that I couldn’t save the game for some weird reason and thought that maybe if I hit the 100th floor of Mt. Battle I would be able to save and quit. My brothers ended up turning it off during the night. I lost all my progress. I was at floor 97.

  91. My very first run through ever of a pokemon game, Pearl. I can't explain how much time and effort I put into my pokemon. I actually really adored my empoleon and Palkia at the time. I let my brother use my DS ONE TIME and he deleted my save data so he could start a new game... I was distraught.

  92. My brother lend my first cart (firered) to his friend so he can action replay pokemon we cant get such as celebi in. The cart subsequently become lost somehow, cant remember exactly how

  93. Heart Gold, bread, ev trained, perfect iv for the team I was wanting to use "competitively" in a small competition between friends.

  94. My first Pokémon was a Squirtle from Pokémon Firered that I had received as a birthday present when I was 8. I transferred that blastoise through every game I could up until SoulSilver, but my cartridge got water damaged and I was never able to get it going again. I’m 26 now and still upset about it.

  95. I once lost the save file to my Pokemon Crystal. Had that file since I was a kid. A few tears were shed for the memories of my Typhlosion and Mewtwo. As well as the rest of my mostly psychic team.

  96. When I was in school still I lost a full Pokedex (except mew and celebi) Pokemon Gold save. It wasn't even the battery, just got corrupted for some reason. This was back in like 2002 where to trade you had to annoy friends and anyone you knew who played lol.

  97. I lost my Pokémon from my childhood save of Yellow due to a data corruption. I went to great lengths to try to save them, going so far as to break out a hex editor to try and piece together the save data from it and a preexisting save, but alas. It still haunts me to this day, especially since I religiously back things up to try and prevent this kind of thing from happening.

  98. Pretty sure I cried when I got the "internal battery has run dry" message in Silver. I've played it on ROMs since then and I LOVED SoulSilver but the original Silver has the most nostalgia for me of any of the games. I would never bother playing the cartridge version again though since there'd always be the risk of losing everything. Nintendo can get pissy about ROMs all they like but I played the original game to death and there's no point playing on a cartridge that could be wiped without warning.

  99. True story: I had collected 149 Pokemon in Yellow. This was back in like 1999. I needed one more. I think it was Primeape. I had a friend over who was going to trade me Primeape. We were climbing a ladder to go into the playroom to trade Pokemon. My cartridge fell out of my pocket while I was climbing up. It bounced off every rung of the ladder before falling to the floor.

  100. I was practically a fetus when it happened, but it still kind of hurts to this day, because the internal battery ran out in my copy of Sapphire, and I lost my dragon type team and over 300 hours of enraptured gameplay in five seconds.

  101. Bonus story: My brother traded his party over to my copy of Pokemon White when I was a young, dumb teenager, and I thought it would be fun to play around with an Action Replay. I ended up getting that save file obliterated, along with his party, and my collection. I shit you not, the man hasn't returned to Pokemon since then.

  102. Reset my Moon a while back to replay it and transferred all the Pokémon I cared about to my Ultra Sun, including my playthrough team. I remembered using a Leafeon on that team, but I already had a team of six so I brushed it off and assumed that, if I did use it, it got replaced by something else, probably the Lunala at the end of the game, and I didn't beat the league with it. Fast forward to very recently and I learned about ribbons and wanted to see which ones my Pokémon had. I checked my Ultra Sun and saw that my team had the Alola Champion ribbon. Primarina, Oshawott, Toxapex, Snorlax, Lunala... imagine the look on my face when I saw that the Incineroar that I thought I beat the league with didn't have that ribbon, meaning that a member of my team, probably the Leafeon, never came with me to Ultra Sun and got deleted alongside my Moon.

  103. My ex’s sibling “borrowed” my Moon and erased my full odds shiny Rowlet that I got from resetting starting Pokémon. I wasn’t pleased. I think it was 400+ resets.

  104. i lost a pokemon alpha sapphire that had a lot of pokemon from previous games on it, ie my pokemon white league team. that was 6 years ago and just a couple months ago i was able to restore my team with pkhex and a ram dumping tool that read the data from a battle video i had saved on black2 that featured that team. it was really surprising because i didnt know retrieving that data was possible

  105. I lost my Sapphire cart when I was 14. I had never tried to get a full Pokedex in Gen 1 or 2, but made a concerted effort in Gen 3. I remember I was only missing Feebas/Milotic. It hurt so bad I largely quit playing Pokemon until last year. Happy to report that I finally finished a Pokedex for the first time at age 32!

  106. I lost my original copy of pearl. It’s the one I went through late elementary school with I had darkrai and the accompanying moon legendary with from the action replay. My bumpers are broken now so I can’t activate the action replay cheat to get them again. Also I spoofed the code for 999 rare candies too so all my party was level 100 not to mention I had all the underground progress on that save as well. I feel your pain bro sorry it happened.

  107. Yes and it was 100% my fault. When Pokemon Bank first came out in early 2014 (I think) you had the first month (or maybe just a week, not sure) free to use the Bank and transfer everything you wanted from older games so you don't have to pay for it later. So I was using the Bank a lot during that free trial and transferring everything I wanted in my Y save file and that's where I messed up. My save in Y was a mess when it comes to PC Boxes since they were full of (mostly random) Pokemon and not organized at all. So the free trial was over and I thought I transferred everything to Y so I never checked the Bank during the grace period after the free trial to see if I had any Pokemon left on it.

  108. Alternate comment not as bad as my first one. In elementary school at the end of the year a kid who I assume was a 6th grader moving onto middle school said he would beat my copy of ruby and give it back in the fall. Me being the naive and wanting to see the best in people early elementary schooler that I was gave it to him and lost it forever. Luckily I didn’t have much on that save also it helped that I had copy of emerald I have to this day on the gameboy.

  109. Unfortunately I've had both. Ive lost some Pokemon due to a faulty link cable in Gen 3. My friend and I were trading some Pokémon (a Kingdra, Huntail and a shiny though I can't for the life of me remember what shiny it was). This was also the first ever shiny we had and the first time we got Kingdra and Huntail as we just found out how we could get them. During the trade we got an error and one of our games messed up and the save was reset to an earlier save.

  110. I completed Pokémon coliseum and did mount battle and got Ho-Oh I think I moved him to ruby and I was trying to get a shiny jirachi and ……. I started a new game and lost the Ho-Oh …… sad boi days

  111. Got emerald a few years ago and was grinding competitive Pokémon to move up to the switch. Had a box full of a bunch of Pokémon I ev trained for hours. Lost it after I accidentally pushed my game too hard (around the light switch) while I was saving and the game hard reset. Lost everything :(

  112. When I was in elementary school I let a neighbor borrow my pokemon silver and game boy advanced and for some reason I was surprised when he made a new game instead of playing my 100+ hour save file.... I was a stupid kid

  113. Action Replay murdered everything I had in Black which was also every mon I ever caught from Red, Gold, Ruby, and Pearl. 😔

  114. I randomly lost my Crystal save file because apparently the virtual store game is a complete piece of shit. Thankfully I didn't put insane time into it, but upon opening it up one day after a long while it just told me it was corrupt and only gave me a New Game option. The rest of my 3DS and everything on it works completely fine.

  115. Yes I lost my Shiny Nihilego thanks to my Brother letting one of his stupid friends borrow the game but guess what they “lost” it.

  116. I lost six of them at once. They were in a 3ds carry/game case along with a copy of animal crossing and another game I can't remember. A Pokémon white 2 cart, Pokémon sun/moon/ultra sun/ultra moon, and platinum. Absolutely soul crushing, especially since that Pokémon white two copy was my first ever Pokémon game.

  117. I got a full odds shiny caterpie in xy but that was on a cardrive and exactly at this moment we did arrive so we had to go and I left my 3Ds there without saving anything tha was my first shiny and I can never get it back

  118. I once bought a used copy of pokemon yellow. It had a Gengar and a mew on the team, which at the time were impossible for me to get. I had this friend absolutely beg me to borrow the game. Wouldn't fucking stop. Eventually I said, sure, as long as you don't delete the current save data under any circumstances. He later claimed his sister stole it from him and deleted the save data.

  119. I wanted to play a new run on pokemon X. Only after I transferred all the pokemon in the bank and I've deleted the save file I realized that the battle box was still full. I'm still grieving on my poor Gale (Lucario) and an old Zapdos...

  120. I've dedicated quite a lot of time in shiny hunting on my ORAS game. One night after a long day I decided to hunt in this game again, though being very tired. Waking up the next morning thinking that I must have turned of my DS when saving bc I have trouble loading up ORAS again. Later people told me that no this wasn't most likely the reason. The save file just got corrupted and that's the end. Worst part is that I had so many very valuable shinies on that file, so much time invested, so many trophies for those lovely memories. I really love zebstrika, one of my favourite electric types. So you can imagine how pumped I was when I got shiny zebstrika within 70 encounters, being naive nature and having hidden power grass ... on my birthday! It's like everything came together, was one of my happiest moments. And then everything came apart

  121. I lost my original Crystal save file. I was playing the game trough GB Tower on Stadium 2, when the transfer pack ended up losing its connection during a save while moving Pokemon to my box. When I opened the hame on my GBC, it came with a message saying the data had been corrupted.

  122. Back in the day, my younger sibling deleted my Pokemon Blue save a few times and then it got stolen, with my blue Gameboy.

  123. Back when Black/White had the dream world before the servers were shutting down, I left my Gyarados in the dream world and havent had time to play pokemon back then. Hopefully it’s dreaming well

  124. 10 year old me played Pokémon Yellow constantly as a kid. I had an almost complete Pokédex and I loved the Pokémon on the save, it was my first Pokémon game

  125. My Ultra Moon save file got deleted by my little brother. It wouldn't hurt so much if it didn't contain my shiny Metagross, which I shiny hunted for 12+ hours.

  126. When i was a kid our dog chewed up 3 emerald cartridges. Always specifically emerald, never any other game. And she would go out of her to way to get to them. It's not like i left them on the floor or anything

  127. I had a 200+h Pokémon shield savedata with a load of self breeded shiny and competetiv mons. Was about to attend at my first official tournament. Then my switch died and with it my beloved shiny mimikyu. I wish Pokémon would support cloud savedata in future…

  128. I had a shiny flygon i encountered when I was young, caught it and used it to beat the league, then transferred it to pearl and then my brother did new game and got bored after an hour... I still haven't forgiven him and he knows.

  129. Happened about a year ago on my pokemon Sheild save. Had like 500 hours give or take. Had just moved up ally shinies from home and figured I'd basically done everything possible, and then my switch breaks. Thing just dies, and apparently either Pokemon SwSh doesn't back up to the cloud or mine just didn't back up. So not only did I lose 500 hours, I lost every shiny pokemon I basically owned that could at least move up to SwSh and then lost my beloved team. Real motivation killer right there.

  130. Gen 1 red was at my grandma's and showed a family friends son my lvl 100 charizard. I go off up stairs for a hour or so and don't play my game til later that night, my charizard was now lvl 36

  131. My black 2 cartridge just stopped working one day for no apparent reason. No DS could read the cartridge anymore. To say I entered a state of despair would be an understatement.

  132. Years ago my mother sold all my Pokémon games after reading a blog post about how they were “pocket devils.” I had event Pokémon like victini and shiny entei raikou and suicune on those cards :(

  133. My family stayed with a friend of my mum's, and while I was sleeping he decided to have a go on Pokémon silver, which I was getting close to finishing the Pokédex on. I'm not normally the type to play beyond the story, but I had decided to that time. He overwrote the save, of course. I was mostly just numb. It meant nothing to him, but a whole lot to me. It wasn't until SwSh that I bothered trying to complete the Pokédex again (which I did, all three areas).

  134. I accidentally deleted my Ultra Moon save when I meant to delete my Moon save, since I wanted to replay the original version. Ultra Moon had my competitive team on it plus a full collection of regional Vivillions.

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