1. Cacturne is my favorite grass type and I don't see a lot of love for it, unless I'm not looking in the right places which is very possible as well

  2. YES LOVE CHATOT. my horrible sinister little son. game freak gave him too much power and revoked his ability to say fuck. let my boy say fuck

  3. When I replayed Pokémon Platinum, Charap was a member of my final team! I picked Piplup, so Charap carried me through Eterna and I never had a reason to remove her from my team.

  4. Cloyster? I remember getting it back in the day of red and blue. Just loved the game sprite and the sound when it entered the battle. Always stuck with him through the years

  5. It's Maractus for me. The little guy just looks so energetic and fun! Plus, I like maracas, and a way to combine maracas with natural creatures and cacti is a great win in my book.

  6. I originally found pickup to be extremely OP in ruby/sapphire, and so I'd grab a full team of zig along with my starter, eventually switching them out as I rounded out my team. But one of them always kept a spot. Zig and linoone are unironically damn good battlers. STAB headbutt at lvl 11/9 is ridiculous for early game. So zig is an absolute staple in any RSE/ORAS run

  7. Dude Reuniclus is my go-to psychic type. I've had the same one since B&W that I've transferred over and played through to all the subsequent gens, my daughter named it Little Jello when we caught it as a Solosis, and now he's a lvl 100 beast and one of the Pokemon we've had for the longest time.

  8. Whoa now, Lanturn's cute as hecc, not to mention everything you said- you're absolutely not the only one haha!

  9. Skorupi. Little fella was one of only four Pokémon not to receive a single vote in the big popularity poll.

  10. Skoupi is top-tier monster design. It's a reverse scorpion with a claw for a stinger and and stingers for claws!

  11. Is there anyone who loves Foretress as much as I do? I love him. He’s my precious chestnut boy and I’ve loved him since I caught a Pineco in Heartgold and named it ‘Floppy’.

  12. Oh my gosh, one of my girlfriends loved pineco SO much. The idea of a pinecone that just explodes really tickled her.

  13. As an Owl he is one of my two favorite flyers. In actual gameplay he is in my opinion the most guttershite of the regional birds.

  14. I remember using a Hoothoot to cheese Morty in Soul Silver. I wound up keeping it with me throughout the rest of the game. Partly for Fly, but was also used in other battles.

  15. Weepinbell. I only talked to one other person who also shared my affection to it because she loves Grass Pokémon in general. I just like it's big dorky eyes (that's one of the reasons I like Corphish so much too).

  16. Back when I started playing Leaf Green (my first game) I had both bulbasaur and bell sprouts evolutions on my team at one point. Absolutely loved grass pokemon, and since I didn’t know it needed a leaf stone to evolve, I had weepinbell FOREVER! He was great to have on my team.

  17. Looks like a little Power Ranger or something from Ultraman, which Satoshi Tajiri has mentioned inspired him in the creation of Pokémon.

  18. Girafarig. I feel like everyone thinks it’s okay and sort of just there, but it could really shine if GameFreak would allow.

  19. Dude i recently saw the "beta" girafarig and it looks super cool, however i adore the version they went with. I always thought it was a neat pokemon

  20. Sigilyph. Never heard anyone like it but that amazing psychic bird carried me all the way through gym seven in pokemon black all those years ago

  21. I love sigliphy’s design. It’s one of the most unique Pokémon I’ve ever seen. It has a lot going on but doesn’t feel like it has too much going on at the same time!

  22. Came here to say Sigilyph as well, he may not be my absolute favorite, but I loved having him in my team in black as well. I would definitely put him in my team again. I love his design, thats my favorite thing about him

  23. I’ve never seen anyone say Electivire in any of these kinds of threads and it makes me sad. He’s my big fuzzy yellow boi and I always have him on my team when I can. Also his type coverage is nuts

  24. I went through the entire comment section and not a single person said aipom. I think he’s great and deserves more attention. I know he got a new form in Ambipom in gen 4 but I know he could do so much more.

  25. I wanted a shiny one of these for ages. But in sun and moon you couldnt chain for it so id have to full odds it and I couldn't be asked. Wanted one anyway, walk into the grass anddd...

  26. Clefable just because it's an absolute tank and awkwardly super cute. Another one would be Copperajah just because I loved using it in SWSH, and I'm biased because elephants are my favorite animals

  27. Tangela always been my favourite since I was a kid (now 29) when ever I watch nuzlokes people shit on him constantly never understood it tbh. Dude has a good move pool and has some power when it evolves. You may now roast me as you wish

  28. Gligar. I love it’s derpy purple look, and while it’s evolution looks badass, it also looks like it doesn’t belong in Pokémon. Therefore, derpy purple scorpion birdie

  29. Pretty much all gen five for me , garbodor, druaggon , drant, archipos, the monkeys, joltik. Gen five wasn't even my first game. They out classed but they done so much for me I love them

  30. I love all of those Pokémon! But lemme just say: Trubbish! It’s the cutest god damn thing! And honestly I love garbodor, it’s just a big pile of garbage. I love that a lot of gen 5 Pokémon went with the real life object idea, it and I think garbodor works perfectly, not to mention is pretty powerful too!

  31. Carnivine. It’s overlooked because it has no evolution. I used it in legends Arceus and I thought it was a solid grass type.

  32. I love Chikorita!! Definitely my favorite Johto starter, I pick it every time and happily struggle through Johto for the sake of my Meganium

  33. THIS👏🏼👏🏼 I remember my older brother would always tell me I was stupid for choosing Chikorita because it’s “weak” especially at the first gym and then I went on to completely destroy the first gym leader with Chikorita and he lost to the same gym. Plus I firmly believe someone can choose whichever starter they want and still do great. Chikorita is just such a cutie.

  34. My favorite part is that it is a normal type and there is nothing normal about it. Like it is a snake with wings that kiiiinda work, but it lives underground and it has a drill for tail. So if it is subterranean why does it have wings and if it drills tunnels and lives underground why isn’t it a ground type? It is so confusing and I love it so much because of that.

  35. Who cares about that, in the competitive side of things the vast majority of Pokémon are useless. Noivern is cool as hell. Straight up my third favorite Dragon after Tyrantrum and Garchomp.

  36. Noivern is one of the coolest designs we've ever gotten, Next to Tyrantrum. Named mine Licorice and he's my absolute favorite dragon.

  37. Due to Pikachu’s popularity, I’ve always felt like OG Raichu gets no love. Raichu’s been my favorite since Blue, and was my first lv100 mon.

  38. Raichu is my all time favorite as well! His design is amazing, the lore behind alolan form is cute, his grounding the tail during moves is a great touch, and his sprite noise is top notch! Love that little big guy!

  39. I feel like Meloetta is Underrated. I have literally never seen a person online battle with her in XY. I have seen Genesect, Keldeo, and even Victini in online battles. I can understand how her type change makes battling a little unusual but I was able to work around it and she's pretty great. Meloetta represents music and the second I saw her on TV in Unova, I new she was my pokemon lol. One day for my birthday, my brother got me a random 10 card pokemon pack and guess what was in it, a Meloetta EX. Greatest gift ever!

  40. Hypno! Had one in a leaf green run through and it slayed everything. I do t care about competitive so I loved the sucker

  41. listen up! My favorite Rapidash... It... cute... lovely... smart... plus... amazing... you think so?... oh yes... it... stunning... kindly... love it! Hug it... when... sleeping... warm and cuddly... spectacular... ravishing... ...Oops! Look at the time! I kept you too long! Thanks for hearing me out!

  42. I love Trubbish. There was a scene in a Pokémon movie (I believe it was the Keldeo one, not too sure since this was years ago) where a Garbodor is sharing apples with a group of Trubbish. They seemed like such a happy little family! I’ve had a soft spot for them ever since.

  43. Absol for me. Especially pre-mega evolution revived it a bit. It's decent for a single stage mon, but get overshadowed by the multi-tier options

  44. Always said Chatot. Not super strong except for scarf Boomburst, but a little talking parrot guy is such a fun sounding companion. I wish he wasnt so frail

  45. The pidgey line is one of my favorite Pokémon. I had one named DECK!!! whom was my first Pokémon I got to level 100. He’s gone through each of my games that he’s been allowed to travel to. And while I love Pidgey, I also love Spearow. You can get one for free in HGSS with the intent of delivering it as a messenger bird. But I loved the little guy so much, I gave the message to a different Spearow. Person ended up just taking the message without taking the Pokémon, and the Fearow went on to be part of my Elite Four team. I kidnapped this bird, but it’s fine!

  46. Not my all time favorites but I really like Vanillite and its evolutions! When I saw them for the first time they made me so happy because they have such stupid adorable smiles! Also, I love ice cream

  47. I have no idea who else loves the Litwick line, even Lampent. I know Chandelure has had its strong showing in certain battling circles, but I really do love all 3 stages. Litwick even being my second favourite pokemon of all time (top being Blaziken). Like I literally don't know how popular this pokemon is so I'm just going to claim the Litwick line.

  48. Linoone, i grew attached to my linoone named machmark in emerald, it took down 4 of phoebe's pokemon and always came in clutch throughout the whole playthrough and the pick up ability was really fun

  49. Natu and Xatu even in gen 2 it was outshone by better psychic types and the flying type wasn’t any real help. Plus by the time you can get it you probably already have a Kadabra. Despite that I like the design and I was so happy I could get one from an early Max Raid in Sword so I could use it for a good chunk of my play-through.

  50. Celebi, like there’s GOTTA be someone else that loves Celebi as much as i do but i’ve never met them. it’s my favorite pokemon.

  51. Poochyena/Mightyena. Poochyena was the first ever pokemon I caught, and I absolutely adore it and its evolution. Also, Brionne. Gen 7 is one of my favorite generations, yet I don’t see the Popplio line get a whole lot of love compared to Rowlet and Litten. I just think Brionne is super cute :)

  52. Shedinja, I always thought it’s evolution was really clever and it’s ability seems intimidating but I love it!

  53. Swoobat!! My boyfriend told me not to use it on a run through because it’s weak but I loved it so much I decided to try it out and it helped me out big time with the elite four

  54. Porygon-Z! One time a random person saw my Pokémon shirt and asked what my favorite Pokémon and that's what I told him, and his reply was "Your answer upsets me." His loss though. I think Porygon-Z is delightfully weird.

  55. While Aggron is my favorite Pokémon, the one underrated Pokémon that I love is Drampa. I love the color green so that’s a plus for me. But I love how it’s both cuddly, but also fearsome at the same time. I know there’s a lot of cool dragon types, but I just love Drampa.

  56. Magikarp and not because what it evolves to, I just love those red fish. They may be weak attack wise but wow are they able to survive a lot kinda like sunfish lol

  57. I don't think I've ever read a comment anywhere where someone said Dhelmise was one of their favourites, so I guess I'll be the first.

  58. Gulpin, I had one when I was a kid and that thing hard carried me through a couple gyms with it’s poison typing. Never forgot my beautiful moustached boy

  59. I assumed Heracross was well loved because I loved it, but I never see them being spoken about in Pokémon discussions. So my answer is Heracross. They’re so cute and have carried some of my teams and I like the creative ways they need to be caught (headbutting trees, honey, after 8pm, from what I can remember)

  60. My favorite is that little shit ball that rolled all the way down Mt coronet on purpose. Fuckin love spheal.

  61. For me it’s Haxorus. I fell in love with him when I first got one I’m Pokémon white. He was my sweeper and honestly my ace on my team

  62. Trevenant! I always wanted to be a ghost type gym leader and have a gym that was a spooky moving forest puzzle, and at the end it's revealed that I just love Trevenant so much that I have tons of them milling about my gym making it hard for trainers to come face me!

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