1. Check out the website co-Optimus.com it lists all coop games available for systems and you can filter for things you like. Divinty games have local split screen.

  2. Haha. When I see games that have up to 8 players on local co-op, I always wonder who has that many friends who will all sit together that long.

  3. Same. Being in my early 30s, all my friends are too far away and have schedules that conflict with mine to play multiplayer games, let alone split-screen. So multiplayer (and basically always online multiplayer) is a rarity that I engage with once every couple months.

  4. PlayStation! Make your Virtual Friends Today!! It will seem like they are right next to you with our patented microphone system. Experience all the thrills, spills and chills of gaming against people who will question your sexual orientation and whether having a family is right for you, such as COD.

  5. Just finished playing through it with my daughter. We both had a really good time. That scene on top of the biplane with the squirrel really got us both lol

  6. Yeah my son and I play a local multiplayer on the Switch a bunch. Currently replaying Super Mario 3D World which isn’t split screen but does local multiplayer really well.

  7. Tried to play Bintendo Switch Sports with some friends who were moving and every fucking sport needed it to be docked for 2 player. Bullshit.

  8. I just bought a switch a few weeks ago for this reason. The couch co op genre for PlayStation is overcooked , sackboy and it takes two and that’s pretty much it

  9. To this day, I still think it is totally ridiculous that racing games like Need for Speed and others have ditched Splitscreen. Growing up with splitscreen games, I never would’ve thought that that would happen. To me, a racing game without splitscreen is as crazy as a fighting game without splitscreen.

  10. Nah man, you need 3 machines, 3 copies of the game, everyone MUST have all the same DLCs, you need to last pay a monthly subscription to access the multiplayer. It's "better" this way......

  11. Dude finding local co-op games for my wife and I to play is hell. Divinity 2 is the gold standard right now, and I can talk her into some time playing the new TMNT game, but god is it a struggle to find anything we both can get into. Tiny tinas wonderland was okay but got boring after the first 20 levels or so. That was a first for us cause we usually love the BL games.

  12. Obligatory, have y'all tried It Takes Two yet? My best friend and I are both gamers and still enjoyed a lot of the dumb fun the gameplay offers.

  13. "Stop watching my screen!" We yell, as we continue to watch each other's screen in pure bliss.

  14. Don't forget the 4 player adapter! I had some good times with buddies on that. Especially the old WWE games, which you could do 5 player in (and maybe 8?)

  15. I’ve seen this “gaming was better back then” circlejerk so many times in so many different variations including gaming itself dying lol

  16. No offense, but good riddance. I can't filter sensory stimuli much, so split screen gaming was always hell for me and really destroyed any enjoyment of a game I might have had.

  17. Man I miss local co-op gaming. Me and my sister, auntie, cousins and sometimes mother would sit and play a game together every now and then but those days are long gone as companies are mostly online focused when it comes to co-op

  18. Just started another play through of Divinity: Original Sin with my wife. It’s the ultimate co-op game.

  19. I just find it ridiculous how many games could have split screen but just don't. If online coop is possible then most of the time split screen is as well.

  20. Love co-op but to be honest I am not too fond of split screen, we look for full screen co-op. Twin stick shooters, full screen rpgs etc even the Lego games we preferred as non-split screen but I do hope co-op makes a surge… housemarque were great co-op game makers and they recently did returnal.

  21. I just bought portal 2 on switch and was surprised to find out that the co-op mode supports split screen.

  22. I will always remember my brother and I playing Resistance:Fall of Man together. Split screen days were good times.

  23. Couch co-op days were the best, I remember very fondly playing Halo with my little brother side by side and it kind of became a tradition for us to play each Halo cooperatively for our first playthrough, Halo 5 and Infinite are my last favorite entries for this very reason alone because it's like our favorite way to play has been thrown out because it's not what's gonna make as much money as having to have 2 Xboxs or 2 PCs, and I doubt when Infinite has co-op that it'll be couch co-op.

  24. Use to have 15 people give or take every weekend come to my house and run split screens until that connector thing dropped then I put a TV on top of a TV and turned them opposite. Had a blast.

  25. Man i do miss having more options of couch games to play with my gf. Unfortunately there aint many good ones

  26. Split screen is easy to do with a single screen. You just put a black line across the middle and voila: split screen. Turns out, most people prefer 1 bigger screen over 2 smaller ones though. It's not coming back.

  27. Go play Chaosbane. Loads of building out classes with different skills, and you don’t get hindered when someone walks to the bathroom or tries to look at their character screen. It’s great fun!

  28. The split screen only game literally won GOTY last year. It’s a meme and all, but the split screen are far from dead, as long as Nintendo is still alive.

  29. Nowadays you only see debates about "single player games" v. "online multiplayer." It's annoying that local multiplayer is never mentioned.

  30. To be honest I do a lot of split screen gaming on PC. A lot more games have split screen than you realize, and along with emulation it works really well. I just hook my computer up to my TV and play with controllers.

  31. I used to feel this way, until I played a split screen game a few years back. Nope, pure nostalgia, that shit was awful. We switched games immediately

  32. I just played It Takes Two this year. If we had a few of these each year, split screen would be more than fine.

  33. There are still plenty of split screen games, and I guarantee more people play multiplayer today than back then.

  34. It’s all beacuse kinect. When the motion capture gaming wave started in late 2000’s it kinda kicked out split then when it died down VR came around 2015’s and when it died down again the pandemic started not long after.

  35. Fun sure, but better is debatable. I'd say it's even. I did miss split screening literally every game with the boys but we grow up and single player games where you can't split screen are so good that it makes up for being alone now.

  36. Split screen didn't die it's just that AAA devs realized they could sell more with online. Plenty of other fantastic split/local co-op games are out there. Plus basically every fighting game is guaranteed multiplayer.

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